One of America’s newest radical organizations “Black Lives Matter” has several missions it seems. The first being to disrupt free speech and if you attempt to stop them, then label you a racist. The second being to perpetuate the lie that “White America HATES Black America”. Even President Obama is on that scam. 

The part of the “great lie” that amazes me is; the justice system picks on black American youth who are 6X more likely to be imprisoned than white boys. The tragedy of this argument is that people are buying into it. Are there many more blacks in prison than whites? Absolutely! Are they there because evil, racist white judges and police officers target black youth to send them to prison for some sort of warped social justice top-secret plan to wipe out black America? NO!

A quick synopsis of what happened in black America. Yes, the British went to Africa, captured men and women, took them around the world to be sold as slaves. This was most assuredly a very evil thing to do, but it was done. For several hundred years, black men and women in America were in fact treated with much less respect, had fewer rights if any that white Americans had. In some cases, black men were beaten and murdered, of that hard cold truth, there is zero doubt.

This blight against humanity began changing in the 1860’s when several great men got together and decided this practice needed to stop and it did. Lincoln signed the law, we had a war (some of which was over slavery) and you know the rest of the history. Approximately 100 years later, President Johnson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Ralph Abernathy and many more great Americans once again fought a war (of sorts) on behalf of black America. While some of the results were good, some were actually evil in nature which has redesigned the entire social fabric of black America and not for the better. It was a master conspiracy and it was designed entirely to once again enslave an entire population to a political party to enable that political party to retain political power for pretty much infinite. At least that was the goal.

Yes, there was poverty in the inner cities and rural areas of America. Yes, there were financial hardships on certain segments of our society. Even more tragic, yes, there were people (and still are) that went to bed every night hungry in our land. But what Lyndon B. Johnson did (while he might have had good intentions), was to permanently destroy the family fabric of the black family in America which has led us to today.

Yes, a young black male in Baltimore, Detroit, Boston, Harlem, Gary or Atlanta is in fact 6X more likely to end up in prison. Why? Is it because those cops in those cities are all racist and hate young black males? Certainly not! It is because that young black male has almost zero home structure without a father and mother present to properly supervise his raising. This is why he is 6X more likely to end up in prison. It is because of the welfare state which was originally designed to pay women for having babies with no father in the house. If there was a father, then the government paid you less. The problem with this theory was, “there were no darned jobs in the inner city for the black father to support his family with”. Therefore, the family broke up, the dad went to “god only knows where” and good old Uncle Sam stepped in, paid more taxpayer dollars to these young women for having fatherless children.

The result being, higher unemployment as the populations grew over the decades, higher poverty rates, higher drug addiction rates, higher crime rates and higher incarceration rates for black youth. Basically, this goes back to the old saying “idle hands are the devils workshop“. These young black men have nothing to do, no bright future, so they turn to forming gangs (friends who are in the same boat), and they rob Coke and Pepsi machines at night for money, they break into stores and steal Nikes and all the rest. They are caught, they are taken before a local judge and they are given probation the first time around. The second time around, they go to jail for 18 months and the cycle continues.

Yes, it sucks that this 19 year-old-boy now has a criminal record. Yes, it sucks that he has to do 18 months in “the big house”. Yes, it further sucks that he doesn’t have a father around to guide him into adulthood. Then again, Black Lives Matter is trying to paint this young man as a total victim of white oppression and racism.

The hard truth is that 19-year-old young man is the one who threw the brick through the front glass window of that shoe store and was caught not only red-handed with the shoes in this hand but on surveillance tape as well. There was not a white boy from the suburbs who came down to the shoe store in the middle of the inner city, threw a brick, the cops show up and let him go and pick out the first black boy they can find to take to jail.

To believe that, one has to believe that 99% of the Judges in this nation are corrupt along with 99% of all police officers. They are not! The truth is, yes, I am sure you have an occasional bad apple, but for the most part, 99% of all those cops out there are good men and women serving “We the People”. As a matter of fact, more often than not, in the inner city, most are Black Officers and you have many Black Judges today in the inner cities as well. But, Black Lives Matter don’t want you to know that part.

If we in America today want to turn this around, then the black youth need to listen to men like Colonel Allen West, Secretary Colin Powell, Dr. Ben Carson, political pundits Kevin Jackson and Wayne Dupree. They need to listen to former Secretary Condoleeza Rice and Dr. Alveda King. Yes, they were dealt a bad hand with their home environment, but they can rise up, work hard and make it in America. They do not need to be stealing Nike’s at 1:00 AM in the morning in Philadelphia.

The bottom line is, white America is not punishing black America through the judicial system. Nobody put a gun to little Bobby’s head and told him to break that window, grab that cash register or worse yet, walk into that convenience store, pull a gun and shoot that clerk. He chose to do that and that is why he is sitting in jail Black Lives Matter. It is time to tell the truth and stop with the racial division. It is time Barack Obama shut his damned mouth and start unifying this country before we really do have some very serious problems that a simple speech won’t cure.

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