Is there anyone or any group left in our nation today that still gets along with another group? Seriously, think about this for a few moments. Here are but a few examples. 

  1. Most all our Christian and Jewish faiths or either concerned with, campaigning against or openly fighting about Muslim extremist. 
  2. Mainstream Republicans are fighting with the far right side Republicans, up to and including name-calling, attempts to draft another candidate or other threats that will no doubt guarantee the election of their sworn enemies the Democrats. 
  3. Speaking of which, Democrats seem to hate Republicans and Visa/Versa, Republicans hate Democrats.
  4. The Tea Party dislikes everyone who doesn’t fly a yellow flag and recite Constitutional rhetoric off the top of their heads.
  5. Blacks are angry with Whites for perceived abuse toward them while Whites are angry with Blacks for taking to much out of the government budget for welfare benefits.
  6. Hispanics are angry with Whites for wanting to build a wall while the conservatives are cheering the possibility.
  7. Blacks are angry with Hispanics for walking into America and taking jobs they feel they are entitled too.
  8. Whites are angry with Hispanics for the same job reasons plus they feel the Hispanics are being given free money and driving their taxes up higher.
  9. The Democrats are angry with Wall Street as are many Republicans.
  10. Everyone in America dislikes the Koch Brothers for a multitude of reasons and the same people want George Soros burned at the stake.  

One of my favorite programs on television was West Wing starring Rob Lowe, Martin Sheen and an all-around great cast of actors. Martin Sheen’s role was that of President Josiah Bartlett who by no coincidence was a Democrat. (It is still available on Netflix if you’re interested)

In one of the earlier season episodes, Bartlett is watching one of the Sunday programs and the character that Lowe plays is pitted against a conservative activist named Ainsley Hayes (who happens to be an Attorney). In this episode, Lowe is rolled in egg and flour, then deep fat fried by Hayes (who is preaching Tea Party issues about education). In other words, she chews up Lowe and spits him out over policies by the Bartlett administration. Bartlett is so impressed with Hayes, he moves to hire her for a position in the White House. Of course, his Democrat senior staff is incensed with him hiring a Republican to work in the Democrat White House.

In a fabulous scene from the Oval Office, Bartlett then proceeds to dress down his staff by asking “since when is it that only Democrats love America“? “When did it happen that only Democrats can reach for a higher calling than all the Republicans“? In other words, it was an incredible speech about patriotism and the fact that he could govern better by knowing all sides to an argument.

In America today, Republicans/Tea Party/Conservatives believe that Democrats are evil and seek the destruction of America. Democrats believe that Republicans only have compassion in their hearts for hedge-fund managers, Wall Street, Wells Fargo Bank, Citi-Corp, Ford Motor Company, Exxon, Shell and the military establishment. Republicans think that Democrats only care about Steve and Larry who want to marry, then adopt young boys to be molested. Meanwhile, Democrats believe that Republicans want to force America to become all Baptist, worship on Sunday morning while restricting free speech.

Remember there was a time not so long ago (in fact, when I was a young man growing up in Waco, Texas) when restrooms were segregated. In the 1960’s, one could walk into the McClennan County Courthouse and the signs on the door said “Negro Only” and “White Only” on both the water fountains and the restrooms. If not for the hard (and sometimes violent) work of people like Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Ralph Abernathy and so many more, this is exactly the way it would still be today in our nation.

Does Congressman Peter King (New York) not have anything beneficial to offer our nation? Does Senator Chuck Schumer not have anything good in his heart to offer America? What has happened in our land, when two very intelligent men get to the point where they are unable to sit down and come to quality solutions that benefit our nation as a whole?   

Maybe it is the time when Donald Trump should sit down with the leaders of the various Hispanic and Latino groups, listen to their concerns, hear them out and give them a voice to express their fears for their constituency. Maybe it is the time when Senator Schumer sits down with Jan Morgan and other 2nd Amendment activist and listens to them and truly hears them out. Maybe the leadership of Black Lives Matter needs to sit down over a cup of coffee with Congressional Leadership and the leadership of law enforcement unions and talk through some of these issues.

President Reagan disagreed more often than not with Speaker Tip O’Neill, but in the evenings, he would invite the Speaker to the Oval Office, each would pour a Bourbon and they would talk. In the end, these two political opponents ended up with a very high level of respect for each other and greatness happened for our land.

In the end, nobody wants to see terrorism on American soil (except the terrorist). Nobody wants to see hungry and uneducated children. Nobody wants diseases killing our citizens. Nobody (and it matters not which political party you’re with) wants to see the bulk of America unemployed and unable to care for their families. Nobody wants to return to the 1960’s. Not one (well maybe one or two) legislators in this nation want’s to see America become a third world country. It is now time we tone down the hatred in our nation for opposing political beliefs. Democrats love America just as much as Republicans do, they just want to do things a bit differently. 

America is a nation of many religions, many races, and many creeds. We “ARE ALL AMERICANS” and we all love our nation. Destroying each other is not what this nation is about. Attacking our own is not how we should be conducting ourselves. Calling a Republican “the enemy” (of which I am guilty of myself) or calling a Democrat “the enemy”, is not how we show our Christianity to the world. We can all disagree with each other, but we should be respectful when doing so. This has become untenable and we are destroying ourselves, it needs to stop.

We have many issues that are a real threat to our nation. Anyone hear of ISIS? We have very real economic issues which are about to doom our land if we don’t get a handle on it and fast! We need to work together and solve these problems. 

It is now the time when opposing political beliefs find unity within our own parties. This destructive political rhetoric between the Ted Cruz supporters and the Donald Trump supporters is doing far more damage than good. We can agree to disagree on topics, but seeking to destroy is not helping anything or anyone.

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