The last time America appeared as weak as we are today, a group of Iranian students (terrorist) had seized our Embassy in downtown Tehran. The time before that was when Viet-Cong insurgents backed by Russia and Chinese weapons invaded South Vietnam. In the case of Vietnam, our weakness ended up costing some 57,000 lives, hundreds of thousands of wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars. This doesn’t count the hundreds of thousands of dead North Vietnamese civilians and soldiers or the South Vietnamese civilians and soldiers. Today? Today, we are still paying the price for our weaknesses in handling Islamic religious zealots and yes, it all stems from those fateful days back in the late 1970’s when James Earl Carter was President of the United States. 

Because of our inability to properly attack, contain and deal with these terror threats, consider this. We have had Marine Corps barracks attacked resulting in hundreds dead, commercial airliners brought down (Pan-Am over Scotland, TWA and more), dozens upon dozens (and most likely more) of cafe’s, bistro’s, theaters and restaurants bombed and thousands dead from these attacks over the last 30-40 years. We have suffered through the razing of two of the largest buildings in the world which resulted in trillions of dollars in losses, not to mention the agony of watching our citizens suffer at the hands of these barbaric animals. I believe that when you look at the way our world was prior to our decisions to “negotiate and pay-off everyone”, then look at the way the world is today, I think the verdict is in. “Tepidness, the display of a willingness to be kind to enemies and bluster do not work” with these people or anyone for that matter. The big stick that Truman often talked about is the most effective in creating permanent peace and a quiet world for everyone to inhabit. Then you have to be willing to use the big stick when needed.

Consider this most recent act of aggression against America;

Harry S. Truman as we know today was unwilling to use his big stick on North Korea. He fired the one man that could have won the war for him and sent 5-Star General Douglas McAuther packing his bags for a hero’s return down the Canyon of Hero’s in New York City with a ticker-tape parade.

Think about this, it was Franklin Roosevelt’s passive behavior (in not assisting Europe much earlier against Hitler’s aggression) that ended in the bloodiest conflict in human history. Franklin, of course, was a Democrat. Then it was Truman (yes another Democrat) that ended Korea with America going without a win against the Communist Chinese and North Korea (who now possess nuclear weapons). Then it was John F. Kennedy who ramped up (from a couple of hundred advisors) to tens of thousands of troops and buried us in South Vietnam. Everyone knows that JFK was a Democrat and upon his assassination Lyndon Johnson promptly escalated our involvement to the tune of hundred of thousands of ground troops.

Bringing us into the modern era of weakness, we have Jimmy Carter royally screwing up the Middle East to the point of arming Iraq and creating Saddam Hussein in the first place. This was a project that it would take two Republican Presidents to fix and to be candid, it still isn’t fixed from Carter’s weaknesses.

The fact is, America no longer possesses the will to win. We have become buried in Afghanistan and we have been embarrassed in Syria. We have even had third-rate dictators thumb their noses at America, humiliate us and walk away with zero ramifications. Under this President, we have had Russia run amok at will and take over nations without impunity.

Reagan (our modern John Waynish style of POTUS) said “tear down the wall” and the wall came down. When Libya misbehaved (and that’s all they did was misbehave), the Duke “err I mean Reagan” sent in a squadron of Air Force F-111 bombers and they took care of business and we did not hear from Ghadaffi again for 30 years.

The sad truth is, Barack Obama is a very weak President and Hillary is his trainee in the leadership department. She will offer no leadership other than that of Obama and Vladimir Putin knows it.

For a Russia warplane to “make practice bombing runs” on a United States of America warship and walk away with no intervention is absolutely (not just uncalled for) but a full-scale act of war. Putin ordered this knowing America would not respond and he knew the videotape would be run globally on every news channel on the planet. Putin knows Obama would do nothing and this is his way of only further humiliating America’s leader as weak and spineless. Don’t think for a moment that China wasn’t laughing when they watched the tape.

To prove my point; under Reagan (yes I was there and can actually testify to this), Russia would often monitor our warships in places like the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic. When they monitored them, they would send what is known as a Russian Bear over to photograph or do whatever it was doing. The Russian Bear is a long range bomber about the size of a B-52. The Bear would stay about 5-10 miles away and at an altitude of around 15-20,000 feet or higher. When they would be inbound, we would send up F-14 Tomcats to escort them in, let them do a high-altitude flyby (never over our fleet), then they would proceed out of the area. THIS INCIDENT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED UNDER REAGAN, OF THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU! Those Russian jets, had they pulled that under Reagan, he would have on the 2nd pass, said, “torch it” and that is exactly what would have happened.    

In the current state of our world today, do we really want to take a chance on another weak Democrat? We have Iran trying desperately to develop nuclear weapons, we have Kim Jung (whatever his name is) in North Korea test firing rockets almost daily, Syria embracing Russia to give them a warm water port, China building military installations in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and we have not even discussed ISIS yet. Personally speaking, I want John Wayne! I want someone who displays testosterone and does so with pride. I want a bit of arrogance (oh yea, bring it on big boy and let’s see what happens). I want someone who is willing to open a 50-gallon drum barrel of “whoop-ass” and is willing to tell the world he will use it if you cross this line.    

Bring in the guy with the funny hair, he fits the bill perfectly!


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