Pontiac, Michigan used to be one of America’s crown jewels for industrial commerce. Pontiac not only had auto manufacturing, but it had electronics (that went into the cars), the Detroit Lions NFL football team and a thriving city that boasted pride and economic freedom. Today, it is a mere shell of what it once was. 

Gone are the bustling factories turning out the shiny new cars that everyone dreamed of owning. Gone are the big paychecks that the proud Union worker cashed at the local bank. Gone are the dreams of tens of thousands of American workers who had spent the better part of their working career with a proud American company. 

Corporate greed, bloated corrupt government, bloated corrupt politicians and lobbyist have killed off the livelihood for tens of thousands of these once proud workers. Why?

Rather than get into a detailed explanation of the whereas is, wherefore’s and a very boring long winded diatribe, I will simply say, “NAFTA” and Bill Clinton is what killed Michigan. Sadly, it hasn’t been just Michigan, it’s been North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and most of industrialized America. It’s been the textile union worker who manufactured Wrangler Jeans in North Carolina and it’s been the factory worker in Kentucky manufacturing Fruit of the Loom undergarments. We can now add California’s Silicon Valley to the death list as well. A recent press release from Hewlett Packard announced that they are laying off 30,000 employees and outsourcing these jobs to India and Russia. Why?

Recently that same HP sent 2300 jobs to (what was once Bombay, India) from Pontiac, Michigan. These jobs were IT jobs in Pontiac that ran the computer programming for the new cars and trucks at Ford. They are now outsourced to a foreign nation where most of the employees don’t even speak English. And you wonder why we are having issues with our Jeeps arbitrarily shutting down?

This is going to sound horribly crass, but if we were talking about somebody named Juan making bricks in Juarez, it would be one thing. We aren’t! We are talking about $75,000, 85,000 and over $100,000 a year “high-end” IT jobs and not by the tens, but the tens of thousands!

It was bad enough that we lost tens of thousands of Union Factory Workers jobs over the last 20 years, but now we are outsourcing jobs that can allow these foreigners to actually hack back into our own military systems in America for nefarious purposes. Yes, thousands of these jobs actually handle military systems as well.

We wonder why this is happening? This is happening because people like Bill Gates at Microsoft, Google, Apple, HP, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and hundreds of more corporations spent so much money on Capital Hill that our corrupt politicians sold out and created H1 Visa programs that allow for this. Not only are these companies saving dramatic amounts of money on labor cost, but they get huge tax credits on top of that for hiring and outsourcing to foreign nations. This doesn’t count the very large tax savings these companies saves by moving overseas. Remember America has a nearly 40% tax rate, where many of these other nations are either free or have a tax rate less than half or ours. Ireland, for example, is 18%.

The next time you wonder where our jobs went, simply take a look at the Democrat Party. This is the party that was supposed to look after the American worker, remember? It was the Democrats who have set all this up! It is the Democrats who signed NAFTA. It is the Democrats who have recently signed the TPP (God only knows what this is going to do to us).

Do you honestly think it was the Republicans who raised taxes so high that our companies and corporations left our own nation? NO, would be the answer. Of course, the Democrats want you to think it is the “greedy” corporations who left for higher profits. In some regards yes, but the reason they left was to stop paying punitive taxes. Most people (and this includes corporations) do not mind paying taxes. What they do mind is being punished with abusive tax rates at the level of 40%, 50% and in some cases much higher.

The next time you’re wondering about Donald Trumps’ popularity, you might want to apply the infamous James Carville’s political campaign policy to the question. “It’s the economy stupid”! We have 90,000,000 unemployed Americans and yet HP moves overseas? We have the same 90,000,000 unemployed Americans and our own companies are bringing in Indians from Calcutta to do the same work Americans do, but the corporation gets a tax break for employing the Indian?

Donald Trump has categorically stated, he is changing all the above. Now you know why he is becoming so popular. Americans have awoken to this political corruption by career politicians and they are sick up to here with it.

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