Salon magazine (online) has published an article claiming that Donald Trump is “conning” us all and only believes in his own will to power.  Matthew Rozsa’s (author or the article) writing in this Marxist fish-wrapper is nothing short of left-wing hyperbole masquerading as some sort of authoritative information piece.   

Rozsa begins his article with an anonymous quote (supposedly) from one of Trump’s early years classmate’s at the military academy he attended, “He didn’t mingle with the rest of the corps who were not as high ranked. He lived in a different set of barracks.” In the very same breath (and only one sentence later) this moron (who claims to be a P.h.D. student) comes with this, “He is not, despite the protestations of his most zealous supporters, a truth-teller of any kind“. 

Honestly, my patriot brothers and sisters, I am not a “Doctorate student”, (and maybe because I am not) I am still trying to find the correlation between Trump living in a different set of barracks at school and his lack of honesty or credibility. Someone please respond to this article and tell me what I have missed here. Sidenote; Mr. Doctoral Student Sir, it is common military practice to not associate with those ranked beneath you. This was a military academy where they teach you the military. As a matter of fact, if you’re an officer and you “fraternize” with enlisted in the military, you can (and many have) get into some very serious trouble. (you might want to review his record at the Academy, it is actually exemplary and he rose to the level of Captain with very high scores)  

After several more sentences expressing his disdain for Mr. Trump’s wealth, power, and fame, the soon to be “Doctor of History”, decides to label Trump as a racist because he dares to question Barack Obama’s birth credentials. This allegation is near totally based on the fact that Trump (back in 2011) brought forth the question that Obama might not have been born in the United States. Never mind the fact that Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Phoenix, Arizona) had a group of detectives take a photocopy of the original, had several “imaging experts” review said document and concluded without reservation that the document was, in fact, a total fraudulent document. Never mind the headlines in several Kenyan newspapers bragging about their “native son” having been elected to the United States Senate, that doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters is that Donald Trump is a racist because he asked questions as an American citizen. Apparently Mr. Matthew Rozsa wasn’t present in class the day they discussed a historical document entitled the “Bill of Rights” and something known as the 1st Amendment.

PS: for Mr. Rozsa, the only reason Barack Obama is not in prison over this issue is because the court systems decided that the only person allowed to bring this issue before the court was Obama’s opponent Senator John McCain and we all know that he is spineless. Had the birth certificate issue gone to court and been dissected in court, Obama would have been found guilty of fraud and probably sentenced to jail time. Trump was right and you sir are sadly mistaken. Barack Obama is a fraud, he is not a legally qualified (under the Constitution) to be President and you my friend, just made a monumental ass out of yourself.

And the article continues with many, many personal assaults on Mr. Trump’s character based upon personal opinion rather than anything factual.

The reason I bring this article up is because, on any given day, there are dozens more like this one attempting in vain to besmirch Donald Trump’s name. This should be very telling for all the “Trumpeters” out there. The left is mortally petrified of Donald Trump and Hillary is now in full panic mode. For the left to launch full on assaults on Donald Trump, they are literally quivering on the couch, under a blanket and eating chocolate ice cream trying to stave off a horrific case of political depression.

The bad news is, these idiot’s will continue to write this dribble and it is all clearly based on feelings (like everything else to do with the left) and it is clearly biased rather than fact based. The good news is, they keep writing and Donald keeps rising in the polls! My advice to Mr. Matthew Rozsa is “don’t go to class”, stay home and keep writing. In fact, keep writing until your fingers bleed and we will keep going to rally’s where thousands attend (while only a few attend Hillary’s) and we will keep buying our “Make America Great Again” gear, because as you said, “We are all rats following the Pied Piper“.