After having listened to all sides and hearing Donald Trump’s assessment of the shooting yesterday on Fox, I believe he is 100% correct and here is why!

Below is Trump’s interview on Fox!

I know this will alienate my good friend Jan Morgan whom has been in the news of late with her stand on a Muslim Free Zone at her shooting range in Arkansas. I know this will also alienate my good friend Tom Trento (who was one of the host of the Garland event) and I have no doubt this will infuriate Ms. Pamela Geller. But here goes.

Geller has been on an ‘anti-Sharia’ law crusade for years now. In my opinion this had nothing to do with “Free-Speech” at all. Free Speech was the ruse used to poke the bear known as “Islam Extremism”. If “Free-Speech” was the real intent here, then post the cartoons on her website or on many websites. Purchase space in the Dallas Morning News and post them there. Here is my problem with this.

This was an event. I am pretty sure this event had been marketed as such and had been in the planning stages for some time. That is obvious because these morons out in Phoenix knew about it and had time to make plans and get to the event.

Let me ask a hypothetical question here.

1. What would have happened had these guys showed up with a hand-held rocket launcher, pulled up and blew the entire damned building up?

2. The guards don’t have time to react, they just pull in the driveway or park across the street and launch an RPG or rocket into the side of the building or launch two rockets just to make sure everyone is dead.

Trump was right in that all this was designed to do was to poke Islam, and beg for a reaction. That in my opinion and holding an event is fine if you’re not risking the lives of innocent people. In this case, they (meaning Tom and Pamela) knew the risk was there because they had requested extra security.

Pam Geller on CNN makes a very weak argument for Freedom of Speech;

Again; I will no doubt be basted, tarred and feathered for having this opinion. But I want to stress, taking a stand and planting your flag on free-speech is fine, but in doing so, don’t risk innocent people being harmed. In Garland, Texas that was not the case. Geller took umbrage with the fact that in many cases, our speech is being restricted and I get that. I support free-speech as much as anyone. But in turn, I am not going to risk innocent people while waving my red flag in front of the bull. This is what happened in Garland and this is my problem with that particular event. I think it was poorly conceived and better ways could have been carried out to exercise free-speech and make a point without an officer getting shot and the potential of hundreds of people being harmed.

In the end, Mr. Trump; you were correct in your assessment Sir and I applaud you for taking the stand you took. I am as pro-America, pro 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, flag waving, apple pie eating American as they come. But when you plant a flag, you must make sure there is no collateral damage.

Feel free to chime in and criticize if you like, I am all ears. The comment box is below. But in doing so, know this; I am NOT defending these idiots and I am most certainly not defending Islamic radical jihadist. I despise them with every fiber of my being, I am just being realistic in that knowing your enemy is paramount. Safety must be the rule of the day when dealing with these radicals and putting innocent civilians in harm’s way. I think most of you would agree with that. That was a very dangerous thing to do and it came very near to being a total disaster.

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