If the foiled attack on the Garland, Texas Islamic Cartoon event accomplished nothing else, it most certainly accomplished the starting of a serious discussion about the 1st Amendment and ‘free-speech’ and how far we go to protect that free-speech.


Lined up on one side of the argument are the very zealous patriots who are willing to fight to the death against ISIS and are ready to start the war this afternoon at 3:00pm. They are deeply entrenched behind what the “Anti-Islamization” activist Pamela Geller planned and carried out in Garland, Texas the other day.

On the other side of the coin, we have many patriots and conservatives who ‘while liking the protesting aspect’ did not care for the actual methodology of what she did. Basically it is this; protest, raise a stink, get the word out, just don’t insult a billion followers and put innocent civilians in a cross-fire between you and the terrorist’. This is the side I came down on. I was in good company by the way. The Pastor Franklin Graham, Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, Fox Political Guru Bill O’Reilly, Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham all agreed with my point of view. Then of course we have who started it all, Donald Trump who claimed the idea Geller had and carried out was stupid and could not find a good reason for doing it in the first place.

So, who is right?

On the one hand you have very valid arguments coming from the “let’s get this party started killing radical jihadist” crowd. They are screaming; “nothing is going to shut down our 1st amendment rights and I am going to say whatever I want even though it really hacks you off”. “Lock and Load”!

I get that argument, I truly do and do feel that way to some degree. I am 110% behind protecting our constitution and all its Amendments, even with my very life. I served once upon a time for that document and will do so again if need be. In fact, I believe I am still serving to a large degree with my daily conservative messages.

For the last time, then on to the real reason for this posting today. I don’t have a problem with Geller raising as much as hell as she wants to raise. My only gripe is this; do it in a manner that restricts the risk to innocent civilians. That is my only argument! Again and for the last time. Had those two amateur idiots known what they were doing, that could have been a very bloody scene with scores of dead Americans.  I don’t want to see that happen. Let’s kill bad guys, not expose ourselves to harm and particularly innocent bystanders.

So now we have the discussion. How far do we push this free-speech thing? Yes, we have it in America and we all know the Supreme Court decision from decades ago. You may yell “fire” in the middle of the desert all you want, just not in a crowded movie theater. You may softly say ‘wow is he ever ugly and fat’, but is it polite to walk up to that man and say “man, I have seen dead horses that look better than you do”. Is that the right thing to do? You have the right, you have the law on your side, but is it nice?

My question is this, is there not better ways to exercise our first amendment rights than insulting the Muslims Prophet? We are talking about a Billion followers here. No, I don’t like him any better than most of you. I think he is a scum-bag and wrote a book that has led billions of people into a wilderness. But the fact is, they read and they follow. The fact is, we have millions of them living in America as American citizens who pay taxes and enjoy our freedoms as much as the millions of Catholics from Italy, Spain, Brazil and on down the list. Do we insult the Pope? Can we insult the Pope? Should we insult the Pope because of his stance on a subject? You get the idea, maybe not the best analogy, but you get it.

I believe that we as conservatives should always defend our conservatism, which includes the constitution at all cost.

I also believe that we as conservative Christians should do so by taking the high road in all instances. We should be firm, but polite. We should never flinch in our belief’s and protest often to let the conservative viewpoint be heard, but do so in a prudent manner that has safety at the forefront of our mission. I believe we are to display Christ love and teachings at every opportunity. I believe we should stand for what is righteous without being rude or hateful to people even when they disagree. I also believe in not talking so darned much and “ACTING” with dignity and charity. In other words; it is fine to talk about abortion, but instead of criticizing that girl, offer her a home, food and medical care and offer to pay for her adoption fees if any.

In the end, I am glad Pamela is on the front line of this conversation. It needs to be had and we need to stand up to these goat lovers, pedophiles and terrorist thugs. I just want it to be done with safety in mind, keep the babies out of the cross-fire. Anyone care to walk a Christian sign down the main-drag in Dearborn, Michigan this afternoon?

Lastly; yes we need to stop the ‘creeping Sharia’ in its tracks! I am terrified at the strides some of the states have acquiesced to in their  acceptance of Sharia. Sharia is truly a cancer on society and needs to stomped out now. Again, let’s go to war to stop it, just don’t endanger people needlessly. Some of our patriots will no doubt end up giving their lives in this coming war, but when doing so, let’s do it smartly and not do it by being reckless. God Bless each of you for being the great patriots you are!

PS; Tom Trento you have been a hero of mine for some time now, keep up the good work!

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