As disconcerting as this might be, Americas demise might actually not be the economy or war or social unrest. Yes, one of those might be the end result, but Americas demise will no doubt begin with the great American stupid-voter! This Bill O’Reilly Talking Points should be a “must-watch” for everyone.

Lest you think this is not a problem for our nation, let us jump into the “way-back” machine for a moment. The Tea Party, Conservative Republicans and anyone on the right, tried in vain to inform America about Barack Obama. We tried to let our fellow Americans know that this man actually wrote legislation in Illinois that allowed a woman to murder a full-term baby. This one act alone should have let all of America know just how very callous and evil this man really was. Anyone who could justify the murder of a full-term child simply doesn’t have a moral compass or any compassion in their soul for humanity in general.

We tried with all our might to let you know that this Illinois community organizer had zero foreign policy credentials and you would not hear of it. We tried every way in the book to inform you of the fact that Obama never met a tax he did not embrace, yet you snapped at the “Hope and Change” lure like a big mouth bass goes for lunch. We tried to tell you he was corrupt and you didn’t buy into that mantra either. No, my fellow Americans, you ate the “Hope and Change” lunch like you would a blue-plate special for lunch.

Because of this “low-information” knowledge about candidates, today we have this. We are the highest taxed nation on earth for businesses and we have 94,000,000 unemployed or under-employed workers in our nation. We have lost some 179,000 corporations to overseas nations who now have these jobs. We are neck deep in a sess pool of trouble in the Middle East and hardly any developed nation or ally globally trust the United States anymore to keep our word or promise. To compound the problem even further, we have the world’s number one financier of terror being handed astronomical amounts of cash and being green-lighted to develop nuclear weapons of which they can shoot back at us.

If you’re like me and wondering how this happened, look no further than the mirror America. How many times have you mentioned something political and the person you spoke with said “I don’t discuss politics or religion“? How many times have you asked someone “what did you think about Russia doing XYZ“? Then you heard the most disturbing response of all “Oh I don’t pay any attention to the news, it’s too depressing“.

Would it be any surprise to you to know that this is exactly what Barack Obama counted on when ran for president? He knew those African American women (who are now so famous for their crying and being grateful for their Obama phones) would be his ticket to the White House. He knew full well all he had to do was speak in general terms (never being specific about any policy or issue) and he would be sent a one-way ticket to Air Force One and given his new blue jacket with the Presidential seal on the chest. He knew better than anyone that the bulk of the youth doesn’t have a clue as to what is happening in America 99% of the time. He knew all of this and he also knows that the exact same scenario will play out this time along with the Democrat hierarchy. They all know, it is the low-information (aka; stupid-voter) who will most likely elect Hillary or crazy uncle Joe for our next president.

To prove my point; Enjoy this video of Jesse Watters doing a Watters World segment. Laugh or cry, either are acceptable.

As humorous as this is, remember America, “these citizens vote“!

Now we know the problem. As Bill O’Reilly touched on in the first video, America today seems to be transfixed by their smart phones, I-Pads, I-Pods and any number of other I-this or that. With this very obvious problem of millions upon millions of NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX (and many other) boycotter’s, how do we overcome this issue? How do we penetrate (as Rush Limbaugh likes to say) “these skulls full of mush“?

The only plausible way to have “educated” voters show up at the polls is by teaching them!

Yes, some of the upcoming advertising from the candidates and political action committee’s will accomplish a little of this, but the hard truth is, it is “WE” the patriot who must get out, knock on doors, put out yard signs, shake hands and educate. It is we the concerned American who must navigate the stupidity, be patient (don’t be confrontational) and sell them that our Republic is in deep trouble and explain just how this upcoming financial disaster (along with many other issues) is going to affect their personal lives. It is only when people feel as though their personal lives will be affected, do they tend to pay attention and get involved.

As most of you know, I am supporting Donald Trump for President. No, he is not the Constitutional Scholar that Senator Ted Cruz is. But he is an economics genius (and we are in very deep trouble economically). The other facet that Trump has that most of the other candidates don’t have, is his ability to bring in the best and most knowledgeable in whichever field he needs.

Being objective here, the (most of them) other candidates are politicians. Politicians “OWE” other politicians and campaign personnel favors for helping them get elected. More often than not, a new president will bring in some of their senior staff for cabinet positions where a professor at a University would have been a better choice. This is where Trump will shine. He will bring the top shelf personnel in because he owes no political favors to any particular groups.

In closing, I am encouraging those of you that support Donald Trump for President to please visit this website. Citizens for Trump is totally grassroots and they already have thousands of volunteers who are ready to get to work knocking on those doors (when the time comes), putting out those yard signs, shaking hands, educating and much more. You can also pledge your vote at the site and register to vote if you need to. Tell your friends, make a small donation as they are “NOT” funded by the campaign and are totally volunteer and grassroots. 

If you are not a Trump fan, there are other grassroots coalitions springing up nationwide for many other candidates as well. 

America, this is the only way we can save our nation from the “STUPID-VOTER“. We must engage, work hard and pray! 

Join me today at our Facebook along with thousands of your patriot brothers and sisters.

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