Famed 19th Century writer ‘Charles Dudley Warner’ once wrote; “Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows”. Never has that quote been truer than during this 2016 election cycle. Who would have ever thought that a very seasoned, very conservative United States Senator from Alabama would endorse and work for a reformed Democrat (turned Republican) Billionaire from New York City to become President of the United States? Of course, the strangest endorsement of them all might be, the moderate Northeast former Governor and failed candidate himself Mitt Romney endorsing the hard-charging right-wing gun toting Ted Cruz. Strange bedfellows indeed this cycle is as Yoda would probably say. 

If the Republican Party is to survive this latest self-imposed death sentence (to be honest, I am not so sure it will), many more strange bedfellow scenario’s are going to have to happen. There is now almost zero doubt that Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the White House. In nearly every poll across America, Hillary is defeating the Republican’s at almost every turn. Yes, there are a few that show Trump winning, then there are few that show Cruz winning, but overall Clinton still holds the lead. Here is the problem my Tea Party/Conservative faithful.

What these polls don’t reflect is the “APATHY FACTOR”.

Reince Priebus (the Chairman of the Republican Party) is rapidly facing some very hard choices.

  • Does Priebus tow the party line and sacrifice this election or go with the will of the voting majority thus risking the stranglehold a select few have had over the party for decades now?

Here is Reince’s problem. It now appears that Donald Trump is going to land in Cleveland (for the convention) in late July with a very large delegate lead. Whether or not he has the required 1237 is still up in the air, but it will no doubt be very, very close if he doesn’t. The GOP Rules Committee meets the day before the convention starts and this is where the rules for this year’s convention are laid out. This is not an anomaly for this convention, this is the way it has been done for a century, so don’t panic over this procedure. 

In the last cycle, the rules committee laid out that a candidate was to have had to have won 8 states minimum to be considered and allowed to participate in the convention. If the rules committee sticks to this, then this leaves Kasich out of the convention altogether. What has the Republican base up in arms currently is that Kasich is still in this race at all. This, of course, begs the question, what does Kasich know that we don’t know. Is the committee going to change the rules to allow him to participate? Does this open the door for Rubio to swoop in and give him the opportunity to begin stealing delegates after the first round of voting? Remember, Marco only suspended his campaign and by law can restart it on a moments notice.

Here is another very large problem for both the front-runners. Women don’t like either one of them. Trump holds the lead here with the ladies not approving of his behavior at 67% (disapproval) and Cruz is right behind at 59% not liking him either. If these numbers are accurate (which I am assuming they are as they too have been all over the media in recent days), then this means that neither front-runner will defeat the Democrats and it doesn’t matter which Democrat wins the nomination.

The “Apathy Factor” is another major issue because this is the quotient that nobody is talking about but is actually very relevant in determining who comes out on top. Allow me to explain. I have said this many times before, but will repeat it again. When you add all the various constituency groups that belong either loosely or are embedded with the Tea Party you have a massive voting bloc of some 50 million (give or take a few) voters. This would include your base Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) along with the old Christian Coalition, Pro-Life Activist (which is a huge population), 2nd Amendment Activist (again huge, but you can basically throw in the entire NRA) and many more constituency groups. Currently, these groups are split on their support for the two front-runners.

This is what the Ted Cruz supporters are saying about this election. Ted Cruz Statement

The realization of what is about to happen to the Republican Party must be frightening the “Establishment” to its very core. While this seems amusing on the surface, this is also very frightening to me as well.

If the Cruzer’s (as I affectionately refer to them as) cannot support Trump (if he is the nominee), then we lose to Hillary (guaranteed). We don’t even need to waste the money on a campaign. If Cruz wins the nomination, it honestly won’t matter if the Trumpster’s support him or not, because he doesn’t stand a chance on flipping the necessary states needed to win the Electoral College vote which determines the Presidency.

The above scenario leaves the Republican Party in quite a quandary. Do they let this play out and lose the general or do they set the rules to allow for a third alternative (that might appease both factions) to be parachuted in at the last minute to save the day? If so, who would it be? Former Governor Rick Perry only suspended his campaign as well and he is appealing to both sides as a conservative. He is not as conservative as Ted, but I think a large portion would support him. He is straight talking which appeals to the Trumpsters. I don’t know. How about Scott Walker? He is another who can walk the tight-rope between these two very devoted groups.

Patriots; This is the cold-hard-truth about this election. Once again we have the Tea Party split and once again we have the Tea Party splitting the Republican Party to “STAND ON PRINCIPLE” as the meme above states to eloquently (yes that was tongue in cheek). If and I will capitalize that “IF” you sit this out because of “APATHY” and the GOP doesn’t appease your desires with the “PROPER CANDIDATE THAT MEETS YOUR PURITY TEST”, then “DO NOT EVER AGAIN CALL YOURSELVES PATRIOTS TO THIS NATION”!

The cold truth is this. Our nation is at a crossroads. Our dollar is on the verge of collapse which will bring down our entire economy and many other nations economies globally. Our military has been gutted and we now have a president who is inviting in untold’s amounts of refugees, illegal immigrants and signing them up on our welfare rolls. Our borders leak worse than the Titanic did and we have an actual unemployment rate that is staggering. In other words, our nation is reeling and on the verge of disaster. You know and I know what a Bernie or Hillary administration would do to this nation. We would never recover and the America that we grew up with will cease to exist as we once knew her.

Personally, I am a Trump fan, but I am willing to vote for Ted Cruz if he is the nominee. I would vote for Perry, Walker or whomever the process selects to prevent Hillary from becoming President. I expect you to do the same! If you’re unwilling to hold your nose (if you’re not happy), then you’re unwilling to take one for our nation and personally, I don’t want to know you for you’re certainly not a patriot who is willing to sacrifice for our country.

That is what a patriot does my fellow Americans. A patriot sacrifices for their nation. We bleed for her and we hurt for her. We do whatever is necessary to save her. We don’t complain about it and we hold our heads high when offering ourselves up for her.

This is no different. Hillary or Bernie are the assured destruction of our country! They are the thermo-nuclear warhead that will destroy our liberties that we have known for over two centuries. They are actually the ones that could drive this nation into a full-scale revolution when they come for our guns (and you know it would happen). Are you willing to witness millions of Americans dying in the streets of our nation because you voted your principle or didn’t vote because of principle? Are you really ready to watch bread lines and soup kitchens as we had in 1932?

Some will say that I am being melodramatic and fear mongering. I don’t think so. I think I am simply carrying out what another 4 or 5 Trillion in debt is going to do to us and what happens when Hillary does come for our guns. Think about it patriots and as for Reince Priebus, I do honestly feel for you sir, you’re facing some hard choices.


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