Well, I took a couple of days off to get a few things done at home, chase Beth and Joy around to their five million activities, and get my own homework done. I mentioned briefly in my first post that I am a college student. I go to a college campus three days a week and study with a lot of kids who could easily be my children. Among my friends, we often joke about my “non-traditional” student status. Honestly, I love being back on campus and learning again. While I was in the Student Union today, I saw a poster with “Black Lives Matter” on it. I’ve also seen that saying hashtagged all over the internet recently. This new movement raises so many questions for me.

I visited the Black Lives Matter Facebook page and thought, what would happen if we started a movement called “White Lives Matter!” I borrowed the founders’ own words from Facebook, but changed “black” to “white”:

“#WhiteLivesMatter is an online forum intended to build connections between White people and our allies to fight anti-White racism, to spark dialogue amongst White people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement.”

I think that there is already an organization like this. It’s called the Klu Klux Klan! It is an organization fueled by hate, much like Black Lives Matter. It enrages people, regardless of color, but I can just imagine the uprising if a newer version of the KKK was to surface and openly advertise. Black Lives Matter claims to be about creating mutual respect and encouragement among black people. However, the “About” page on Facebook fails to mention that one of its founders openly idolizes and follows Assata Shakur, a feminist and Marxist who escaped from prison in 1979 while serving a life sentence for murdering a New Jersey State Trooper. Is anyone else seeing the irony in this?

All of that aside, I’m very easy to get along with, but when I see the double standards held by so many black people regarding racism, my blood boils. Racism is a two-way street. It is about time that we all accept that and fix it. Black people aren’t killing white people or vice versa. Thugs are killing. Thugs are rioting. Thugs are making this world unsafe for our children. The Thug Club accepts all colors. That is the group that we need to worry about. As for the rest of us, we all matter. If thugs will accept any color, why can’t we?

That is that, friends. I hope that you all have a fantastic Thursday! Don’t forget to like me and share me and follow me and retweet me on all of your social media! And please don’t tell anyone that I took that flier down in the student union today!





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