Four years ago; I preached that Barack Obama would win re-election if the Republicans did not unify. Over a year ago; I preached the same thing and gave details of who was most likely to be the cause of the electing another Democrat to the White House. Six months ago; I gave even more detail as the candidate list grew and then began shrinking. Today; I am all but convinced Hillary Clinton or possibly Bernie will indeed win the White House and here is why!


The lines are being drawn in the sand and after last night’s CNN TownHall, we see just how much trouble we might be in. Today’s Breitbart has run an article with the last night’s transcript from the TownHall. The moderator Anderson Cooper asked all the candidates at one point or another in their question and answering session if they would support one of the other candidates if they won the nomination. All responded in a resounding fashion, “NO”.

As we political junkies know from hard-fought campaigns, in the real world, the guy or gal coming in 2nd, will usually throw their support behind the nominee. When doing so, they normally give a speech, say some glowing rhetoric about the nominee, then ask all their supporters to get behind that nominee. I don’t see this happening this time.

The Ted Cruz supporters are so entrenched (much like the Ron Paul devotees from 2012) this time and with the rhetoric (whether warranted or not) has been so inflammatory, there is almost zero way the Cruz Crew will stand behind Trump if and when he wins the nomination.

Likewise, can be said for the Trumpeters. These passionate supporters are already angry at the way their candidate has been treated by not just the media, but the Republican Party and it’s very clear bias against Donald Trump. The former CEO of the network NBC recently (on his book tour) said that “he is embarrassed at the way the GOP is treating Trump“. As a lifelong Republican supporter, he gave the example that Trump is the only one who is addressing the shrinking middle-class and for that, the elitist GOP is attacking him.

Granted, some of the attacks on Donald Trump have been warranted or justified. The manner in which Mr. Trump has campaigned has certainly been the most unorthodox in probably all of Presidential campaign history. Even still, the shells that have been lobbed at Trump should have come from the other candidates and not the main-stream-media or the Party itself.

An example of just how corrupt the Republican Party has become in this election cycle is this. Hypothetically, let’s assume you wanted to run for Congress as a Republican. You do your paperwork, garner your signatures (which is usually required), get registered with the Federal Election Commission and lastly, you stop by the headquarters for the GOP in your home state. We will use Michigan as the example because I personally just went through this in the great state of Michigan with a candidate.   

The district in which this particular candidate wanted to run, for the Republican Party so far was uncontested by any other candidate. Our GOP candidate, of course, was trying to raise money to take on the Democrat, so what better place to stop in at for cash than the party itself as they usually have very deep pockets to help with campaigns, particularly if they want to win a specific race. The grins are ear to ear at the Republican HQ because they have a candidate willing to fly the flag of the Grand Old Party and go do battle with the hapless Dem’s in this House of Representatives contest. But, yes, I said but. The party will not help with fundraising yet until the nominee is officially ordained.   

The official reasoning is, “we don’t get involved with any races until after the state convention and the nominating process is complete”. In other words, the Party stay’s out of the fray until after there is a nominee whom they will then jump in hundreds of thousands of dollars in assistance. Until then, they (the party) is pretty much Switzerland and stays neutral. 

I know this is the official policy of the RNC (Republican National Committee) regarding House races, Senate races and is supposed to be that way even for Presidential races. If this is the case (which it is), then why has the Party royalty not stayed out of this Presidential cycle race until after the convention and the nominee has been selected? Simply stated; they fear Trump winning!

Just as in a wartime scenario, the RNC has been putting out very bogus polling data that suggest Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. This is just pure bunk and if you know anything about politics, you too would realize it is bunk. There is zero way that Ted Cruz can win Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, or any of the upper Midwest rustbelt states. He possibly could win Florida, but even that state is doubtful because of the large liberal Jewish voting bloc in Dade county Florida who typically votes Democrat. This would be the end of the battle. Without most of the above states flipped and to be specific, we need Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and either Iowa or Colorado to secure the required 270 Electoral College votes to win the general election.

The fact is, the Cruz campaign mantra is too conservative to win any of these states, but Trump’s is not. They love Trump and in fact, recent polling in New York say’s Trump would even defeat Hillary in her adopted state as well.

Because of deep seeded corruption on the part of most of the elected Senators, House members in bed with the caravans of lobbyist on Capitol Hill, the party is willing to throw over this election to Hillary to protect their slopping rights at the lobbyist pig trough of green cash. They refuse to give this up without a massive fight.

If Trump fails to garner the necessary 1237 delegates and falls a little short going to Cleveland, Ohio in July, then you can count on a contested convention. If this happens, the GOP is going to perform some back ally tactics to strip those delegates and give the nomination to a long laundry list of possible candidates in which they can control the outcome and the nominee.

When this happens, expect the Cruz Crew to bolt or expect the Trumpeters to bolt, sit out the election and Hillary wins. Oh, the party will appeal to their patriotism in a series of television advertising but it won’t matter. If there is anything learned from this election cycle or from the previous cycle is that conservatives are very patriotic and believe wholesale in those ideological belief’s that they cannot be lied to anymore or bought off. The will walk, they will sit out and we will lose, it is literally that simple my fellow Americans.

You can blame the party, not the Trumpeters or the Cruz Crew.