Why do most people dislike “certainty” so much? Think about Rush Limbaugh for a moment. For decades Rush has sat behind his gold-plated EIB microphone and espoused that he is right 98.7% (or whatever number he makes up today) of the time. For uttering these very phrases of self-confidence, Rush was attacked, called arrogant, called every despicable name that a person can verbally attack another person with and even boycotted by the liberals. Why?

I remember back when (NFL Hall of Fame QB) Joe Namath was interviewed just prior to the Super Bowl. This young brash and very self-confident quarterback for the New York Jets stated that his Jets would defeat the Baltimore Colts. It was not a statement of “maybe we can win if we play our hardest or if it’s in the cards and we are not penalized too much, we can win“. No, he was calling out the best QB in the game on the best team in the game at that time. This was something akin to Kansas State declaring that they can whip the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay on January the 15th during a blizzard. Johnny Unitas was a QB god at that time and this ‘wet behind the ears, snot nosed punk was calling him out’? Namath did, Namath won the game and the rest is history.  

Donald Trump is not known for his “dancing around subjects” or offering politically correct phrases when asked a question. He most certainly doesn’t offer his thoughts in “political speak” either. He tells you EXACTLY what his thoughts are and he offers them up in large portions with no seasoning to off-set the bold flavor (if you’re one that cannot handle bold flavor). Donald Trump speaks “Donald” and it is the truth (as he understands it to be) and (if you’re liberal) it is “in your face”. You can either deal with it or hide in a cave, but he speaks it anyway and doesn’t care who is listening or isn’t listening. 

Trumps most recent comments have ignited a fire-storm of politically correct controversy regarding immigration and our leaking borders. For his comments stating that he intends to build a very large wall, and his comments regarding the fact that Mexico is sending its rapist, robbers, thugs, etc. to America, he has been blasted as being a bigot, racist and hate monger. The liberal media are beside themselves, because Trumps polling numbers have jumped dramatically in recent days and nobody can understand why.

But Trump was dumped by Univision, NBC, Macy’s and more, how can this be? The phone call I received from veteran Washington Times reporter Seth McLaughlin was inquiring about that very thing. Seth called to ask me “why do you think he is rising in the polling after these statements about immigrants”?   (Read Seth’s article here

My answer was fairly simple as was the same answer I gave to the London Telegraph reporter who asked me the same question. America is simply sick and tired of “wimpy politicians” who have screwed our nation up! We as a nation are seeking another John Wayne who will tell it like it is, be honest, be a cheerleader for our nation and knows how to straighten this mess out! This is “why” Trump is rising so rapidly in the polling. He is telling the truth in an unfiltered fashion and America is eating it up.  

The “FACTS” are that thousands upon thousands of Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens from South of the border. The Remembrance Project is an organization headquartered in Houston, Texas and ran by Maria Espinoza. Maria (whom I know and have great respect for) has been tracking cases for years now of who, how many and what crimes these illegals have committed against American citizens. The fact is also that many of these cases of how this illegal or that illegal crossed into America got drunk, stole a car and killed 3 Americans is largely covered up by the liberal main stream media. There are literally thousands of these incidents that were totally preventable had our Border Agents been allowed to do their jobs. Again; Trump is right!

These are the “FACTS” also; when Trump’s “oh so outrageous comments about illegal aliens” were fact checked, this was the result! TRUMP WAS RIGHT AGAIN

As the media twist and turns and strikes out at Donald Trump for being bigoted, the sad (and I say sad because this is a very sad subject) the truth is, Mexico is not being our friend. They are in fact allowing their impoverished and criminals to come North. Mexico is NOT sending their scientist, doctors, lab-technicians, biologist, artist, film producers or craftsman to America. The Obama administration (years ago) ham-strung the Border Patrol with new regulations that have prevented them from doing their jobs.

One anecdote about the Border Patrol. Years ago, I went down to Del Rio, Texas to a bull riding event. My friend and I decided to traipse across the border and visit “Boy’s Town” and have a little fun. (Keep in mind this was back in the 70’s) The next morning we were staggering back and the nice agent at the border told us to declare our citizenship. My friend (ever the smart ass) screamed “The United States of Texas Sir”, wrong answer! We spent the next 8 hours sitting in the sun on hot dusty road by the border shack while he supposedly checked our residency. He knew who we were and we knew he knew who we were. He was a very large agent with a gun and we were scrawny snot nosed teenagers who deserved to be punished. We were sent us on our way with a stern warning at the end of his shift and 8 hours in the hot sun. This is back when agents were allowed to do their jobs and protect America, not anymore!

Still wonder why Donald Trump is rising in the polls? America knows what is actually happening to our nation and Donald Trump is letting us know that “he knows also” and is prepared to do something about it. Twist, lie, cheat and keep spreading all the garbage liberal main-stream media, it is not going to help. Donald Trump is on a mission and that mission he aims to win!

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