Sometimes the best way to find an answer to a question is to “reverse engineer” it if you will. Obviously, asking a question or making a statement about the Republican Party of that nature will be inflammatory. Books have been written and many more will be written and we might never get “the actual truth about specifics, so what I am doing today is articulating a 30,000-foot flyover and giving you the opportunity to make up your own minds.  

Let’s once again step into the “Way-Back Machine” and hit the dial for the mid-1980’s. I can remember working for General Motors back in the mid-80’s when the UAW held them hostage for higher wages, better benefits and you know the all the rest. GM was struggling back then because Toyota, Nissan, and Honda had begun taking a lion’s share of the auto market. Our economy was still recovering, still sluggish and these Flint, Michigan auto workers were wanting more. Virtually the same thing happened to Ford Motor Company, then Chrysler fell victim as Lee Iacocca tried to hold his company intact and market a new item called a mini-van to America’s families.    

Some business tycoon or maybe it was a high-level government employee got the bright idea to implement something called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). The theory being, “let’s open up free trade between Latin America, the United States, and Canada“. Of course, the ultimate goal was to save GM, Ford and Chrysler with this legislation by allowing them to relocate to more labor-friendly confines of Canada or Mexico in order that they could survive. On the surface, this gave a broader market to the Big-3 and in theory, would have worked very nicely.    

Apparently, somewhere deep in the bowels of the legislation was some very troubling language, because then President Reagan broke out the VETO pen and struck it down. Some time later, the bill was again brought back to Oval Office and it got struck down once more. Then Reagan leaves and retires and George H. W. Bush becomes POTUS and he too strikes NAFTA right between the eyes and sends it packing. And again, approximately 2 years later the same happens all over again. Now the proponents of NAFTA are angry and we hear from a yardbird from Dallas, Texas telling us of a “huge sucking sound” coming from Mexico just as Bush is ramping up to run for re-election. I can remember vividly the reasoning they gave us in the post-VETO news conferences. Both Reagan and Bush said it would hurt the American worker, cost America millions of jobs and put our companies here at risk of losing business. They both had said, bring something back that supports America, protects our jobs and our companies and I will sign it. It never happened. Instead, we got a big eared Texan with a very loud mouth as an Independent candidate for the White House. Mmmmm, now this is interesting!    

In short, Ross Perot never wanted to be President (very long explanation), but what he did want was ‘NAFTA’. Perot did his job, he pulled enough Bush votes to secure “Slick Willy Clinton” a job at the White House. Shortly after Willy is sworn in, we get NAFTA! The payoff is in the bank and now legislation is being drafted for the largest “de-industrialization” in American history. In the years to come, we would lose some 175,000 corporations to overseas entities and countless American jobs. They were mostly union companies by the way. To this very day, we are still losing them by the droves.     

Basically, Clinton was willing to take the deal from the Wall Street crowd and give them NAFTA in return for the Presidency. After many bills were written altering taxes, write-offs for relocating, write-offs for hiring foreign workers, write-offs for shutting down their factories here and tax break after many more tax breaks, we see the end results. So who did all of this?     

I believe I will pick on Warren Buffet today. He seems easy enough, so let’s put him on the grill. Warren Buffet owns a company named VF. You all have seen his VF Factory Outlets across America. VF manufacturers clothing and one of the companies they own is Wrangler. Everyone knows I wear Wrangler, so this one is near and dear to my heart. Wranglers had been sewn in the Great State of North Carolina for eons by wonderful folks who belong to the Textile Workers Union’s. They earn good wages, have good benefits and made a great jean. Buffet and his buddies spread millions across Capitol Hill in lobbying efforts, get their new tax bills completed, move their companies and now they are happy. That worker in North Carolina has lost a good job paying $17.50 an hour to a Korean lady (yes they moved to Korea) earning a $1.50 a day. Buffet ships his cotton from Georgia to Korea (get’s tax breaks), reduces his labor cost, hires the Korean lady (more tax breaks), ships his finished product back to Los Angelas with no duties and increases profits by 128%. America loses, Buffet wins and this scenario has repeated itself 176,000 over the past 10 years. Wonder why the stock market has done so well? Look no further than the obscene profits these companies have made over the past decade.     

Wonder how you know it was the Republicans that did all of this? The truth is (and you know this part), the Unions own the Democrats and there is no way on God’s green earth they are happy about Americas labor force being relocated to Pakistan to make undergarments for Fruit of the Loom.     

Donald Trump walks in and begins threatening to renegotiate, restructure the taxes, redo all the trade deals, turn back the Visa’s and so much more and who screams the loudest? The Warren Buffet’s, the Koch Brothers, the Republican Party and so many more. The fact is, it is these fine folks who have taken your jobs, taken your pride, trampled your middle-class status and Trumps knows all this. This is why the Party is howling at the moon America. Think long and hard about what must have happened, how many deals were struck and then look at the end result. No jobs, high unemployment and Flint, Saginaw and Bay City Michigan are all but shut down.   

Simply look at the end result, then begin backing it all up until you get your answer. Follow the money someone famous once said, follow the money! Now you know why everyone in Washington is terrified of Donald Trump, he knows the dirty secrets and is going to fix this problem. The folks on the receiving end of all those lobbyist dollars are not happy living on just their Senate and Congressional salaries. They want those extra dollars and those free trips along with an occasional bass boat thrown in.