So you thought you knew Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is one of you, remember? Cruz carries a Bible, quotes scripture and touts to be a “conservative’s conservative“, remember? He is the emblem of what a constitutional conservative is supposed to be and everyone else running for President is not qualified to carry his briefcase. At least, this is what is being sold to the American people by the Cruz camp and the media. Let’s now take a hard look at the “real Ted Cruz” with the veneer stripped off. In other words, the “TRUTH”! 

Remember Cruz’s campaign ads where he boast about “FIGHTING alongside Jeff Sessions” to stop illegal immigration? Remember those? “Hi, I’m Ted Cruz (throw in your best impersonation voice here) and I just wanted to let you know that, while everyone else was wanting amnesty, I was the only one fighting with the great American Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions” or something close to that.  

The truth of that fight is this. While the Gang of 8 was trying to help their bill get traction, Ted Cruz was introducing an amendment to that bill (which is known as SB744 by the way) that increased immigration numbers by some 500% for foreigners. (NO, THAT IS NOT A MISPRINT), it is actually a mind-blowing 500% increase that the good Senator from the great state of Texas wanted.  

If that little mind-altering piece of information is not enough, then this should send you to the ER. Ted Cruz on the heels of his immigration idea for 500% more immigrants, he also introduced a provision that would increase Muslim immigrants by a whopping 200%. It was not until he decided to make a run for the White House that he backed off any of these ideas, once he saw the public’s reaction to the Donald Trump’s Muslim stand and border security. In other words, he saw the popularity of what Trump was selling, then jumped on the bandwagon. Oh, it gets worse my patriot brothers and sisters. 

In 2014, Senator Cruz (again before he decided to run) had supported Barack Obama’s trade bill known as TPP (which strips jobs from Americans and send them to foreign lands). In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cruz even went so far as to declare that “he was eager to support this legislation”. Did he not read the bill? Or was it more sinister? Was he one of the many who were, in fact, taking lobbyist money to support this horrific piece of legislation? We will never know because once Trump started campaigning on how corrupt our politicians were for supporting these bad trade bills, he once again flipped and came out opposed to the bill after he had originally supported the bill.

The truth is America, Ted Cruz supports the Trans-Pacific Authority (TPA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which in effect strips American sovereignty over our own trade practices. One has to now ask themselves, “who is it that has re-written legislation, tax law and trade agreements” that has allowed for the flow of some 176,000 corporations to leave America and take tens of millions of jobs overseas? And now these same folks that initially did this dirty deed to the American worker now wants to do it in mass.   

According to this article from the IB Times, it is Heidi Cruz who assisted greatly in this deed when she was with Goldman-Sachs. All the while on the campaign trail she is touting that “yes, I care about the economic growth of Latin American nations, well of course she does, she is sending them our jobs”! Keep in mind, her average client had a portfolio in excess of $40,000,000..   

PS; Also, keep in mind that Goldman-Sachs is one of Ted Cruz’s largest campaign donors while Donald Trump is self-funding his campaign.   

The bottom line is this America, “America’s economic woes stem from a tremendous lack of ability on the part of politicians to negotiate trade deals, create jobs, bring jobs back to our shores and make it worthwhile to these super-rich industrialists to want to stay here”.

Do you really believe for a moment that a Harvard Educated Attorney is the one to reignite our economic engine when it was that same Ivy League educated Attorney who took money to write legislation that has allowed these industrialists to leave in the first place? Please think about this when voting in the primaries.   

I know Donald Trump can be a bit bombastic at times and I know he is not politically polished as some are, but the man knows how to create jobs, create a booming economy and save America’s economic tail. We desperately need a cheerleader again and we desperately need someone with the strength to stand up to the cartels in Washington. Trump would owe nobody but the American people, Cruz cannot say that or maybe he can because he has perfected the art of lying.