The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends and families that lay loved ones to rest (who are victims of being killed by illegal aliens) have to be shaking their heads. The first question that many of these families members must have; “how did this illegal live for so long in this city and not be deported“? Answer; Liberals and their liberal cronies! It is literally that simple America. You can thank liberals for your loved one being killed by a drunk alien, shot by an alien in a robbery or a drive by gang war complete with automatic weapons. 

To keep this very simple; this is what has happened. The United States Congress wrote immigration laws. Through Constitutional debate, they fought on the floor of the House and Senate and came up with laws that are supposed to regulate our nations immigration policy. Those laws have been in place and on the books for decades!

Somewhere along the line; a liberal politician in a very liberal city such as New York City then decided “screw the law”, we will make this city a ‘sanctuary city’ whereupon any criminal alien can show up and we simply won’t turn them over to the INS or any federal agent for that matter. The trend caught on and now we have in excess of 300 of these jurisdictions, cities, municipalities across our country that in all reality is refusing to abide by the laws of Congress and signed by a President. 

Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project (Founded in Houston, Texas) has been tracking American citizens who have been unjustly killed by these criminals for years now. Her organization routinely travels America speaking at events where she puts on display “quilts” that are handmade with the photo’s of the victims delicately sewn onto the quilt. I have personally witnessed one of these displays and believe me, it is moving and will bring tears to your eyes as she goes down the list and tells the stories of these victims (how they died) and the impact on the family of the victim.

Image of illegal alien Sanchez

Confessed killer who murdered Kate Steinle

Maria routinely tells the story of young promising football careers snuffed out, a father who is murdered who had 4 young children and a wife. She tells the story of grandmothers who were caring for their grandchildren and police officers who’s only crime was stopping a pickup truck who ran a stop sign. America; these stories are real, just as the Kate Steinle story is real. Kate’s was simply enjoying a beautiful day on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with her father. Once again; a criminal illegal alien (who had been knowingly released by local law enforcement) named Francisco Sanchez shot Kate in the neck with a pistol he either stole or found (which was owned a federal agent) and she dies in her fathers arms while pleading with him to help her. Again; thank your local liberal county Supervisors for this murderous act!

Had Barack Obama not ordered our nations ICE Agents to back off, had the local San Francisco Supervisors not enacted a policy of “flouting the law” (to retain political power with illegal Democrat votes), Kate would most likely be alive today. Yes, Sanchez admitted to law enforcement that he came to the Bay Area because of the sanctuary status and he knew he could live without fear of being arrested again. 

Kate’s story is but one of thousands of similar stories which are happening as a direct result of ‘not enforcing laws’ which are already on the books.

America; we do not need ‘Immigration Reform’! What we need is; “IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT”!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is 1000% correct in his assessment of this situation. In the first place; “honorable and good immigrants” do not sneak across the border and walk 500 miles north to a sanctuary city. The immigrants in which America should want are the ones who do their paperwork, apply and wait for temporary residency status. These folks are professionals, educated and make great citizens. They do not wade across a river, dodge federal agents, then commit crimes against Americans.     

The Center for Immigration Studies has just published a new interactive map where you can check the status of your area. Take a look at the map and if your city is one on this map, then it is time to begin working to rid your city of the politicians responsible for going down this road.

Immigration is something that should be controlled and very closely monitored. If you try to immigrate to Mexico for instance, it is an ordeal to get in. I know for a fact that if you try to immigrate to New Zealand, the list of questions you must answer is almost overwhelming. New Zealand wants you to have a skill that contributes to their society. They want you to have some money in the bank and they want you to be healthy so you don’t bring any diseases into the country. This is not what our liberal Democrats want. They want as many as they can get. Then give them all a voting card (which is technically against the constitution) in order that they retain political power after they have given the alien a welfare check, food stamps, low rent housing and free health-care.

Patriot’s; it’s up to you! Check your status, get to work and begin organizing to rid your area of these lawless politicians.

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