To the coward who hacked and deleted my blog, nicely played! You did a bang-up job breaking into the website. You successfully took down my blog, and had Mr. Crow not been on the ball, you might have taken down the entire site.

I admit, when I saw the blank page that used to be filled with my work, I was angry and a little sick. That’s not how anyone wants to start their week. Then I remembered where I come from. I remembered why I do what I do, and who I love and worship.

I am an American Patriot, and I love my country fiercely. I am blessed and privileged to be able to write about the issues facing my country, especially you. I will never cease to stand up for America. I will never stop standing guard against the evil that sets out to destroy Her.

I am a Mother. The reasons I believe so much in what I write and talk about are my children. I demand that they be safe from you. I will never stop working to make this country great for my children’s children. Nothing will stand between a mother’s heart and her children’s well-being, especially you.

Here is the very best part: I am a Christian. I worship a God who is far more powerful than you or any idol you worship. My God is the only God. Whether you believe it or not, He sent His Son to die for my sins and yours. You don’t have to live a coward’s life trying to hurt people incognito, just like I don’t have to live my life in fear of you.

When I got the call at 6am this morning that all of my words had disappeared, I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get it all put back together. I imagined spending all week trying to get it right again. I said some prayers, got my morning underway and by 9am, I was hard at work putting the blog back together. Before I knew it, I had made my way to my most recent post. I looked at my clock and I had 5 mins to spare before my girls came home.



What should have taken days to accomplish took me hours, but my God is faithful and always provides. If I were on my own, you could have made this impossible for me. With my God, all things are possible, though. As long as He gives me the words and the means, I will continue writing. My words are His words. You can try to erase it, and I’ll keep coming back. I’m small potatoes, but His eye truly is on the sparrow.





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