Just when you thought you had heard it all out of the White House, along comes another smelly can of rotten sardines.

As if the lie about “ISIS being the Junior Varsity” wasn’t enough and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” didn’t scorch your proverbial backside, now we have the “Great Syrian Refugee Lie”. This time America, it is different. The lies about our Marxist seizure of our health-care system (while being bad enough) did not put our nation and citizens at risk for their very safety. The lies about ISIS being JV, while being bad (in the sense that these barbaric animals are slaughtering Christians by the scores), at least ISIS was over there and not over here. Not anymore! ~and you can thank Barack Obama for this one~

America has always been (and should always be) the land of opportunity and a safe haven for those being persecuted and tortured. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this philosophy. The problem with this Syrian refugee issue is; these refugees are not (for the most part) who we think they are. Yes, many are legitimate refugees. However; we have no way of verifying that they are legitimate refugees. We have a mom, dad, and 4 children and two of the children who are 18-year-old boys could just as easily be jihadist from ISIS. While I am sympathetic to the “real and (not to be redundant) legitimate refugees” who are fleeing the cruel torture of the Syrian government and the oppression of ISIS in their land, we must put American’s first and our very safety must be at the top of the priority list.

To prove my point, look at the many, many photographs coming from the dirt roads in Europe where these people are trodding. Most of the folks in these photo’s of the refugees clearly show, the amounts of “moms, dads, and 3.2 children” are visibly in short supply. Most of these “oh-so-oppressed” refugees are clearly 18-35-40-year-old men with no wives and no children. Has not our State Department looked at this?

Has our State Department not looked at the fact that ISIS has actually advertised that they have already put thousands of fighters into Europe disguised as Syrian refugees? If they have looked at this (which I am pretty sure they have) and if they are now overlooking this terrifying fact, then this would mean that one man and one man alone has over-ridden and given orders to accept these “poor and pathetic refugees” into America.

Image from NY Daily News

Scan the crowd of these “Refugees” and find the Mom, Dad, and 3 kids.

Since Barack Obama apparently isn’t concerned with American safety and is now raising the ante from his original request of allowing some 10,000 of these refugees to migrate to American soil to be elevated to 70,000, he is now going to rub even more salt in the wounds. It now seems that Obama not only wants to bring these refugees/terrorist to America, he now wants to pay them as well. According to ‘The Daily Caller’, Obama wants to ‘PAY THEM’ to migrate to America and the payment is “not chump change” either.

Daily Caller is reporting that Barack Obama wants to give each refugee $1,850 a month plus their Food Stamps and other expenses. He also wants to give them an initial payment to get them started. Below is what the average American receives from Social Security in the form of retirement benefits. The right-hand column gives the average amount of benefit the recipients receive monthly. Social Security Benefit Chart

America; the sad truth is that this president has never placed American citizens above the rest of the world. He has always denigrated America when given the opportunity and he has always insulted our heritage when he could. American citizens work for some 40 plus years, have the government seize money from their paychecks (knowing they will never get all their money back) only to have this president take what is rightfully their’s and give it to many who are coming here with the sole thought in mind of harming our citizens.

My fellow Americans; this threat is very real. It is bad enough that the White House is willing to pass out free money to foreigners, but it is much worse that they are willing to accept anyone and everyone from an area of the world that is ripe with folks that hate Americans and want to kill Americans. We need to be beating a drum very loudly with the Senate and House of Representatives to stop this madness. 

All (who know much about this subject) are saying the same thing. “We have no way of knowing who is the enemy and who is not the enemy”! In other words, we have zero way of protecting ourselves from the bad guys.

Here is the problem in a nutshell, Christians are taught to be compassionate, love each other, help each other and be accepting. Muslims are taught (this is in their holy book 109 times) to kill Christians and Jews and anyone else who doesn’t believe their faith. While this seems very simplistic, it is the crux of the entire problem with Muslims today. They want to kill us and we are just trying to get along and make everyone happy!

This issue is literally a bomb waiting to go off in the “Mall of America“.

Call your Senator, call your Congressman and demand they stop this insanity before it is too late.

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