Be it widely known; I am NOT wearing a “tin-foil-hat“, nor do I subscribe to “Conspiracy Theory“. I do not believe that a “New World Order” took down the World Trade Centers and I do not believe that Bush went to war in the Middle East to enrich his family’s oil wealth. Just to clarify further, I do not believe that Elvis Presley worked for years in Minnesota at a Burger King, nor do I think “Hitler” survived and lived out his days in Argentina.

This latest ‘tin-foil-hat’ theory floating around about Barack Obama (pulling an Adolph Hitler act) and attempting to nationalize America’s police is not so ‘tin-foil-hat’ after all.

What I do believe in is fairly old-fashioned in nature. If the object looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck; even though he may not call himself a duck, I will-as it is most likely a duck.

Let’s get started; Al Sharpton who rose to prominence years ago as a community agitator in the now “fake” Tawana Brawley rape case has visited the White House over 61 times (as of December 2014) during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House. It is widely known that the President takes great pride in his friendship and public respect for the “fake Reverend” and community agitator. Yes; I call Al Sharpton a fake because he actually never attended a Seminary and is a self-appointed Pastor. He like Jessie Jackson rose to fame during the Civil Rights movement and Jackson latched onto the prestige of Dr. Martin Luther King. Remember the famous photo of the assassination of Dr. King from the balcony of the hotel? Jackson is in that photo where someone is pointing and that was his ticket to stardom in the civil rights movement. Jackson is another with “NO” degree from an accredited Seminary and only holds one that was given to him for his years of civil rights agitation. This is why you never hear these men speak of Christ, salvation, redemption, forgiveness or anything ministerial in their rousing speeches.

Lou Dobbs in his most eloquent fashion, describes Sharpton for what he is and in this clip, you can hear Sharpton calling for a national response once again.

So why am I concentrating so heavily on the “Fake Reverend”? It is because he has the Presidents ear and in every situation in recent years, it has been Al Sharpton making the situation (whatever that situation was) worse. He has personally been responsible for much of the racial tension across America in recent years and he has personally incited many of the riots or at the very least, thrown gasoline on the flames.

What Sharpton has succeeded in doing is giving Barack Obama the ammunition needed to begin the laying the ground work to proclaim that America’s Police and Sheriff’s departments are racist, thusly requiring Federal Intervention to protect the minorities from all these (so-called) racist cops.

If what the “Conspiracy Theorist” say is true, then this would explain why the Obama Administration has pumped billions into making our police forces seem more like National Guard or at the very least militarized police departments rather than the home-town forces that we have been used to. This would explain Obama’s “Fusion Program” to begin the integration processes.

Keep in mind that this ‘fusion program’ is part of Obama’s 21st Century policing task force to study ‘policing in America’ and guess who is one of the three Mayors that sits on this commission? Cha-Ching; you’re correct! Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is one of the three mayors that sit on President Obama’s commission on how to turn over Americas Police Departments to the Federal Government.

Combine this with all the heavy weaponry being doled out to the politic departments nationally, combine this with the billions of rounds of ammunition that has been sold to Homeland Security which has been passed out to the communities along with all the “purse” strings that go with the free money to the many impoverished cities (such as Detroit, Baltimore, Gary, Los Angeles, Atlanta and many, many more), now you can see the walking and quacking duck.

According to David Leach in the Strident Conservative, Baltimore is just what Obama has been looking for as an excuse to usher in his new Gestapo Police Force on a national scale.

Let’s make the “Tin-Foil-Hat” really proud now and see if we cannot wrap “Operation Jade Helm 15” into this. I wrote an article about Jade Helm yesterday. Lest you think Operation Jade Helm is conspiracy theory, think again, it is not! Even the Washington Post has written articles about this massive military exercise.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has been blasted recently for falling prey to the fears of the Tea Party in Texas over this new military operation known as Jade Helm 15. He was even called an idiot for sending in the Texas Guard (The Texas Guard is basically the State of Texas Army, they are not the regular National Guard) to monitor these exercises while they are on Texas soil.

So why the concern over Jade Helm? The concern is this;

1. This is the largest military exercise ever held on American soil at least since WWII and maybe prior to that.

2. The military personnel being utilized in this exercise is the prestigious warriors known as the Green Berets, Navy SEALS and many more.

3. The auspices for this exercise is for Urban Warfare training in Urban settings.

4. The fact is; the Pentagon has a policy in place and has had since the beginning of the United States to never hold military exercises in or within the proximity of American citizens and urban settings. The liability risk (helicopter crashes into a school or church, citizens get frightened and shoot at the military etc.) are far to great for the benefits achieved from this practice. Plus you do not want to frighten American citizens.

5. Lastly to prove my point; The Navy SEALS and Green Berets are probably the finest urban warfare tacticians in the world today. They actually train in mock-up cities built for training. They do not need to be trained to fight in urban settings. They have been doing it for real since the first gulf war and way before that actually. So why bring the SEALS to Big Spring, Texas to train?

These and many more questions surround this exercise and why the Pentagon is doing this at the behest of Barack Obama.

The question now becomes, the timing over this exercise on the heels of Baltimore, Ferguson, MWRAPS being delivered to Ames, Iowa really?

Image of MWRAP

AMES, IOWA NEW Policing Vehicle

Have you ever been to Ames, Iowa? Ames is a Norman Rockwell painting in real life. What are they doing with an MWRAP in Central Iowa? What is Des Moines doing with one for that matter? Des Moines had their first case of graffiti a couple of years ago and they went nuts and you have not seen any since. We have virtually zero crime (that would warrant an MWRAP) in Central Iowa or the entire darned state for that matter.

I can only guess that the Federal Government viewed Ames as terrorist threat because of their basketball prowess of the Iowa State Cyclones recent trip to the NCAA tournament.

I am leaving this all up to the reader. You tell me what is happening here. Why are the heavy armored vehicles that our Marine Corps. and U. S. Army use being delivered to Sheriff’s Departments and Police Departments across America? Why did Homeland Security purchase billions of rounds of ammunition? Why is it only recently that there seems to have been a rash of rioting over police shootings in our nation? Why are the Navy SEALS (the world most elite fighting force) being sent to West Texas to supposedly train for something they are already the best at?

There are indeed many dots to connect here. Start connecting and comment below please. I would love to hear them.

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