Originally Published 10/03/15

My Beth has been sick for a couple of months, fighting some kidney issues. Whether it is the sniffles or something serious, any mother understands that when our child is sick, we don’t get a lot done outside of worrying. We’re experts at worst case scenarios. I’ve had every horrible diagnosis and outcome run through my head since Beth first got sick.

On Thursday, I was waiting while Beth had yet another test run at the hospital. The waiting room TV was showing the breaking news of a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. A 26 year old man had walked into classrooms, killing 9 people and injuring 7 others before he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police. My “woes” of Beth not being up to enjoying her Senior year, of shuffling between doctors’ offices, of not knowing exactly what is wrong with her were gone. I was suddenly thankful for my own worries because they mean that my daughter is with me.

I’ve often reminded Beth and Joy that the reason I get overprotective is because if I ever lost one of them, I’m not sure I would be able to breathe again. I can only imagine that type of loss as a punch to the gut that doesn’t allow you to find your air ever again. I can’t even attempt to imagine myself in the shoes of the Oregon mothers, because just the thought is unbearable. One of my worst case scenarios is now their reality.

These events are happening far too often, and like our President said, we are becoming numb to it. We never see it coming until our world is upside down. However, bringing gun control talk into the mix was not only cold and inconsiderate, it was just stupid on Obama’s part. Criminals who use guns to kill don’t follow the law, anyway. President Obama is using this tragedy for his political agenda, and it is disgusting.

“Gun-free zones get people killed. The only person who’s safe in a gun-free zone is the person with a gun.” ~ Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

Obama says that our “thoughts and prayers aren’t enough,” and I agree. We need to take steps toward better mental health treatment and prevention of tragedies such as the one at Umpqua Community College. Gun control is not the answer and this cannot be allowed to be used for Obama’s agenda.

This post will be continued tomorrow, as there is so much left to say about the President’s behavior, as well as Christian martyrdom. Today though, I want to remember the victims. I want to pray for the families. I want to send my love to those whose dinner tables will forever have an empty seat. I want to wrap my arms around the mamas who don’t have teenagers coming home from college for the weekend with baskets full of laundry and bellies hungry for Mom’s home cooking.





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