Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, and Ross Perot are institutions for the term maverick. They all went against the ‘grain’ of society norm and in some cases failed at first but in the end, they left us legacies which will live forever in the history books. When no one else had the courage, Rockefeller went out and began punching holes in the ground at his own expense for a commodity in which only he could see would become a staple of the industrialized world. 

Donald Trump knows the once proud party of Reagan, Goldwater and Nixon is in trouble. Trump knows there is a reason the “Tea Party” was formed and in effect is splitting the GOP down the middle (which is only helping the Democrats). He also knows there is no way on this green earth Jeb Bush can defeat Hillary Clinton because of this splintering on the GOP side of the fence. The Democrats know this, the Tea Party knows this and Donald Trump knows it also. The only ones “not getting it” are the stuffed shirts in the hallowed halls of the Republican National Committee HQ.

Back in May, I penned an article entitled “Is Donald Trump about to rock the GOP and Change America”? Obviously this was long before Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. I charged then that Trump was about to stand the GOP on its collective heads and now we are witnessing the transformation of the Republican Party. The swirling storms for the GOP have become so volatile that even Reince Priebus (Chairman of the GOP) was forced the other day to call Mr. Trump and ask him to back off the attacks on Mexico (for fear it was hurting the GOP).  

Of course Mr. T. fired back with this tweet, categorically stating that the media was incorrect and that Priebus had called him only to

Image of Donald Trump Tweet

DT tweet about Priebus call

congratulate him on his rising to the top of the polling charts. The fact is; nobody knows the truth but Priebus and Trump. For those on the “right-side” of the fence, we frankly don’t care and would love nothing more than Priebus calling Trump and begging for political mercy.

Donald Trump (whether known or unknown and I believe he knows) has hit a nerve. He has hit many nerves with a large square needle dead center of the American heart. Trump is telling the truth about our situation in this nation and he is hitting many nerves on Capitol Hill. This is the simple truth of the situation for all the teeth gnashing politico’s back in D. C.. “You have not been doing your jobs and the American people know it“! To make matters worse, the jobs you have been doing are horrible and in a business environment, you would all have been fired long ago.

Very basically; what has happened is this. (THIS IS FOR THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT)

We have a very proud, very intelligent, fed up (with all the bull fertilizer being spread across Capitol Hill) American citizen whom happens to have the name ID and the financial “where-with-all” to do something about this very broken thing we call the United States Government. This man did not spend his lifetime building a $9-10 Billion dollar empire only to have it trashed with your inability to properly run an economy or government. He has decided to do something about it and do so at his own expense. 

In America when something needs done and someone steps forward to grab the reins and fix the problem, we call them “hero’s” or “mavericks“. This is exactly what Donald Trump is. 

I fully realize that in your antiseptic world of political speak, this is not registering in your collective pea brains, but Donald Trump is in fact telling the American people what they want to hear. What is that you ask ‘that they want to hear’? THE TRUTH! The American citizens know this entire thing ‘we call the great American experiment’ is in deep trouble. We are closing in on total bankruptcy and our borders leak worse than the Titanic did. We know the truth is, there are some 30 million illegal aliens in our land, not the 11 million the Obama administration tried to tell us we had. We know that it is only through shell games and hat tricks that our economy is still operational at all because of our mounting debt. We know that Barack Obama has frightened our allies to death and emboldened our enemies. We also know that Obama is on the verge of collapsing our Social Security and our healthcare industry.

I’m not going to speculate as to whether Donald Trump will indeed garner the Republican nomination. I can tell you this much, everywhere he goes, he goes to sold-out or near sold-out venues. I can tell you that he is now being protested and this too is a good sign. I can tell you that he garners standing ovations at most of his events (as I have attended several and helped organize one). He is popular (against what the mainstream media would have you to think) and he knows how to repair this mess in which he is gleefully telling the American people that he is in the “ONLY ONE” who knows how to fix it.

My last bit of advice to the GOP establishment is this. I would not fight Mr. Trump if I were you. I would embrace him, lift him on high and say “hallelujah” that you have him. Donald Trump might very well your only pathway to victory against Hillary in 2016. The question now becomes, will the Tea Party also go along with Donald Trump? Call me Donald, I will help you with our patriot brothers and sisters!

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