After some 8 months of teeth gnashing, spin, insults, barbs, false reports, accurate reports, attacks, and a train load of money spent on campaigns from PAC’s, we are finally down to the last couple of candidates. It is usually around this time that speculation begins growing as to “who” the presumptive nominee will select as a possible running mate for the second-highest office in the land. In this very interesting interview with Bill O’Reilly, Mr. Trump is repeatedly asked about this possibility;

Of course, Mr. T very eloquently dodges this probing question by O’Reilly by excusing the question and explains that he likes to “close the deal” prior to making any public statements. O.K., I can respect that position and strategy, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at the many possibilities as “who the lucky or unlucky (yes sarcasm)” candidate might possibly be.

I will offer this piece of wisdom for the reader in regards to Mr. Trump’s selection. This selection will likely determine victory or defeat for the renegade Republican candidate. If he selects wisely, it could mean a sweeping victory of epic proportions, conversely, if he selects out of just wanting to garner television ratings, it could be politically disastrous for him as well. It has been a very long time since the Vice Presidential selection has carried so much weight in an election contest. For Trump, this could mean everything.

While the American people are enamored with his being an “outsider”, they also want him to be surrounded with “insiders” that know how to get things done, knows the ramifications of saying certain things, doing certain things and then to top it off, they want someone with influence and gravitas to help make those very serious decisions. In my opinion, this might be Mr. Trump’s first major presidential decision and probably one of his biggest he will ever make. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Governor Mike Huckabee;

Image of Mike Huckabee

Huckabee brings the Christians and Conservatives to the ticket.

   Pro’s; The former Governor from the Razorback state certainly has the qualifications to step in (if God forbid) it were needed to assume the duties as President. He has a solid Christian Coalition/Tea Party following to help offset the teeth gnashing angry Ted Cruz crowd (when Cruz doesn’t win the nomination) and alleviate some of the images that Trump is just a high-flying Democrat in Republican clothing. Huckabee would also bring a sense of calm, patience and temperament that would be much needed to the administration not to mention he would bring some political savvy that will no doubt also be needed. With the controversy surrounding some of Trump’s proposals, he will certainly need someone with Huckabee’s respect level to help shepherd these potentials bills and projects through the process on Capitol Hill in order that they can become law. Lastly and probably the most important, Huckabee can be the attack dog for Trump against Hillary because he does know where all the skeletons are buried on Hillary. This takes the heat off Mr. Trump so he can’t be attacked for beating up on poor defenseless women. This ticket would win in a landslide, no question about it.  

 Con’s; The only possible con I can think of is the far right constituency that might say Huckabee was too liberal as Governor. I truly cannot think of any more. Huckabee helps with the Southern States, he is pro-life and is already largely Tea Party approved for the most part.   

Senator Rick Santorum;

Image of Rick Santorum

Santorum certainly has the foreign policy chops to serve as VEEP!

Pro’s; Senator Santorum would be a unique selection and it would also show the depth to which Trump thought about his ever important selection. Santorum does, in fact, bring some very important pluses to this ticket. The first thing the former Senator brings (and I cannot say this enough) is some heavy hitting foreign policy knowledge which brings with it, foreign policy gravitas and chops. Santorum is widely regarded as having some very deep knowledge on Middle East issues because of the amounts of trips he has made to the region and his positions on Committee’s while serving in the Senate. Santorum would also be one who could shepherd those bills across Capitol Hill as he already knows most of the players personally. Rick Santorum is respected, he has the temperament and he would go very far in bringing home victories from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Throw all those pluses in with his firm stands on abortion, guns as well as being Christian/Tea Party approved and this too can be a winning ticket for Mr. Trump.  

Con’s; Again, I honestly cannot think of too many negatives for a Santorum selection. If you consider giving boring speeches a negative, then maybe the fact that at times Santorum will help you get to sleep at night. Otherwise, two thumbs up for a Santorum selection.

Governor Susana Martinez;

Image of Susana Martinez

Could Susana be Donald’s choice for VEEP?

Pro’s; One of the heavy criticisms of the Donald Trump candidacy is his horrifically low polling numbers with women. Currently, Mr. Trump is polling at 67% disapproval rating with the ladies. This is not good folks, particularly if you want to win a presidential race. Martinez would bring some very unique positives to a Trump campaign. The first being “she is a she” and this is good, but “she” does bring a great American story with her, plus a great record as Governor.    

Susana Martinez was born in El Paso, Texas and raised down the road in Las Cruces, New Mexico (on the Mexican border). She started with nothing, having been from a poor family and worked her way up. She worked her way through college and ultimately became a Republican Governor in a very “blue-state” and has been successful at her post. Martinez gives a very stem-winding speech, is tough as nails, yet she is warm and gracious, especially when she is campaigning. She is savvy, smart as a whip and has much-needed experience working across the aisle to get the legislation she wants. She too is largely an outsider in terms of Washington.    

One other very important plus to Martinez choice for VEEP would be her Hispanic roots and the great State of New Mexico. It is widely known that New Mexico could become a swing state in terms of the Electoral College and the votes needed to win the White House. A Martinez VP slot could bring along an enormous amount of Democrat Hispanic voters plus give the Trump campaign the state of New Mexico and very likely Colorado as well.    

Con’s; Honestly, there are none! Susana Martinez would be a tremendous plus for Donald Trump. The only question would be, “would she accept”? I can’t see how anyone could say to “NO” to an opportunity to be made Vice President, but if anyone can, it would be Susana. Keep in mind, she is as tough as Trump is and would these two massive “Alpha” personalities be able to get along? That would be the one question I would have about this ticket.    


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