To an outsider looking in, it certainly appears that the home of Rock & Roll (Cleveland, Ohio is the home to the Hall of Fame) is setting itself up for a 2016 rendition of the 1968 Chicago Democrat National Convention. 

About 6-weeks ago, I had the “bright idea” to storm Cleveland with a rally in support of then candidate Donald Trump when it appeared that the Ted Cruz contingent, RNC, GOP, and 96 other groups were going to try and strip Mr. Trump of the nomination. I phoned my good friend Mr. Tim Selaty Sr. to get his “take” on my idea. After my explanation of what I wanted to do, he sheepishly told me, “Ken, we have been working on that very thing for weeks now“. I should have known, as Tim is always on the cutting edge and usually ahead of the curve by weeks or months on just about everything involving conservatism or the Tea Party.  

Actually and to be honest with you; I was elated and gleefully responded with a resounding “YES”! Tim Selaty is a pro at this sort of thing and knows how to put together a huge event better than just about anyone in the country. He is not one for fame or glory and usually doesn’t like being out front, he is usually the “wizard behind the current”. 

I am relating this story to you because, prior to that phone call, I had already contacted the Cleveland Police Department, City Hall, and several officials about obtaining permits for holding a major event. I was welcomed with open arms and told “no problem“, the city was prepared to issue permits for rallies, marches, protest, or whatever the Republican National Convention might bring.

The warm upper Midwest hospitality seems to have changed in the past several weeks.

Tim called me yesterday to give me updates on the progress of the event he is assisting with. The official name (now that Trump is the presumptive nominee) has been changed along with the scope of the rally/march. The official name is now; “America First Unity Rally” and is going to be held in conjunction with the convention. The only problem now is; “the city doesn’t seem to want to issue permits or is at the least dragging their government red tape feet“!

Just in case the City of Cleveland doesn’t understand the gravity of this rally and march, allow me to send a message loud and clear to the home of Rock & Roll and Drew Carey. This event already has some very high-profile speakers scheduled such as Roger Stone, Jan Morgan, Diamond and Silk, some surprise celebrity speakers, and many more. The event is being sponsored by; Truckers for Trump (tens of thousands of members), Women for Trump (again tens of thousands of members), Bikers for Trump (about half of the owned Harley-Davidsons in America belong to this group), Tea Partiers for Trump (officially I do not know, but I do know the Tea Party is split and this number could very well be into the 7 digits for supporters) and many, many more. When you add up all the pages on Facebook for groups supporting Donald Trump, the membership or followers numbers in the millions and they all know about this event.

Sidenote; There is nobody in America today better at spreading events like this on social media than Tim Selaty. He is a genius at it and his reach is far and wide. Cleveland is making a “YUGE” mistake (in my personal opinion) by not playing nice with its permits for this rally event.

While Tim’s event is a celebratory event designed to unify the Tea Party, mainstream Republicans, moderate Republicans, and get everyone on the same page, plus celebrate Mr. Trump’s nomination, the same cannot be said for some other groups showing up. It has been confirmed that “Black Lives Matter” will be there as well and we all know they won’t be there to celebrate the nomination of Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee for President.

Mr. Selaty did confirm that the City of Cleveland has, in fact, told him that, “we will wait and see and if we decide to issue permits, it will be done about 2-weeks out from the event date“. Understand that this tactic and Tim confirmed this with me, is strictly designed to hinder you putting on an event, not assist you. It takes months to choreograph, book certain people, reserve rooms, get everyone on the same page, advertise (if you want to be successful), rent staging, and everything else that goes into putting on a major event like this. The City of Cleveland is very simply trying to stop this from happening.

I do want to add this little piece of trivia to this puzzle. So far (we still have 7 primaries to go), Mr. Trump has garnered way north of 10,000,000 votes in this primary season and this is a record. He is about to break the record for the most states won and it is now clear that America is onboard with Donald Trump message of “Make America Great Again”. Cleveland, Ohio is known as a Democrat stronghold and usually votes blue because of the heavy industry it has. This does make one wonder if politics is playing a role here. I am not making any allegations, but this is most curious as when this started they were “all aboard” and now “it’s wait and see”.

I would like everyone to visit Tim Selaty’s organization that he Founded (Citizens for and get all the information from his press release about this great event to be held on July 18, 2016. Make plans to attend the event, but moreover, call the City of Cleveland and start asking about where it is to be held, what time and generally make a nuisance of yourself and play the role of lost tourist. If tens of thousands of you start calling, this might just make a difference and they might go ahead and issue those permits.

Patriot’s; let’s make this convention one for the history books. The 1968 Democrat Convention went down in the history books for fires, rioting, looting, and mayhem. Let’s put this one in the history books for having 100,000 patriots showing up in support for a candidate who will no doubt help in repairing our nation, putting us back on track for success and rebuild our spirit and values.

PS; No, Tim did not ask me to write this, Crows Nest reports political news and this is news being reported. This article in no way was endorsed by Citizens for Trump or Tim Selaty Sr. In fact, I think he is still in bed when this was posted. 🙂

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