When we spend our time reading and listening to so much information on the Presidential candidates, what are we really searching for? What do we want from the one person we choose to lead us? One word can sum it up perfectly: We’re searching for security, in every sense of the word.

We don’t want to be spoon-fed lies just to make us feel better. We want sustenance and truth. We want to stand behind a man or woman who is dedicated to making our home a better place. We ALL want to make America great again! We’re searching for new direction. We’re hungry for change.

It’s no mystery that I love my country. When I look at Presidential candidates, I want to know where their heads are and how their hearts lead them. I want to know how they intend to protect and defend America. We all need to hear the hard truths instead of sugar-coated idealism.

There are times when I hear Donald Trump speak and I think to myself, “How on earth did this man ever find a woman to put up with him?!” He is brash, unpolished, and has serious issues with tact. He comes off as arrogant and more often than not, has bad manners.

Having good manners gets the mashed potatoes passed to you. However, in our current world, having manners and being politically correct also makes us terribly vulnerable and leads us into the trap that is the liberal mindset. Having good manners gets us killed.

Mr. Trump is exactly what our country needs right now. He doesn’t give a rip what anyone thinks of him. He makes no bones about what needs to be done to make America great again. He doesn’t believe in extending peace, love, and rainbows to immigrants and “refugees” who have no regard for what it means to be an American. He has plans, and is ready to put them into action. He is common sense at its finest.

Our very own Ken Crow exercising his Right to Use Common Sense! (OK...maybe that isn't a DIRECT quote from the Constitution.)

Our very own Ken Crow exercising his Right to Use Common Sense! (OK…maybe that isn’t a real Amendment. It SHOULD be, though!)

I encourage you to tune in to the final GOP Debate of 2015 this evening. Listen and learn. Find out how each candidate plans to take care of America. Don’t be fooled by “good intentions.” Follow your gut to the person who is determined to do his or her very best for this great nation. Ask yourself, “Who is willing and able to offer a plan to lead my country and family to security: physically, mentally, and fiscally?” The President shouldn’t be elected because of his or her ability to make friends or give everyone warm fuzzies. Your best vote will always be for the person who makes you feel the most secure in the most uncertain of times. Keep in mind that there are far worse things than having bad manners.





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