Let me first say; there are over a half-dozen political prognosticators across America that already owe me steak dinners from our wagers about the campaign so far. (I take my steak medium-rare by the way) I have always believed in “go bold or go home” and today, I am going to be very bold and say, “this election is over, we are only going through the motions now”!

Lest you care to disagree with me, I am still accepting steak dinner wagers if and when we ever happen to meet up at supper time in a city near you. Allow me to now give you my very educated professional political punditry as to “why” this election is over. This doesn’t mean you cannot or should not keep working for “your guy or gal”, this just means that all that love and labor you are putting into this cycle is most likely for nothing more than practice for the next cycle.

You are probably wondering why I have included two Paramount official trailers of the new movie “13-Hours” by director Michael Bay. The new movie has all the makings and early indications say, this movie is going to be nothing short of a major blockbuster. The motion picture is based on the best-selling book (about the events surrounding Hillary’s Benghazi debacle) “Thirteen Hours: A Firsthand Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.” read more here

So, what do these movie trailer clips have to do with this Republican primary and the general election you ask?

The Republican Primary process is for intents and purposes over. Yes, yes it is and allow me to explain why. Donald Trump is officially neck and neck in Iowa (currently, but it is changing for Donald) and this has only become a recent anomaly and is about to reverse itself. Currently, the numbers have Cruz locked in a death grip with the Donald, but all of that polling was done prior to the recent release of a series of blistering advertisements carpet bombing the corn belt state.

These advertisements are being funded by an “Ethanol Lobbying Group or PAC-not sure which” and are making it very clear that Congressman Steve King needs to withdraw his endorsement of the Texas Senator for President. They are encouraging the people of Iowa to call King’s office and tell him under no circumstances should King be endorsing Cruz because the Senator wrote legislation that strips government subsidies to corn growers for the alternative energy. The ad goes on to explain that 70,000 jobs in Iowa are a direct result of ethanol and billions of dollars are pumped into the Iowa economy. If Cruz is elected, then obviously all of this economic boom will go away.

Let me assure all of you, this is a big deal in Iowa and when I say big deal, I mean a “YUGE” deal (borrowing Donald’s term yuge). There is nearly zero way Cruz is going to win Iowa after these ads have run for 2-3 more weeks. You say, “well he has the evangelical vote” and that will carry him. Wrong; much of the evangelicals are corn farmers and Lutheran’s to be more precise. There will be enough of them to sway the Iowa Caucuses in the direction of Donald.

Cruz needs a win in Iowa to continue on to New Hampshire, but in the end, the granite state will fall to Donald and Chris Christie in that order and Donald already owns South Carolina because of a wonderful lady named Gerri McDaniel. McDaniel is the President of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition and the head of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party. She has mobilized all the Tea Party factions in the State to work on behalf of Mr. Trump and his polling lead in the Gamecock region is nearly a 20% lead if not more. Let us now head out west to Nevada where Donald holds a double digit lead in that state as well. You can now see the handwriting on the wall.

My fellow patriots; Donald just released this advertisement yesterday. Keep in mind that up until now, all the devastation he wrought in this primary process, he has yet to invest a dollar into television advertising. Jeb Bush’s PAC has spent $60,000,000 and Rubio is in the range of $30 million and Ted is right there with them. These guys have invested over $100,000,000 in advertising so far and are still double digits down to Donald in all national polling!

Donald’s First Advertisement;

In an interview on Sunday’s edition of “Face the Nation,” Trump was almost giddy when discussing his television ad campaign. In fact; he was joking and said he felt guilty about running away with this race and he has to spend a dollar on advertising. He told the interviewer he has now invested some $35,000,000 in advertising just in the early states alone (meaning Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada).

Living in Iowa, I can tell you with great authority, if you spend $500,000 here on television over a 3-4 week period, you own the airwaves for that time. The same pretty much holds true for New Hampshire and Nevada. In Nevada for instance, you only have two cities with television stations that cover the entire state. The point is; $35,000,000 will in effect be a thermo-nuclear detonation of advertising for Mr. Trump.

By the end of South Carolina my fellow patriots, the big money will have dried up for the other candidates. There is almost no way that Adelson, Friess and the rest of the big donors are going to keep investing in a losing cause.

As for Hillary? Simply watch the movie. The movie is going to do to her what the hearings on Capitol Hill could not do. It puts all the testimony into action on a big screen. From everything I have read and the interviews I have seen, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and is likely to win many awards when the year is complete. It is going to be a box office smash which means, millions upon millions of people will have seen it in the theaters alone. Then we have all the pay-per-view that will likely double the theaters.

In my opinion, Hillary’s very dark past is about to have very large spotlights shown on it. Bill is already on the trail trying to help her and his receptions yesterday were lackluster at best in New Hampshire.

No, my fellow patriots, barring a full-scale meltdown of Donald Trump, this election is over and his alone to lose. At this point in time, I simply don’t see him making those sorts of mistakes. All he has to do now is keep preaching the mantra “Make America Great Again” and I am “Going to Secure the Borders” and stop bad guys from harming you.

Can we all learn this phrase; President Donald J. Trump?