You knew it was only a matter of time. You knew in your hearts as I told you in an article earlier, the numbers are now stacked in favor of socialism taking root in America. It now seems that Hillary Clinton’s cold personality on the campaign trail and with facing felony charges regarding her email scandal, it’s all to much for even Hillary to absorb. All the bad news and bad personality have finally taken a toll on the ‘queen of mean’. BERNIE NOW LEADS HILLARY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE! 

I have yet to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. According to NBC and Marist, Bernie now has a commanding lead in the Granite State by nearly double digits.

Remember it was just a few short months ago that hardly anyone knew who Bernie Sanders was and Hillary had a near 50 point lead on the Democrat field. The media, all the political pundits and even some Republicans were mortally terrified of the ‘unsinkable’ Clinton machine. Now it is all gone! Like the famous movie title say’s “Gone With the Wind” and with it, has gone Hillary’s visions of grandeur and Bill’s fantasies of chasing Interns in the West Wing.

How Hillary will respond to losing her lead to the Vermont Socialist who employs the Albert Einstein hair-stylist is anyone’s guess. All in all, this adds yet another fun twist to this presidential cycle. You have to admit, this is getting fun to watch.

For the full story on Sanders taking the lead; NBC NEWS Politics has the entire story with video.

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