The almost “Gregorian Chant” from the Ted Cruz supporters and the candidate himself for the past six (6) months has been; “I am the only true conservative running for President“. Yesterday at approximately 11:00 AM and 5:45 PM Central Standard Time, that all changed for the good Senator from Texas. 

As the snow gently drifted downward and as the wind whipped almost painfully across the frozen fields of Iowa, an American Icon’s daughter quietly walked into a museum created in her father’s honor. Aissa Wayne (daughter of the American legend himself-John Wayne) walked arm in arm with Donald J. Trump in front of a very large bank of television cameras to deliver her remarks (the unthinkable for the Cruz folks) on behalf of the Trump campaign for President.

Aissa very softly spoke into the microphone about toughness, being conservative and how very proud her father (if he were alive today) would be supporting Donald Trump for President. She gave a short recitation of her father’s legacy of patriotism, his devout conservative principles and she spoke on behalf of the entire Wayne family when she said, “please support this great candidate“.

I spoke with Aissa for about 15 minutes after the endorsement in a corner of the museum. I found her to be highly intelligent, very patriotic and very, very conservative in her belief system. I was most humbled when she told me that she more often than not voted with the Tea Party and she told me how much she loved the Tea Party. We visited about her father for a few moments and she categorically told me how he hated bought and paid for politicians and this is why the family agreed to support Mr. Trump. In closing, she told me she found him to be charming, brilliant in many areas and against what most people think, very conservative. It was at this point that a reporter showed up and asked if Mr. Trump had solicited her endorsement. She very quickly replied, NO, I sent him an email and offered our families endorsement. Enough said! 

If this wasn’t enough to totally unhinge the Cruz coalition, the best was yet to come. In a very dramatic presentation from Ames, Iowa, Governor Sarah Palin was about to unload the thermo-nuclear warhead for endorsements in the direction of the very proud New Yorker. The rumors of a Palin endorsement has begun the night before when a private jet had landed in Ames and the Queen Bee of the Tea Party had stepped off the plane that had just arrived from Anchorage, Alaska.

Remember it was Palin whom Ted Cruz had so lovingly attributed to his victory for his Senate seat from Texas. It is Palin that everyone looks toward for conservative wisdom, patriotism and Tea Party values. In fact, it is Palin who wrote most of the Tea Party’s values. Therefore, it is Palin who is the emblematic poster person for conservatism in America today (in many cases, much more so than even Rush Limbaugh). Now, now, say it ain’t so Joe, she is endorsing the New York Real-Estate tycoon for President. As Sarah herself would say, “you betcha”!

Ah, but we are not done. After a 20 or so minute speech espousing Donald’s perfection for the highest office in the land, the poor old Cruz devotees have to endure yet another shot across the bow of the sinking Cruz dingy into the murky waters of obscurity. The 38 term Governor (who has been elected in a landslide after landslide since Moses parted the corn to create the state), came out yesterday and told his loyal sheep in Iowa to vote for anyone but “CRUZ”! How is that for a nail in your campaign coffin?

Is it any wonder that the Cruz Clones are amiss today? I am pretty sure that many doctors in Iowa have been phoned this morning by the Clones to get their anti-depressants refilled.

Keep in mind that this is on top of the mind-blowing advertising purchase that the Ethanol Lobby bought recently to slam Cruz for his stance on subsidizing the corn growers for their product to keep producing the hybrid gasoline.

How does Cruz overcome this carpet bombing of his campaign? He doesn’t! That is the bottom line. When you have based your entire campaign on being the lone conservative in the field and the Queen of Conservatism comes out and body-slams you by endorsing another as the “perfect conservative” for the job, it is over my fellow patriots.

Being a native Texan, we often turn to our favorite native son for wisdom in times like this. I am going to offer his wisdom to all of you Cruz Clone faithful at this time in the hopes that it gives you direction and peace of mind. In my best Willie Nelson impersonation voice over; “turn out the lights, the party’s over”.   


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