One thing can be said for Barack Obama; ‘if he makes a promise to destroy America, he keeps it’!

President Obama is once again bypassing Congress and ‘taking his pen and cell phone’ to the venue of ‘climate change‘. Never mind that “Global Warming” is still an unproven science or at least proven in the sense that it is “we the humans” that are causing it if it does in fact exist. 

According to this LA Times article (dated just a few hours ago), Obama has decided to “go it alone” in his quest to reduce carbon emissions. 

Let us forget about the ‘Constitutionality’ of Obama’s Czar like behavior and let us forget about the legality issues. What we do know is; Obama began his desire (be it founded or unfounded) to shut down coal powered power-plants in first term, but times it where this latest revelation would not happen until after he had been re-elected. Had this came out in the main-stream media before the elections, there is no way on this green earth, Barack Obama would have survived a re-election bid. 

Here is the reality my fellow patriots of what this President is doing to you the American people. 

1. This project of reducing carbon emissions by the coal powered plants is going to cost nearly 300,000 jobs across America

2. This shutting of these power-plants will also drive the cost of electricity through the roof just as Obama said in his statement on the above video. 

So what happens to Aunt Sally who is on a fixed income and has her electricity shoot from $100 a month to over $300 a month? Oh he will no doubt have a plan for that as well as I will explain shortly. 

The reality is also America; nearly 70% of our electricity in this country comes from fossil fuel in one fashion or another. With Obama’s slapping 30% reductions on emissions, this will shut the power plants down because there is not the technology available yet to curb these emissions. In other words, nothing has been invented to stop the emissions to meet his standards. If it was available or becomes available (and it had better do so very rapidly), this will still add more cost to operating thus driving the cost of Aunt Sally’s bill higher anyway.

In simple terms my fellow patriot’s, here is what is happening. Barack Obama has decided (all on his own) that he and he alone must save the planet. He has arbitrarily decided to ban cars and trucks. The problem is that we have nothing to replace the cars and trucks with.

This is a great analogy because; what are we going to replace these fossil-fuel plants with? More giant wind-mills? America; (70%) of our electricity comes from these plants! Has this man lost his darned mind? Does he honestly have any idea what this is going to do with our economy in this country? Everything in America runs on electricity. In our homes we cook, freeze, cool and in many cases heat with electricity. Your Big-Mac is cooked in a restaurant that is operated from electricity. Think about how much is operated in America with electricity. Stop lights (this will drive towns and cities electric bill up), cafes, movie theaters, shopping malls, businesses of all shapes and sizes. Everything in America is run on electricity and this includes his plan to replace gasoline with his little plug-in Prius’s. The bottom line is; everything will rise in cost and rise dramatically. 

Those quarter of a million jobs lost is just from the coal and power-plant industry alone. This will not include the millions upon millions of jobs lost from the economic sector when people quite going to the malls and movies because they cannot afford to go any-longer. If the cost of a current ticket is $12 and the price rises to $20, what is that going to do to the motion picture industry, not to mention the theater?

Now we have millions upon millions of families across America suffering simply because they can no longer afford to pay their electric bills. What in heaven’s name happens now? Why Barack Obama and the Democrat Party ride in on their great white steeds of course. Now we have government subsidized energy bills! In addition to food stamps, you will now get a subsidy for your electric bill also. That is of course assuming he can figure out a way to produce the electricity in the first place. Remember we just lost 70% of our production capacity. 

The Democrats can now add; “those evil Republicans will cut your energy allowance out if you elect them” to their repertoire of campaign themes. In other words, Barack Obama has just secured another 20 million or more votes (with the fear of people freezing or burning up in their apartments) if they vote for a Republican.

America; The Tea Party, The GOP and many more tried to warn you about this years ago and you would not listen to us. We were wearing ‘tin-foil-hats’. Remember? Just as we have warned you about so much more regarding this president and you laughed at us. Get ready, next year when your energy bill triples, don’t say we didn’t tell you so. 

Either Barack Obama is an incredibly naive ideologue or he is a very calculating evil man on a mission to hold hostage the American people to the government. The answer is either one or the other and I am inclined to go with the latter of those choices.

This energy policy of his or EPA policy (whichever way you care to look at it), is without question going to harm this nation. It is going to harm us economically beyond belief, not to mention drive our families budgets to economic ruin. Millions of Americans are living on the edge now, they simply cannot withstand this latest kick in the teeth.

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