It had long been my philosophy that Democrats held as much love for our nation as Republicans, Independents, Libertarians or anyone else. I had this hope that their political ideology was akin to ours (meaning to see our nation flourish and prosper), the only difference was, “we had a different methodology in achieving our goals“. I no longer have this view point!

Today, I am convinced that Democrats seek our destruction as the home of the free and the brave. I no longer believe that Democrats want to see our nation prosper or our people achieve their God-given potential. In fact, I am not even convinced that most Democrats even believe in God. To step off into the abyss a bit further, I honestly believe that Democrats are evil by nature, angry in their core and driven by hatred, power, and greed.

To begin proving my point, let us examine who the father is of the modern day Democrats. Who gave us trillions in spending through welfare, food stamps and who enslaved an entire race of people for generations for nothing more than political purposes? It was President Lyndon Johnson. Being from Central Texas myself, I can tell you many stories about this man that never made the news or Walter Cronkite’s desk. If you want to learn about the real LBJ, simply drive to Austin or Johnson City, Texas and start asking ranchers about this guy. The stories you will hear will make the hair on your neck stand up. Not only was he a racist bigot, he was a cold-blooded murderer as well. Yes, Johnson is legendary in Texas for knocking off political rivals or opponents if he felt threatened. In fact, as the years go by, there is more and more evidence surfacing that he was the orchestrator of President Kennedy’s assassination. Those theories are for another day, but the point I am making is, Lyndon Johnson was a very evil man with absolutely no soul unless it benefitted him personally.

Let us now look at what this Democrat President did to our nation while serving. Johnson implemented something called a 501 (C)3 tax incentive. He then forced all the churches in America to register with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (C) 3. One of the provisions of this status was “you no longer paid income taxes” if you were a church. Of course, the churches loved this, but Johnson being Johnson had a loophole. If you didn’t want to pay taxes on your donations, then you had to shut up all political talk within the walls of your church. What this now did was, “SILENCE THE CLERGY” for every more.

Throughout American history, the clergy played a very important role in the creation of our nation, the fight for Independence from Britain, the political guidance of our nation as well as guide our population in civil conduct. As brutal as it was, it was the clergy that was responsible for tagging women and men who committed adultery. Yes, that was somewhat harsh, but it worked. Adultery all but became a thing of the past once people saw others walking around with a big red A sewn on their dresses.

So what happened after Johnson silenced the churches in America? The next to come along was the silencing of prayer in our schools, the stripping of the Ten Commandments from just about everything, and then came abortion with Roe v Wade. If you will recall (if you’re old enough), we had almost no protest from the churches regarding any of the above. This was because they couldn’t say anything or they might have their tax status revoked.

Since the liberalization of America, we have had the sex industry (porn) grow to unprecedented heights in both profit and popularity. We have had the nuclear family all but destroyed within the minority community and the inner cities. This was mostly due to the way welfare works. Women make more money if they don’t have a husband and they are paid extra for more children. Divorce now runs in excess of 50% and that is if the couple even bothers to get married at all. So what does porn have to do with this? Ask any wife and they will tell you what happens, it is a bit gross to explain here, so I’ll let a lady explain it if you don’t understand. The porn was courtesy of the same supreme court that gave us Roe v Wade and all the rest. Again, it was Democrats who fostered this.

Today, we have one of the highest drug addiction rates of any civilized first world nation on earth. We have the highest divorce rate with the most broken homes and discarded children. We have some of the worst education standards (last account we were ranked 14th of first world nations). We have the highest debt in all of recorded history. We have a nation in emotional and economic chaos. All of this has been brought to you by the Democrat Party.

And just when you thought it could not get any worse, now we have pedophiles who can dress like women and go to the restroom with your 9-year-old daughter at a shopping center, school, ball game or any other public place where Democrats are in power. We have our nation’s Democrats empowering Muslim Nations who have sworn to destroy our country given the opportunity and nothing is being done except bringing in undocumented insurgents to kill us from within and then paying them to come here so they can kill us. Again, if that is not bad enough, we have Democrats in charge who don’t want to secure our border so anyone with two working legs can simply walk in. We don’t know if they are bad or good, but they can all come anyway. All of this so they can be given the right to vote Democrat in the next election.

Tell me America, do these people seem to be people or citizens that love our nation? We have a campaign running now. The Democrats campaigns are peaceful because Republicans are out working for a living to support the Democrats who sit home and draw welfare checks. When we want to hold a rally for our candidate, the Democrats show up and throw eggs, slap, punch and assault the folks that want to attend one of our events. And nothing is said. Now, tell me America, who actually loves freedom? Who actually supports our constitution and liberty? Who actually loves our nation? I can say with a great deal of authority, it is not the Democrats, they are the enemy from within.

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