If you happen to be one of those Republicans or Independents who have been queasy over Donald Trump’s conservative credentials, you may now rest a bit easier.  

One of the consistent answers over the past year plus when reporters ask (why are you supporting Mr. Trump) any Donald Trump supporter standing in line to enter a Trump rally has been; “I am supporting Mr. Trump because he is NOT a politician and I feel like he will tell it like it is”.  

From the outset of Mr. Trump’s campaign (since his announcement last June) The Donald has stated, “watch my website, I will roll out my plans on all the major topics as time goes by”. Throughout this process, many of the supporters for other candidates have questioned Trump’s conservatism or his core belief system. Even though Mr. Trump campaigned on conservative principles, candidates such as Senator Ted Cruz kept planting the seeds that Trump was indeed a closeted liberal masquerading as a conservative. Senator Cruz also managed to convince many of his supporters that he was the “ONLY” candidate who could defeat Hillary Clinton because of Trump’s very high unfavorable polling with women.


To alleviate many of the fears that the Tea Party and Grassroots conservatives have had about Mr. Trump’s true conservative leanings, on Wednesday the Trump Campaign put out a list of who Mr. Trump will be selecting from for Supreme Court Appointments. Donald Trump (in an interview with Sean Hannity) explained how he arrived at the selections he chose. The campaign worked very closely with several Constitutionally leaning organizations such as the Federalist Society and Senator Jeff Sessions to name but a few. I do want to remind you that one of Mr. Trump’s closest advisers is Dr. Sam Clovis. Dr. Clovis is renowned for his strict constitutional leanings and is actually deemed to be a constitutional expert along with his other many conservative beliefs. He would have no doubt been involved in this decision-making process. Here is the entire interview with Sean Hannity last night on Fox News.


If you visit Mr. Trump’s website, you can read a brief background on each of these potential Justices. Follow the hyperlink. In closing on the subject of these selection’s, when reading their biographies, note that several of them were appointed by President George W. Bush.

When asking a conservative “what makes you a conservative”, you will often get a wide range of topics that the voter considers in labelling themselves a conservative. Some believe it is your “social positions“, some believe it is “your stance on the military“, some believe it is your position on economic issues, some are of course strict constitutionalist. I, of course, fall into the “all of the above and more column”. 

Let us now take a quick look at Mr. Trump’s conservatism.

  1. Life; Mr. Trump has on many occasions stated categorically that he is pro-life and would only appoint justices that follow that mindset. He has done that when looking at his list. (He has kept his promise)
  2. Military; Mr. Trump is fully aware of our staggeringly weak military. He has pledged to immediately begin rebuilding our Air Force, Navy and ground forces. (this constitutes conservatism by any measure)
  3. Immigration and Border Security; Mr. Trump–“Oh well, do I really need to say anything here”? All in unison now; “we will build a wall and it will be a beautiful big wall!“. “Who is going to pay for the wall“? Again in Unison; MEXICO! (I think this too meets the criteria for conservatism)
  4. Budget; Mr. Trump has stated for over a year he will balance the budget without raising taxes on the poor, middle class or businesses. In fact; his plans on his website state in writing that he will lower taxes on these groups! (Again; seems conservative to me)
  5. Obamacare; Mr. Trump has said a thousand times (again on his website in writing) he will scrap this monstrosity, come with plans (after bringing in many experts) to retool health care where there is little government interference, free markets reign, prices come down, care goes up, etc. etc.. (don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but this is conservatism folks) Oh wait; the nay-sayers claim he wants “Universal Healthcare”. Mr. Trump wants healthcare for all, he doesn’t want a socialistic nation’s version of it. This is what he means by Universal. He simply wants healthcare available for all and doesn’t want the government to fine you for not owning it. In turn, if you had breast cancer 5 years ago, he doesn’t want the insurance companies tossing you out for that either.
  6. Second Amendment; Mr. Trump owns guns, likes guns, thinks everyone should own guns (as long as your not a drug lord or professional bank robber). He is not your issue or problem when it comes to this subject either. (Take guns off the table, Trump likes the 2nd)

Just this short list above pretty much tags Donald J. Trump as a conservative and of course, there is more that drops him into the conservative column and he almost qualifies as a Tea Party guy. I would welcome him into my Tea Party world anytime he wants to sign up.

I think it’s time we all embrace our nominee America. Donald Trump is a conservative! As for Senator Cruz’s last claim that he was the only one who could defeat Hillary Clinton, let us now ice the cake for that claim.

Yesterday, Fox News released a poll which had Mr. Trump at 45% and Hillary at 42%. This is not the first poll that has had Trump in the lead, but certainly the most notable. The same poll had Mr. Trump with a 65% approval rating amongst Republican women, far ahead of Hillary also. Remember, it has been the Cruz Crew who said “women hate Trump” he can’t win! Wrong again my fellow patriots.

In all sincerity here America; we need to come together now and sing Kumbaya. We need to get on the same team, work our tails off and defeat this leftist crook known as Hillary Clinton. This summer will be brutal as Hillary’s Super-PAC have pledged $132,000,000 in defaming advertising directed at Mr. Trump. We cannot afford to lose this election. We cannot afford 2, 3, or 4 of Hillary’s appointee’s on the high court. It would be a disaster for our nation for generations to come and we would probably never recover from it.

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