As our former Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) is so famous for saying; “we need to take a look at this away from the fog“. In the case of Baltimore, Maryland the fog would be the ‘hysteria, racism, mobs, rioting, looting, burning and public pressure’. In case you missed it;

As Maryland state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby laid out the charges for the six (6) police officers, the crowd was very obviously exuberant in their collective support of the ‘lynching’ of these officers. After having watched no less than a dozen interviews (on various news channels) with prosecutors from across America, this States Attorney has several very real issues.

For a very loose recap that led to the above news conference, here is basically what happened. Keep in mind that police officers (particularly in large cities) often work the same neighborhoods for extended periods of time. They do this in order that they can get to know the residents of those neighborhoods and this has proven to lower crime in those areas. In other words, the residents get to know the officers and visa/versa.

In this case; Freddie Gray is a known drug dealer. In fact he has a very long rap sheet for arrest, convictions and doing time due to his drug dealing occupation. Obviously the police officers that work his neighborhood know this. It is Sunday morning at approximately 8:30 AM and Freddie is standing at a corner when several officers show up. (What is a known drug dealer doing on a street corner early on a Sunday morning?) This is suspicion number one for the officers. When Gray looks at them, they look at him and make eye contact and Gray immediately spins around and begins to walk away from them at a fast pace. (Suspicion number two)

This is now where the story becomes much murkier. What is known is that Gray has a history of resisting arrest and being very confrontational with police officers. We know that the officers cuffed him and at some point even put leg chains on him. Beyond this, not many “facts” are known except by the arresting officers and the people driving the prison van. Here is where the justice system begins to run amok.

We now find out that the Attorney for the Gray family is also the “LARGEST” political donor to Prosecutions elections campaign.

The sad truth is; these Baltimore Police Officers are being railroaded into massive over-charging all because of racist politics. You can clearly see the manipulations going on “behind the scenes” between Al Sharpton (The White Houses Racial Mouth-Piece) and the Maryland Prosecutors. The proof is in the pudding folks. When have you ever seen a case this public, having charges brought within a few days? Almost never is the answer. It is usually months of extreme examination and closed meetings with a litany of witnesses, experts and legal eagles before a public case of this magnitude is charged. Not this time. Obama and down the food chain wanted these charges done now as to appease the clamoring crowds of agitators in Baltimore.

The part of this story that is so frightening if you’re an American Patriot is this. Have you noticed over the past six (6) years how we all of a sudden have “rogue” Police departments and Sheriff’s Departments? The list is indeed long of Obama or (then) AG Eric Holder charging a community police department with racism over the killing of a black thug. Yes; I said ‘black-thug’, because that is exactly what Michael Brown was. In nearly all cases, the jump by the ‘professional race hustlers’ was “racism, we must have justice”. And in nearly all cases, the police officer was vindicated and the ‘thug’ became the guilty party. Yet, that community now has a black-eye as being a racist police department.

There was an article published yesterday in the Canada Free Press that needs to be read by all patriotic Americans. The author of this article is charging that Barack Obama is gearing up to seize control of all “Law Enforcement” across America and turn into nothing short of the ‘Gestapo Police’ that Hitler had. I am highly recommending you read this article. It closely aligns with one I published a day or two ago.

For those that do not believe this is possible, just consider this. Prior to Obama’s being elected as President, had you ever seen in your local community, military hardware operated by your local Sheriff’s Department. If not, you will now. Other than a few large cities, SWAT teams and no other police departments in America operated or used “anti-personal or urban warfare vehicles” until now. We are at the point now; where across America, most departments have acquired these vehicles through programs installed by Obama. Why? Why would the President care if Ames, Iowa has an MWRAP? Apparently he does, because Ames (small college town north of Des Moines), now the same hardware that was used in the Iraq wars, complete with machine guns.

America; we had better wake up and wake up fast. This President is not playing and it is naïve to believe he is just another President. This President is dangerous and is rapidly seizing control of our nation.

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