For years, we (the patriot’s, conservatives, Tea Party, We The People etc.) have railed against the establishment. We knew they plotted, they planned and schemed, but nobody seemed to know exactly “who” the establishment was or is. Wonder no more!

I will be the first to confess, I have not watched this program on Showtime, but if this clip is accurate, I am buying Showtime today! 

After having watched this clip, it is clearly evident as to what the Republican Party’s issues are. The sheer arrogance of these gentlemen sitting at the dinner table is almost nauseating. Who the hell do they think they are?

These guys are the ones in the smoke-filled back rooms cutting deals to determine who our nominee has been for years. These are the guys who are behind the $100,000,000 Super-PAC’s that either make or break the backs of good candidates. Because “We the People” want candidate A, but “A” doesn’t conform to their party line dribble, they give us candidate “B” through a destruction process of “A” so “B” will prevail.

Up until a few days ago, I could have probably lived with Senator Ted Cruz as the nominee had he won the nomination. Not anymore and here’s why! Jan Morgan was 110% correct in pulling her endorsement of Ted Cruz and her reasoning is beyond accurate. Ted Cruz is nothing more than an establishment guy who happens to be able to deliver a message in a “Pastoral” sort of way that is very inspirational to his flock. He has mastered the art of “sounding tough” at the right time with the right cadence (as good Southern Baptist Ministers often do) with his rising at the right time on the right line to garner the most enthusiasm and cheers.

When Trump was attacked the other night in Chicago or it appeared he was about to be, Ted Cruz came out and sided with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Main-Stream media taking the position that these paid anarchists were somehow wronged and their First Amendment rights were infringed upon. Today, we know positively that these professional protesters (innocents wanting to share their opinions with the big mean evil Mr. Trump) were in fact hired by none other than George Soros himself and worked for (the radical leftist organization). Jan say’s it best here on Fox News!

Here is the reality my patriot brothers and sisters. As I said yesterday in an article, John Kasich is going to be the pawn that the establishment uses to blow the party up. You heard the ivory tower martini drinkers say it themselves, “they are willing to blow the party up to supposedly save the party“. 

Make no mistake about it folks, this is about money. This is about power and this is about greed and the thirst for all the above. Donald Trump is going to dismantle these guys gravy boat trains and clean Washington out and they are panic stricken. Ted Cruz is unable to do what we wanted, simply because Ted Cruz is also establishment. He is just a tough-talking establishment guy. Cruz proved that with his siding with Bernie and Hillary against his own party member in an effort to hopefully garner some traction.

For those that are still on the fence or you are beginning to have uneasy feelings about Cruz but are afraid of Trump, let me assuage your fears.

  1. Donald Trump loves this nation just as much as you or I do and quite frankly Ted Cruz does. He is a true patriot.
  2. Donald Trump is both afraid for our future (just as you and I are) and sees our future being shipped to China and Mexico.
  3. Donald Trump is very angry at the status quo and realizes we must stop this financial bleeding before we are totally bankrupted and become a third world country.
  4. Donald Trump loves the Veterans, he has proven that over and over again.
  5. Donald Trump understands economics and has created tens of thousands of jobs himself. Imagine what he could do with our nation when it comes to job creation.
  6. Donald Trump is very pro-national defense and will secure our borders and protect our homeland while rebuilding our military into what Reagan called “peace through strength”. He has stated this over and over again.
  7. Donald Trump believes in the Constitution. No he is not a Harvard-educated scholar on the topic like Ted Cruz, but then again, the White House has a legal team, he doesn’t need to be. Neither was Reagan or Bush for that matter. That’s what the internal lawyers are for.  
  8. Donald Trump owns a “Concealed and Carry” permit from the State of New York, he believes in the 2nd Amendment. Don’t panic, he isn’t coming for our guns. Hillary has already stated, she intends to put the gun manufacturers out of business through excessive law suits to bankrupt them. 
  9. Donald Trump is in fact, “Pro-Life”. Not that, that should matter because the President will have almost zero control over Roe v Wade. He has stated that he would defund Planned Parenthood until they stop the practice of abortion. 
  10. Donald Trump is a competitor and doesn’t like losing. This is a trait that I personally find admirable for our Commander and Chief. 

The above are hard-cold-facts about Donald Trump that are irrefutable ones. On many other topics, yes we could debate, but on the above, he has been very, very clear what he wants to do. He has categorically stated on a hundred occasions that he would scrap Obamacare on the first day in office. He has stated that he wants “Universal Healthcare” for all. Many have said that he wants Universal Healthcare and yes he said that, but what he means is this. He wants everyone to have or be able to get health care coverage universally. He was not meaning a government healthcare program that the taxpayers pay for like Europe has. He does want everyone (no matter if you’re insurable or not) to be able to acquire health care coverage and I happen to agree with him on this. Nobody should go bankrupt because they get sick.

In the end America, you may not like his delivery method and yes he may be rough around the edges, but he is exactly what we need to take out the bad guys. It took a George Patton to take out a Hitler. It takes a real tough jerk to handle really bad people sometimes. Donald Trump is tough, he is also the only one in America who can take out the ones we have been protesting against for the past 8 years. I think it is the time we “get on the Trump Train” America.