Most of you probably heard the President’s address to our nation on Sunday night December 6, 2015. For those that did not, I am including it again here for you to listen or watch. Take your time and listen very closely, it is only 13 minutes long and very, very telling. 

The first notable aspect of this speech is the President’s terminology for who and what most of the world describes these radical jihadists as. While the French, Russians, Germans, British, Italians, Greeks and even the residents of Fiji call them ISIS, our President and White House refer to them as ISIL. This is actually extremely relevant and here is why. The L stands for “Levant”, which according to historians and modern Middle East experts, includes Israel. There acronym ISIS is “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” while ISIL stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”. One must do some research, but thanks to Glenn Beck we can simply read what his research department put together on this subject, but the bottom line is “our President is referring to ISIS in a matter that includes them seizing Israel” because Levant includes Israel. It is all explained in detail in this article from Becks website. We all knew that Obama did not lose any sleep or love over Israel, and this further proves that point. 

The second aspect that further troubled me was the history of our war with terrorism. Obama used the dates of September 11, 2001, as the date our war began with jihadist and terrorism. Did he forget about the first World Trade Center bombings by the blind sheik? Did he forget about the U.S.S. Cole attack back in 2000, or the Marine Corp barracks attack that killed hundreds in Beruit? How about the seizing of our Embassy in Iran back in 1978?

Retired Admiral James “ACE” Lyons sums this presidency and previous American inaction up very concisely in this short video. Keep in mind that man was a 4-Star Admiral and worked in several administrations, not to mention was the leader of our entire Western Fleet (hundreds of thousands of men and hundreds of ships). This fellow knows what he is talking about.

Admiral Lyons in his address to the sub-committee quoted the Turkish President who nails our entire problem probably better than anyone has. He states; “Islam is political and is masquerading as a religion“. This is the same thing that the Islamic expert Bridgette Gabriel has said along with Pamela Geller, Oliver North, Allan West and so many more. They have all said the very same thing.

If one stops and ponders this for a moment, you will remember this. What is the first thing these ISIS thugs do when they take over a town? They first institute Sharia Law! They do this in order that they can then begin the control process over the populace of that town. Sharia Law is the tenants that require them to cut your head off if you are gay or have committed adultery or your not wearing your hijab in public (if you’re a lady).

Do not misunderstand, this President knows this. He knows better than anyone what Sharia Law is and yet he cannot bring himself to say those magic words, “Radical Islam or Radical Islamic Jihadist or Terrorist“. Why? It’s pretty simple my fellow patriots, “He is Muslim and he subscribes to Islamic Law and believes in it“. If he did not, he would have kept troops on the ground in Iraq. If he did not, he would have unleashed our firepower for real and resumed hundreds of missions a week instead of only dozens. If he did not, he would not have altered our rules of engagement (which allowed our troops to attack and defend themselves) and let our guys take out these rogue jihadists.

As if this is not bad enough, he is using this mass murder in San Bernadino to drive his gun agenda. No Fly List, really? Really? Is this the same “No-Fly-List” that former Homeland Security Director Janet Nepalatano had tens of thousands American Patriots placed upon. Remember when she said that the real threat to America was folks that, “believed in Jesus, owned guns and were former military or belonged to a Tea Party”?

The problem with this “No-Fly-List” is there is zero accountability. If you belong to the Tea Party Patriots, attend a Baptist Church, own a gun and are a retired Marine, you’re now on the no-fly list. According to Barack Obama, once you’re placed on this list, you can no longer purchase a gun.

The sad truth patriots is this. This President has no intention of truly eradicating ISIS or ISIL or whatever he wants to label them as. He has no intentions of securing our borders and is bringing in hundreds of thousands of folks that we have no way of tracking, no way of doing background checks on and who will simply overwhelm an FBI which is already overwhelmed and under-funded.

The worst part of this tragedy is, this President is truly not interested in protecting our citizens or nation. My humble recommendation is, if you do not own a gun, get a gun! Stay vigilant, pay attention to your surroundings, stay away from large gatherings and if you do go, go armed if you can get in when carrying. Lastly; if you are not an expert with guns, take a course in gun safety (my dear friend Jan Morgan is an outstanding NRA certified instructor) and donate heavily to the NRA. These guys lobby Capitol Hill heavily and fight every day to protect our 2nd Amendment.

Remember this America. This President still adheres to the philosophy “never let a good crisis go to waste“. He is using this tragedy in California to establish a gun grab by targeting the NO-Fly List. Once he has accomplished this, he can begin encroaching further by establishing more and more laws to grab more guns. My final thought is this. What would have happened had a couple of those victims at that Christmas party had Glocks in their pockets?

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