Whether you have noticed or not; “THIS IS A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN” for the Presidency of the United States! As such as is “always the case” we have some truth in news stories, some fabrications and a few political leanings. Rarely do we get a completely accurate ‘anything‘ coming from the media. 

The one “truth” we can count on in any election cycle is that “politicians will make statements“, “politicians will screw up what they meant to say” or it will just come out wrong. Lastly; the media will always be there to pounce like a hungry dog on a t-bone steak cooked medium rare. This is an inevitability that is as true as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.


Yesterdays “dust-up” with the Donald Trump campaign began with “The Donald” explaining what happened out in Phoenix, Arizona last week at a political event. The event was supposed to happen at The Arizona Biltmore ( A very upscale resort in Scottsdale, Arizona) but when Donald Trump’s team announced he would be appearing, the crowds began showing up (day’s in advance) for the limited seating available. The organizers ended up having to move the event to the Phoenix Convention Center.  

Keep in mind that Senator John McCain is in the campaign fight for his political life out in the Grand Canyon State. John McCain is notorious with grassroots (Tea Party, 912, Anti-Amnesty and many more) groups for his ‘more often than not moderate’ stances and votes on subjects where traditional Republicans will take the more conservative route and vote accordingly. Remember it was McCain who in fact “launched the first volley at Trump by calling his followers and supporters crazies”! Remember it was McCain who has called “Tea Party Patriots” lunatics, tea baggers and Hobbits. It is John McCain who has launched an all out war against grassroots conservatives in his state in order that he win re-election in 2016.

Trump being Trump (A tough New Yorker) is not one to stand idly by and be insulted and let it go. As one of his staffers told me last night, “Trump will get in the game and throw elbows with the best of them“. The fact is America; the GOP establishment, the liberal media and the Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump!

Sharyl Attkisson did a complete “FACT CHECKING” on this event yesterday.

“He is a war hero.”

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.”

“He’s a war hero, because he was captured.”

“I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people.” (Donald Trump about John McCain)

Her conclusion was the Washington Post “LIED” with their headline on the event. Full Article Here

Had Donald Trump truly been attacking Veterans, War Hero’s, Soldiers don’t you think the Veterans would be screaming? Here is the response from Joel Arends at ‘Veterans for a Strong America’ a veterans advocacy group. Vets Statement One

Vets Statement Two

My opinion about this entire little sordid “brew ha-ha” is this; John McCain started it when he attacked Donald Trump and the entire damn Tea Party and conservative grassroots supporters. Donald Trump is not John McCain’s typical opponent who folds when bullied by the Senator. Trump is tough and will fight back. Should Trump have even acknowledged the aging Senators remarks? Probably not would be the correct political advisers recommendation.

No wonder the left, the main-stream GOP and the rest of the field are fearful. I would be also if I were going up against Donald Trump. He has the message that America is wanting, he has the John Wayne bravado and he has the means by which to sell his message.

Message for Donald; If I were advising you Sir, this would be my humble recommendation. Next time ignore idiots like John McCain. The Senator is “suffering from alligator mouth and hummingbird ass syndrome”. You Sir are above that sort of thing. Be Presidential, it is time to begin the process and let that garbage roll off your shoulders. You have started some absolutely phenomenal debates with immigration and now Veterans affairs. These topics needed addressed and you have done a marvelous job of forcing the issue. Remember, the press is not your friend and whatever you say, they will misconstrue and lie about.

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