The only “certainty” in life is; “nothing is permanent“. Even our beloved mother earth is not permanent (scientist claim the sun will become a supernova and incinerate her someday).

Over the eons, powerful civilizations have come and gone. The Greek empire ruled the world for centuries as did the Egyptians and Romans. For various reasons, these empires did crumble and their global power and influence receded into the history books. Ironically, the one common thread these ‘global super powers’ had in common was; “they all had an ego-maniacal’ leaders at the helm when their demise began.

For Greece, their steep decline began in 6th Century BC at the hands of Peisistratos who was known as a tyrannical leader. Of course, we all know from Biblical history what happened to Egypt. Whether one wants to believe Biblical history or archeological history which claims that a series of Pharaohs named Ramesses (who had a constant thirst for war) is what eventually crushed Egypt’s power in the 12th Century BC. Coincidentally, this cost of war is what drained the nation’s treasury and it was this bankruptcy that took down Egypt. Then we have probably the most famous playboy of all. Emporer Nero (of Rome) who seemed more at home at an orgy than actually leading his empire was mostly known for his “fiddling” while Rome burned. History does dictate that Rome fell principally from very bad leadership and trying to invoke the first versions of socialism which ultimately led to their demise as a superpower.

Shifting gears; today in America, we have a leader that is all but ruling by executive fiat rather than by constitutional governance (which, unfortunately, he is empowered to do). This president has decided that “he knows what is best” for our nation and doesn’t seem inclined to want to “lead” but rather to dictate. Barack Obama has made it patently clear that he would rather use his cell phone and pen to “rule with”, rather than take his leadership position to Congress, cut deals and actually work with the “Peoples Representatives“.

Tin Foil Hat Theory or Is It?

We on the right have long thought, Barack Obama was a closeted Muslim. When one wants to ‘study’ his governance of America for the past six and half years, one can actually make a very strong argument that he might very well be. Beginning with his early days as president and his showing (very obvious) submission to the leader of Islam (the King of Saudi Arabia) by bowing, his continual support of Islamic causes has been disturbing and detrimental to not just our allies but to America herself on many levels.

We know these items for certainty. We know that early on, Obama decided to make NASA the focal point for enriching Islam and promoting Muslim outreach rather than studying the far-reaching galaxy. We also know that it was Obama who was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in it’s original “Arab Spring” across the Middle East with it’s overthrowing of a half-dozen nations, Egypt being one of them. We know that he has funneled arms to Hezbollah terrorist in their takeover of the drug cartels in Northern Mexico. We also know that now he wants to give Iran a staggering $150 billion dollars to jump start their fledgling economy. None of the above is a tin-foil-hat theory, this is all factual and documented.

To further the factual and documented, we know for a certainty that Barack Obama has crippled America greatly with the highest corporate tax rates on planet earth for any industrialized nation. This action all but guarantees that our corporations keep relocating overseas and taking thousands upon thousands of our jobs with them. Then we know for a fact that Barack Obama has spent more of our tax payers money that 43 of his Oval Office predecessors combined. Combine all of this with many more actions designed to harm America and what do we have?

Let us now look at the Muslim faith in general. The Muslim version of a bible (the Koran or Quran) has listed over 109 times, instructions from their prophet Mohammed to their faithful believers, instructions on what to do with “Infidels”. One hundred and nine (109) versus instruct the Islam faithful to kill, destroy, decapitate or do whatever is necessary to eradicate the Infidel from the planet.

We know that Barack Obama has on more than one occasion mentioned his love for the “Muslim call to prayer” as being one of the sweetest sounds he has ever heard.

With all the above (that we know for sure) and with Barack Obama’s most recent threats regarding guns and our 2nd Amendment, one at this point in time has to ask themselves, “what is the worse case scenario” that can happen?


Let us all put on the tin-foil-hat for a moment and run with a “what if” scenario here. What if Barack Obama is, in fact, a closeted Muslim? If that is the case, then religiously speaking, what is his ultimate goal? He would know that he cannot remain in office or for that matter even try to seize ultimate power. That simply isn’t mathematically possible as we have a military that will protect the constitution and 300 plus million Americans which would do the same.

With that thought “off” the table, again, I ask, what would his ultimate goal be? Obviously his ultimate goal is the destruction of America (again because he is a Muslim) and along with America, most of the westernized world. If this is the case, then what is the best way to accomplish this goal?

Let’s first destroy America’s capacity to be the world’s superpower militarily. He is currently accomplishing this goal by cutting our fighting forces dramatically as well as our naval forces. Next; let’s cripple America economically where they are so far down, it will be decades before they come back if ever. There is zero question as to whether Barack Obama is crippling America on the economic front. We have suffered two credit downgrades and more than doubled our national debt. China, in fact, has stopped purchasing any more of our debt along with Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany and many more have stopped as well.  

If you’re Barack Obama and want to commit a Jihad on America, we now need to separate classes and groups of people. What has Obama done to accomplish this goal? Anyone remember Baltimore, Ferguson or a dozen other towns and cities? Obama now has “Black Lives Matter” stirring up racial tension with their “war on cops” nationwide. He has concentrated on Hispanics as well by convincing them they (even though they are illegal), are in fact being mistreated. He has the importation of Syrian “refugees” being ramped up dramatically and spent years creating strife between the wealthy and the poor. 

If we continue to throw in “God-Hate” by the Atheist (to inflame the Christians) and some “Gay Love” in the mix along with everything else, what do we have? We have a society at the explosion point is what we have! We have a society that is bubbling with so much anger, it won’t take, but a small flicker from a match to ignite the entire nation in a full-blown civil war. Now we have America’s destruction!

Now the question becomes, “what is the match that lights the bonfire“? GUNS is the answer!

Will he go door to door? No, he doesn’t have the manpower to do that.

No, Barack Obama knows that all he needs to do is keep beating the drum, exercise his pen for little Executive Action and presto, he has a war on America’s streets. 

Patriot’s; it is my belief that we had it all wrong from the beginning. Early on, I thought he wanted to become a dictator for life. Many conspiracy theorists across America thought the same thing. I now don’t think that any longer. I think that everything he has been doing has been designed to cause America to implode from within and he simply walks out, hops a plane to Fiji and calls it a day.

He took power, spent 8 years dismantling America and he can now sleep, knowing that he fulfilled his dead father’s dreams of destroying Colonialism as he wrote about in his books. He accomplished winning his dead father’s approval. He earned his father’s respect by dismantling the last of the superpowers that his father despised so greatly. Will Obama do the ultimate unthinkable? I think he is in the process of causing it as we speak. These are merely my personal thoughts about what is happening.

I would love to hear you thoughts. Am I full of crackers? Do you agree, disagree or somewhere in the middle? Leave your thoughts at the bottom in the comment box, I am very curious what you all think.

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