The next time you hear a liberal refer to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as racist for their respective stands on accepting refugees, refer them to this article in the London Telegraph. 

When a civilized nation such as England, Germany, Sweden etc. accepts a refugee, they have a couple of choices. A) They can drop that refugee into a camp someplace, throw some food over the fence and forget about them. B) They can make attempts at assimilating that refugee into society. Basically (yes very basically) those are your two choices as a nation. Have them live in a tent, throw them some MRE’s or make attempts at creating an actual citizen who ends up working, paying taxes and sharing their respective responsibility as a citizen of the great nation of Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and a dozen more. Here is the problem.

When they enter the nation with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a change of underwear, they have nowhere to go, no food, no shelter and more often than not, not even a toothbrush. The last thing that Britain, Spain, Belgium, Sweden or Germany wants, is to be known as cold hearted and unfeeling toward human suffering. To reduce this even further, these are the art and cultural centers of the world. London has long been held up as the epitome of sophistication and aristocracy globally. Germany has long been held up as very forward thinking as has Sweden. Remember it is these nations who have held Royalty in leadership roles for a thousand or more years. These countries are in the unenviable position of “guiding the rest of the world in how to deal with this refugee crisis“.

When America’s liberals point toward Europe and say, “we need to be more socialist like Sweden, Denmark, Germany etc., etc…) the part they are forgetting is, (up until now) that these Euro nation’s could afford to be socialist because of ‘limited populations‘ and ‘no defense cost to speak of‘. England doesn’t have to foot the bill for a couple of billion for a nuclear-powered Trident Submarine because we do. Then we park one off the coast of Great Britain to protect one of our oldest and dearest allies. The same is true for those battle groups led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz. America picks up the tab for all of this. NATO stays safe, America pay’s the bill and England passes out free healthcare. This is a win-win-win for all as I see it unless of course you happen to be from the United States.

The civilized nation’s are welcoming the mass influx of refugees because this is we do as sophisticated nations. We take you in, put a roof over your head, feed you, give you medical care, then try to get you into an occupation whereupon you can now earn a living and pay taxes. The problem apparently now for England is, they don’t have the housing available to put the roof over their head or the jobs to help get them on their feet initially. The tragedy is, they are not alone. Germany is now facing the same issues as are the other Euro nations who have been trying in vain to help these people. Yes, some are bad guys, that is pretty much a given, but most probably are legitimate refugees trying to survive the upheaval in their lives.

Had Barack Obama not run our debt through the roof with his “fundamentally changing America” programs, we could have taken in these war-torn refugees with zero difficulties. Had he not piled $10 Trillion worth of credit card bills on our heads, it would have been no problem to extend a handout and help these folks regroup and restart their lives all over again.

Remember this liberal; If you want to help someone out, you first have to be able to take of yourself first. If you have broken the bank with giving yourselves freebies, then there is usually none left over for helping those that actually need the help.