If you have the opportunity to visit for a few moments with Dr. Sam Clovis (Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser), his passion for this Presidential campaign is clearly evident. Dr. Clovis is very quick to explain his roots as a young man and becoming interested in politics, an interest which has only grown for some five decades. He uses this explanation to give the listener a barometer¬†for an excitement in the Trump campaign that he has never witnessed for over 50 years.

Ask Lee Booton (Des Moines, Iowa resident, and longtime GOP supporter) and he will tell you that as one of the managing volunteers on the Trump campaign he is witnessing the same thing as Clovis. Ryan Keller (Executive Director of the Polk County Republicans) who is a long-time campaign operative in Iowa has said that in all his years, he has never witnessed crowds with the sort of passion that he is seeing at the Donald Trump rally’s.

Everywhere I go and everyone I talk with about Trump’s campaign, the story is the same. From volunteers to the managers to the fans showing up, the message is the same. “We must get Donald Trump elected to save our great nation”!¬†

Last week I received a call from the Trump campaign and ended up visiting with Ryan Keller for a few minutes. Ryan (I say Ryan because we are friends) invited me to a different sort of Trump event being held in Newton, Iowa last night in which I did attend. I had been to several other Donald Trump events across the state and most were the same. At those other events, you had mobs of people, gaggles of reporters and adoring fans screaming “we love you Donald”. Last night was different and for good reason.

Apparently some five (5) years ago, “60-Minutes” (the CBS News Program) did a special show about the economic destruction of Newton, Iowa when the hundred-year-old Maytag Corporation sold out to Whirlpool who promptly shut the company down and moved it to Mexico. Along with that closure went several thousand jobs, the hopes, and dreams of many residents and the very heart of the now struggling town of less than 15,000 hearty Iowa residents. (DO WATCH THIS SHORT SEGMENT FROM 60 MINUTES, IT TELLS A MUCH BIGGER STORY)

The night that showed aired back in 2010, a billionaire real-estate mogul from New York City was apparently curled up on his couch watching. The 60-Minutes segment so moved him that the very next day, that Pizza store owner received a phone call from non-other than Donald J. Trump asking him “how could he help”? Last night I met that Pizza store owner at the Donald Trump event in Newton along with the advertising sales company owner who had also received the very same phone call from Mr. Trump.

Neither gentleman would go into detail about “how” Trump helped, but both were very quick to say, Trump was the only one who cared enough about their plight to offer assistance. Today, Domino’s Pizza is hanging in there, doing well and things are looking a little better than they were back in 2010. (He even brought 50 pizza’s for the attendees to enjoy) While Newton is still struggling, things do seem to be a little better than they once were. Oh, you want to know what happened to that advertising executive? The next sign you see with Trump’s name on it, he made it! Today, Trump uses his company for nearly all of the merchandise handed out at rallies, campaign offices and even some of “The Donald’s” other endeavors. Yes, he too is doing well today.

The point of that story is, last night was NOT your typical campaign event. Mr. Trump began the evening doing a “Town Hall” event with WHO-TV (the NBC affiliate in Des Moines) and taking questions from the audience. One question which struck me the hardest was a gentleman who stood up and explained how he had worked for Maytag for 31 years. He was now in his 60’s and was supposed to be covered with health insurance for life through Whirlpool. Whirlpool did not keep up their end of the bargain, dropped all of the retirees health coverage and this fellow could not afford to get insurance through Barack Obama’s exchanges.

You could tell this story greatly affected Donald Trump. You could actually see the moisture in his eyes. Trump had a much different demeanor last night from other events. He was smiling, yet much more somber with a level of compassion in his voice that I had not previously heard. He listened to the questions, then went to the reception next door (hosted by; Tana Goertz former Apprentice and Iowa Co-Chair for the Trump campaign), listened and took more questions.

Last night Donald Trump showed a side to him that I have not personally seen before. He showed a side of him which displayed not just compassion but confident, quiet leadership. Without saying it in his usually very brash style, he said, “Hey Iowa, I love you, I know how hard you have struggled and trust me, we together will make this better for everyone”. He said; “I will take care of it and we will bring jobs back and we will rebuild your lives”.

Last night was the first time I had seen him be “truly presidential”. He almost had an FDR air about him where he projected a fatherly and protector aura with his persona. You could tell that he held a special place in heart for this hard-hit community. You could tell he was angry at Maytag and Whirlpool for the devastation they inflicted on these people. You could also tell that the more stories he heard, the angrier he is becoming at this administration and government for allowing this to happen to these hard working members of America’s bread basket.

I hope Mr. Trump keeps campaigning in this fashion. If he does, he will win in a landslide of epic proportions.

After he left the stage, I walked out into the lobby where I witnessed more than one person fighting back tears. One beautiful lady was actually visibly crying and saying “God, how I hope he wins, for he is the only person who can save this nation“. She walked down the stairs shaking with her husband and I could hear him say, “Mr. Trump is going to win and make American great again“.

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