Hillary, is a woman whose value system historically consists of little more than a few magic words and promotional props from a snake-oil sales kit.

She seasons her wagging tongue with feigned confidence and faux-candor to deceive the willful minions who adore her.

Therefore, one has to wonder, what dirty little secrets Bill and Hillary have over the Washington power brokers that allow her to keep circling our highest seats of government. The general public has been clear, we do not want any presidential dynasties from either side of the aisle. Have you seen Jeb’s numbers lately?

What exactly keeps Hillary in the halls of power is anyone’s guess. (Her poll has fallen three points since I started this writing.) For the record, my guess includes a bible verse where God gives nations corrupt leaders when they turn away from him, but that’s a different article.

In response to the SOS from USS Hillary, the baggage handlers over at Stalag Klinton have held an emergency reset pow-wow, to try to salvage her waning campaign before it slides into total irrelevancy. After-all she’s losing in the polls to “Weekend at Bernie Sander’s” an upfront professed, socialist. He doesn’t even try to hide it. The scary part is, his honesty about it is gaining an edge over Hillary.

The challenge at hand is for campaign chairman John Podesta and manager, Robby Mook, both seasoned democrat-poo-polishers, to reinvent the mean-faced-cankle-queen of pant-suits yet once again. Hillary has become an albatross to all but the truly die-hard, bra-burners of the peace-love-dope-era. Predominately, the left is uninterested in a third Clinton term, but for democrats who vaguely remember they once loved America, she’s the least of two evils. Repainting her image is even harder when opinion polls return large numbers of association labels like liar, dishonest, untrustworthy, and criminal; and those are just the one’s suitable for print.

Podesta is now the left’s campaign gunslinger of choice. He’s got Obama elected, twice… (With the help of several dead voters, and hacked polling machines connected to the web) even Obama couldn’t believe it. These lads are pros at putting lipstick on a pig and getting results. As long as the Hilldebeast is willing to cough up a payroll, they’re happy to don the masks of optimism and shout “yes we can” from the highest mountain.

These political sorcerers are well aware that remaking Hillary again leaves little room to wave the wand, given her 25-odd years of scandals and shenanigans. Hillary is aware too. Personally, I think she is so aware, it’s shaking her confidence. You can see it in her appearances. She talks the talk, goes through the rehearsed theatrics, tries to look natural and from the heart, but her underlying confidence and belief isn’t there. Hillary’s delivery is not from the heart because her heart is not in it. When she’s on stage, she’s acting and it’s clear to nearly everyone watching, she’s faking it.

I’d like to believe the feds have the goods on her and she shaking in her Hobbit-sized pumps, but even if they do, it might not mean much, we are talking about the Teflon Genie.

Regardless her dilemma, be it the email issue, Bill’s latest intern, severe toenail fungus, a love spat with Huma or whatever, something has shaken her resolve. She has fans who believe in her more than she does right now, and that’s not enough. Podesta and Mook get it. Thus the need for the emergency pow-wow and the need to make Hillary look more like Ariel and less like Ursula.

From the new Podesta/Mook play book:

Step 1:

Question the arbitrary process in which emails are classified. Show the bumbling government process has inadvertently made Hillary a victim, not too hard of a stretch given government’s ineptitude. All of course meant to cast the public eye upon the unfair evils of government fueled by Republican vengeance.

Step 2:

Meaningless Freudian Sleight of Hand in the Media ie., apologizing for the email fiasco, which she has done. Kind of. In a recent interview on ABC, Hillary says, “That was a mistake, I’m sorry about that. I take full responsibility.”

Step 3:

Reiterate the meaningless apology over and over.

For this play, Fox’s own Gretchen Carlson, has a one on one with Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-MN., who confirms, “Hillary has come out and taken full responsibility for the email controversy, she can now get that behind her.

I find it interesting that Carlson, former Ms. America and anchor of Fox Glam-Cam-News, asks Klobuchar all the right questions in all the right order. Question one establishes that Klobuchar is not a hard leftist, she’s all about reaching across the aisle and is a person both parties trust in Congress. It’s like she’s really an independent hiding behind that jack-ass logo.

Question two reiterates the meat and potatoes – Hillary’s email-apology and sets Klobuchar up to spike the ball for team Hillary, IE, “Hillary accepted responsibility and can now move forward.” This is twice now, (by the time you read this, perhaps several times,) that media will claim that Hillary has accepted responsibility for her actions… mishandling/directing top-secret government emails to a private server in a bathroom closet in Denver, Colorado, and then trying to wipe said server of the evidence. Whew!…We can all move on now, she’s accepted responsibility, she even said so on ABC. Duh.

Despite Klobuchar’s record for bipartisan pandering, rushing to Hillary’s aide is understandable, she’s being tapped to be Hillary’s Vice President. So, now we’re left with reassuring confidence Hillary has come to her senses and now accepts full responsibility. Really? What does that mean? For everyone else in the real world taking full responsibility means accepting the consequences.

What about Clinton aide, Bryan Pagliano who refuses to testify? He seems pretty worried about the responsibility for any IT actions he may have been involved in. Responsibility includes consequences.

If I run a red light, hit your car and dent the front fender, can I simply say, “That was a mistake, I’m sorry about that. I take full responsibility,” and then drive away? Would you be happy with that or call the police? Would the police tell me, “Ok, you have a nice day,” and go about their merry way? Unlikely. The officer is going to hand me a ticket with my responsibility defined in writing. My responsibility may include visiting with a judge and complying with further rulings, and/or sending in some money, depending on the exact circumstances.

So what exactly are the consequences of the responsibility that Hillary accepts? Will she be visiting with a judge? Doubt it.

Remember Step 1?

She’s faced zero consequences, and replied with lip-service and stonewalling-as seen printed in the New York Times where Clinton’s campaign wizards “disputed the inspector general’s finding last month and questioned whether the emails had been over classified by an arbitrary process.

Try that charade with your traffic ticket. “Excuse me your honor, but this traffic ticket has been over classified by an arbitrary process, speed limits are just guidelines, I was traveling at a speed which was allowed.” Likewise since when does the Secretary of State have authority to decide what should be classified as top-secret? Since never. It’s defined by executive order, period. Why isn’t Glam-Cam Gretchen pressing these questions to Klobuchar?

Today, Hillary is not a government employee or official, she is a private citizen who is running for president. Why isn’t Hillary being charged? This is the slippery slope. Remember the executive order? Charges against leaking protected information are rare. And, after verifying Obama’s current classification policies, I hate to admit it, Hillary’s team is correct in that the classification system is somewhat arbitrary. Obama probably updated them just for Hillary’s bathroom server.

Regardless, focusing on the policy is just more smoke and mirrors because it’s a moot point. The clear offense here regards how classified information is to be kept. A server in a bathroom closet in Denver is nowhere to be found in the law. Prosecutors have all they need to press charges against Hillary without ever knowing what exactly was in the emails – how they were classified and stored is enough. So, now the question is, are they letting her skate? And why?

If Hillary accepts full responsibility for her actions, where is the formal action or process that will determine what those consequences are? It’s one thing to sit on ABC and say “I accept responsibility for that.” It’s completely another issue all together to accept responsibility once charges are levied.

In the interim, it’s anyone’s guess where this is going to lead. Again, the feds already have all they need to take legal action because the private server violates federal classified information storage law. Perhaps, finding a wiped, top secret email will give them more leverage and deflate the left’s “witch hunt” accusations. If charges are eventually brought against her, certainly, she will have the best defense attorney money can buy to avoid accepting the responsibility she says she accepts, besides… “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Well, apparently it’s bad for polling numbers.