I received updates from our squad of grassroots organizers in Wisconsin yesterday. Here they are. 

  1. The last update I gave you, I had told you that the Green Bay Tea Party had identified two (2) possible candidates who were willing challenge Paul Ryan for his Congressional seat in the Wisconsin 1st District. If he loses his primary race, then he is out as Speaker of the House, this being the goal. ONE OF THESE GENTLEMEN HAS DECIDED TO MAKE IT A RACE AND HE IS THE REAL DEAL I AM TOLD!
  2. The troops are beginning to rally behind James Murphy (the Greenbay Tea Party) to assist in this effort. I have learned an item or two about Wisconsin since this began. Apparently these groups in the Badger State are split. Some of the Tea Party groups are “TRUE CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS” and some are straw groups who support the RINO Paul Ryan and are there only to disrupt true conservative grassroots efforts. In other words, there are fake Tea Party groups. Oh, they have a name, but they don’t subscribe to true Tea Party values.


Good Morning Ken!

RE: Unseating Paul Ryan. #unseatpaulryan

Our Number One Candidate has met with the Big Dogs out East.
He Flew out this Saturday and met with the same folks that unseated Eric Cantor.
They are setting up a LOT of behind the scenes and there will be a meeting at his home late Feb.
I’m invited and we are talking Big Freaking Dogs so I’m really excited to be able to
talk face to face with people I’ve only either heard of or seen on Fox News!

Our Job,
The Green Bay TEA Parties Job right now is to start priming the pump.
We need to help Get the word out in Paul Ryans District as to WHY HE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED!
I know you and I know this but the majority of the voters in his district DO NOT!
That’s going to take a Huge Get Out The Vote – On The Ground Effort.

We need to have people doing doors.  (Side Note: That did Start this last weekend
however it was only a few people and a few doors) WE need to Step up that effort
greatly and that is going to take more people and more money!
Seriously, We need to help Volunteers with Gas Cards, Better looking and professional
Brochures and then we need Articles online, in Newspapers, Radio and if at all possible
on TV.  Again this will be a very focused Get-Out-The-Vote effort!

We’ve already secured a very nice set of office Suites In Kenosha Wisconsin just up the street
from Paul Ryans Offices.
They are being Donated by a Kenosha Businessman.. however we need to help him with utilities
and we need to set up phone banks for Getting Out The Vote!  We need your help with all that.

Let’s get right to it….How Much Money can Your People help us Raise?
They Can go Directly to our Main Page and help us out via this
Link: http://www.greenbayteaparty.org/

Also, if you have people who want to get our Newsletter and help us out
in the General Fund which will also help this cause as well as our Faith Based
ProLife efforts then…They can go to the Membership
Link: http://www.greenbayteaparty.org/membership/membership.htm

Can we count on you?
While many people may not understand this.
We are not dealing with just a Political cause….  Too Many of us This is Spiritual Warfare!

James & Sue Murphy

In closing, did you happen to watch the State of the Union address last night. I did and I spent most of my time watching Paul Ryan every time the camera was on him. This guy has a very serious man-crush on Barack Obama! His eyes twinkled and he smiled the entire time he was speaking. Prior to Obama’s arrival and his departure, he spent his time laughing and all but hugging Vice President Biden. I was amazed at his body language. You can clearly see that he views these two men as both friends and allies, he is not part of the opposition party! It is one thing to be polite and gracious and it is quite another to be like a school boy standing in front of Aaron Rogers wanting an autograph.

You have read the update, you know what has to happen. The Green Bay Tea Party needs our help with many expenses and logistics.

You claim to be Tea Party (and I believe you), then if you are, now is the time to pony up and do your part. I am doing mine by posting these updates, paying for websites, paying for servers and spending hours upon hours writing and promoting conservatism. Yes, I can use some help also.

Get involved;GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND SIGN UP, then make a donation to help offset these cost. We apparently now have a candidate who is going to work with the crew that upset Eric Cantor in Virginia. This being the case, I can assure, these guys know how to pull off major upsets and win Congressional seats.

That’s it for this week on the Paul Ryan saga, as our friend Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Git R Dun”.