The jailing of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has ignited a firestorm of push back from conservatives nationwide. Many are viewing this as nothing short of a full-scale war on Christianity by the Obama administration. The $64,000 question is this; is it a justifiable response to the arrest of the Kentucky elected official?

Almost immediately several of the religiously conservative Republican Presidential candidates took to Twitter and the airwaves to voice their support of the arrested county clerk. So why was the clerk arrested in the first place? She apparently defied a court order by a Federal Circuit Court Judge who had received complaints from gay couples (who filed law suits) against the clerk for defying the law of the land. In case you have been residing in a rabbit hole for the past six months, the Supreme Court has in fact ruled that it is legal nationwide for Steve and Larry or Suzy and Beth to marry.

The ruling by the high justices apparently did not sit well with clerk Davis (who is a self-professed fundamentalist Christian) and categorically stated that she would not grant licenses in her county to same-sex couples requesting binding nuptials and now becoming a legal couple.

Image of Kim Davis arrest photo

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis arrest photo

The responses came fast furiously on Twitter with the trending hashtag #ImWithKim. The conservative (former Pastor) Mike Huckabee immediately drew a comparison between Hillary Clinton (who is now under investigation for felony charges) not being arrested and a poor innocent Christian being viciously attacked for practicing her faith.

The problem realistically doesn’t lie with the “practicing of faith” as Josh Bernstein (who happens to be a very good friend of mine) wants us to believe. The problem isn’t with Hillary or with gay marriage as an institution or lack thereof. The problem is with Kim Davis being a sworn government official failing to adhere to a Federal Circuit Judge’s court order. There in lies the problem. Huckabee TweetFox News reporter Todd Starnes (who regularly blogs and reports about Christian issues) Tweeted out that “our government allows illegal aliens” to roam free but arrested Kim Davis. Todd Starnes TweetNot to be out done for promoting conservatism, GOP and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on “The Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly tonight. Senator Cruz took the same stance that Governor Huckabee and Josh Bernstein did. He spent the bulk of the interview chastising the administration and government for its attacks on Christianity.

At the risk of once again being tarred and feathered, I am going to attempt to bring some sanity back to this tiff down in Kentucky with some practical horse sense (yes, pun intended as Kentucky is all about horses). 

Patriots and fellow conservative brethren, here is the problem with defending Kim Davis’s actions in breaking a federal law. 

  1. She did in fact defy a Federal Circuit Court Judge’s court order. This act alone will always land you in jail if you flagrantly defy a Federal Judge. They do not tend to put up with that level of disrespect for very long. Not just a Federal Judge but most any Judge takes a dim view of you flipping them the finger. 
  2. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with the ruling of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled, end of conversation. If you do not like the ruling of the Supreme Court in regards to the same-sex marriage issue, then convince your States Attorney, Solicitor General, Governor or State Legislators to sue the government under the 10th Amendment and take that to the Supreme Court. I am not an attorney nor a Judge, but I do know that currently it is the law of the land that same-sex couples can marry. It is up to our duly elected officials to adhere to the law, not change the law in this fashion by simply saying “I don’t like that law“.
  3. The disregard to the law by this clerk has nothing to do with the Mayor of San Francisco and his “sanctuary city” rules. It has nothing to do with whether Barack Obama has Hillary Clinton arrested or not. These are all separate issues and have zero affiliation with each other. I cannot say; because the mayor of this city did this or Obama did that in regards to illegal amnesty, then I do not have to obey the speed limits in Wyoming.

Fellow patriots; we are either a nation of laws or we are not. We the Tea Party and über conservatives have been preaching administering the law, Constitution and such for years. Now when something arises we don’t care for, we are willing to throw that baby out with the bath water because we religiously disagree with it? We cannot do this in good conscience can we?

We as patriots cannot pick and choose with laws we respect based upon our religious doctrine. This flies in the face of everything we have preached and stood for.

No, I do not like Steve and Larry marrying anymore than you do. Morally, I think it is reprehensible. BUT~ the Supreme Court ruled. If I don’t like the ruling, then I need to find a lawyer, pay him money to file law suits against this ruling and take it all the way to Washington and try to get the law over-turned. It might mean that I have to wait until the new President appoints another conservative to the bench, but Patriots, this is the way we do things in America. We are not supposed to say, I don’t like that law, so I won’t participate in that law.

That Judge bent over backwards in an attempt to help her out. He even went so far as to say, she could get one of her employees to issue the license and she did not have too do the physical issuing. That wasn’t good enough for her, she wanted to take a stand. Now she is in the cross-bar hotel getting three squares and a cot. I do not feel sorry for her. She knew full well what was going to happen and she decided to challenge a Federal Judge. Not smart!

Again I say; either we are a nation of laws or we are not. Some laws we like and some we don’t, but we if are going to call ourselves patriots, then we need to defend the law. If we don’t like that law, we can work to change it, but until then, we need to support that Constitution my fellow patriots!

Josh; I love you like my brother, but I think you’re off base on this one my fellow patriot. We can always agree to disagree and we will still be friends.  

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