The phenomenally beautiful state of Oregon (which is scattered with pockets of blue Liberalism) is probably the last place in America, one would expect a true Tea Party Conservative Candidate to win a primary, but it has happened. 

Mark Callahan (the true conservative in the race) decided to try it again after his failed attempt several years ago and wouldn’t you know it, he won. Callahan bested 3 other seasoned political pro’s in the March 17th primary with a win over the 2nd place finisher by some 7 points in this hotly contested race. 

In this 2016 election cycle season of “anyone but the incumbent”, Callahan took his award winning smile, boyish good looks, and message of conservatism statewide, won the hearts and minds of Republicans to grab the nomination for the United States Senate seat currently being held by a carpetbagging Yankee from New York State.  

Callahan is currently preaching almost the exact same mantra that Donald Trump is running with on his campaign trail, although Mark does fancy himself to be more of in the mold of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Senator Mike Lee. He has very strong belief’s that we should secure our borders, rebuild our military, retool our trade deals with foreign nations to better benefit America, scrap Obamacare (which he often refers to as WydenCare~named after the incumbent Democrat Ron Wyden), and he is fiercely pro-life along with being a proponent of the Fair Tax.  

Mark Callahan’s favorite achievement so far in this lifetime (he has had many, but this is his favorite) was when he earned his Eagle Scout award from the Boy Scouts of America. Callahan touts the Scouts motto of Leadership, Character, and Integrity as his redeeming qualities (which he learned from the Scouts) as his guiding principles he has carried throughout his lifetime.  

Can Mark Callahan actually pull off a victory over Ron Wyden who is a seasoned pro at campaigning and the sitting Senator from Oregon? I believe he can and here are a couple of reasons why. After visiting with Mark yesterday on the phone for a fairly in-depth conversation, I learned several facts. Wyden spends the bulk of his time at his home in New York State, rather than back in Bend, Pendleton, Salem or Portland, Oregon. In other words, he is totally out of touch with the actual happenings in Oregon. The constituents of Oregon are being represented by an absentee Senator who only shows up for campaign season.   

The next reason why I feel like Callahan can actually knock off this political titan is; as I eluded to earlier, this is an anti-incumbent year (as proven by Trump and Bernies tremendous successes) and the American people are in the midst of a bloodless revolution. If you’re a sitting (fill in the blank here), your seat is not safe this go-round.    

Currently, the Republicans hold a very slim lead in the Senate. Not enough to lock the Democrats out, but enough to win most of the time. We are going to lose several Senators this year to retirement. One being Marco Rubio as Florida doesn’t allow a candidate to run for two offices simultaneously. If Donald Trump selects a Republican Senator (which he very well might), then we could actually lose the entire Senate to the Democrats this November. And if God forbid, Hillary Clinton manages to win the Oval Office, this could be devasting for us in many ways, not the least of which is the United States Supreme Court.

Not to apply any more pressure than is already there, but this is why “MARK CALLAHAN, YOU MUST WIN THIS SEAT FOR THE GOOD GUYS”!     

With that said; Crows Nest Politics and “Your’s Truly~Ken Crowis proud to endorse Mark Callahan for the United States Senate from the great state of Oregon. 

I’m choosing to endorse Mr. Callahan for a multitude of reasons. As I said earlier, I have visited with Mark several times over the years on the phone for lengthy conversations and I have found him to be tremendously intelligent, a very thoughtful person, extremely passionate about his core beliefs, very patriotic and loyal to the Constitution. He loves his nation and is sickened by the direction we have gone over the last 8 years. He is very concerned with our rising debt which is beginning to threaten us permanently if this isn’t stopped and soon.

I have talked with Mark extensively about some of the major issues facing our nation, such as immigration and illegal immigration. Mark believes that the illegal immigrant problem needs to be resolved sooner rather later and will vote (if Senator) against any attempts at blanket amnesty for these folks that crossed illegally into our nation. He will not vote to increase our debt and he will go to the mat to protect religious freedom in America.

Patriots; I am personally going to ask a favor of you. Please, please support this great candidate for the United States Senate! 

He is going to not only need our money (yes, I am donating also), but he is going to need our help on the phones. Contact the campaign and find out when, but yesterday, he did tell me they were going to implement a “phone from home” system, where you can live in Orlando and help out in Oregon with no problems.

Again; donate $10, 25, 50, 100 or 500.00 today if you can to this great Tea Party candidate!

I have never steered you wrong and I stake my word of honor on Mark Callahan as being (truth be known, he is probably to the right of me) a true conservative with Tea Party dripping off his shoulders. Remember; we have Ted, we have Mike Lee, we have Rand Paul and several more, let’s add Mark Callahan to that list of Constitutional Defenders on the Senate Floor!

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