Just when you thought you had heard it all! 

WASHINGTON DC – An activist homosexual rights group today introduced a Gay Flag Desecration Bill to the House Homeland Security Committee, an action which appears to be riding the coattails of last month’s Supreme Court ruling that citizens have the right to marry within the same-sex. READ FULL STORY

No America; your eyes are not deceiving you. To top this absurdness off, it is none other than Minnesota Senator Al Franken who is leading the charge to have it made a “hate-crime” to burn the symbol of ‘full-gayness’.

Just when you thought this latest social upheaval could not become even more insane, now there comes a story recently from Georgia. Apparently there was a person who decided the home which had always flown an American flag only to switch Old Glory out for a rainbow flag upon the news of the SCOTUS decision, this person decided to burn the rainbow flag. The incident is now officially being investigated as a hate crime.

The troubling part of this for most sane Americans is; we are now witnessing that traditional America is indeed under attack. The case in Oregon where Aaron and Melissa Klein (owners of Sweet Cakes) was recently fined $135,000 for turning down a lesbian couple.

America’s churches are even under attack from the LGBT organizations whereupon even Ministers are being threatened if they don’t perform the unholy act of marrying a gay couple.

From rainbow flags actually being flown on military bases, to Chaplains being told they are no longer allowed to even use the verbiage Jesus Christ in their services, this President has all but gutted traditional American values. Unfortunately for our nation, Barack Obama did keep one of his promises to the American people. He pledged to ‘fundamentally’ change our nation and he has surely done that. Unfortunately for us, it isn’t for the better. 

Barack Obama has separated us by races, economic statuses, sexual preferences, nationalities and political affiliations. As the old saying goes, “divide and conquer” and that is exactly what he is doing. 

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