As the final survivors “of the Greatest Generation” and our national heroes from World War II pass from our society, it almost seems as though America’s greatness is passing from our memories. These were the citizens of America who taught us compassion, strength, character, honor, integrity, decency and the willingness to sacrifice for something greater. As they leave us, unfortunately they take with them all those character traits that once fought and saved a nation from not only a great depression but literally hundreds of millions of innocent souls being savaged by tyranny and oppression.  

Many today on various social media outlets speak of “Fighting to save America” and I all but have to chuckle when I read these naïve statements. These people who call themselves patriots put up flags on their pages, pictures of President Obama with ‘ghost busters’ symbols across his face and other quotes, videos and pictures that depict their patriotism.

The difference in the ‘greatest generation’ and today’s patriots is this; the greatest generation did not just talk about it, they did it. They rallied when it was necessary, pooled their resources, donated time, sweat and even their lives to a much greater cause. Today’s patriots simply talk and nothing more. There seems to be a vast expanse between the character of old and the character of today.

One case in point is an article I published last year after the mid-term elections about the group “Tea Party Patriots” and their fund-raising and expenditures. After researching this article and publishing it, I received quite a bit of grief over it. The troubling part was; every word of it was true, yet people were angry about my publishing it. What the article successfully did was to ‘expose’ the depths of fraud and greed within the groups that we know as “Patriot’s” dedicated to the restoration of America. Are they really? Or is something more sinister, such as making vast amounts of money for their own self-enrichment?

The very movement that we as patriotic Americans entrusted with our money, time and love; tragically it seems as though a ‘select few’ at the top of the food chain only seek to enrich themselves while spewing patriotic rhetoric from their self-created platforms. They send out mass emails designed to strike fear in the hearts of the patriots (to move them to donate) with false statements that if they “donate” today, this or that group will stop or fight the amnesty the president is about grant. The truth is; these groups can do nothing to influence the president, nor do they have any access to the president to say anything to him anyway. These emails (fund-raisers) have been on going for years now and not one or only a few brave souls have said anything about it publicly.

Today in America, we are rapidly sinking into a debt situation (by all economist predictions) that might very well be non-repairable. The problem is the average American’s apathy toward anything government has become alarming in nature. How many times have you tried to have a conversation with someone about the current state of affairs, only be told “oh I never talk about politics or religion”? Be it debt, foreign policy (which is also crippling America), military, borders, gay marriage, abortion or any other topic that is strangling our country, nobody seems to want to talk about anything.

The media of old actually reported the news. Today our youth and most Americans (the few that do watch the news) seems to glean its information from late night host such as Fallon, Stewart, O’Brien or some other political comedian. Long gone are the Cronkite’s, Brinkley’s and Huntley’s of the world.

When you compile an apathetic populace with media corruption, debt, failed foreign policies, terrorism that is at war with us (but our government won’t recognize the reality), staggering numbers of uncontrolled illegal aliens, moral decay, no honor at the leadership levels, laziness (wanting to have the government support them) we truly have a recipe for disaster. The very folks that are supposed to be fighting for us (meaning Tea Party’s and other conservative groups) are not actually fighting only garnering piles of cash. Can America even be saved?

The sad truth is; when the general population doesn’t even believe that we as a nation are actually in trouble, then the reality is, no we cannot be saved. Everything and everyone is today’s society has an agenda. That agenda is usually power or money. Nothing is being done anymore for the simple purpose that it is the right thing to do. For instance; the other day in Indiana, Governor Mike Pence signed a law protecting the religious rights of business owners to be able to serve who they wished to serve. IE; the baker doesn’t have to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple getting married. 

Of course now the gay community is putting pressure on the NCAA to relocate its offices out of Indiana. Gay rights groups are aghast that this has happened and are screaming bigotry from the roof-tops. America has reduced itself to the point where 1% of the population doesn’t want just the rights they’re granted as citizens, they now demand special rights at the expense of that business owner. I no longer in California have the right to operate my business in adherence to my own religious beliefs, I have to acquiesce my beliefs to a small fraction of the population. My religion doesn’t matter any longer in many states where the gay lobby is so powerful.

America; we have allowed our Christian nation to be hi-jacked by Atheist, Agnostics, Satanist and every other group in this nation that perpetuates sin and immoral living. There was a time in this nation when children said morning prayers and the ten commandments were posted in every class-room in this country. Teen pregnancy was almost non-existent. Teen suicide was not hardly heard of, nor was drug addiction. Our “gangs” consisted of young men sporting duck tails and wearing a black leather jacket. We had no school shootings (and every kid owned a gun), we had no teachers being assaulted by students because the teacher was allowed to paddle students in the class-room. Yours truly received more than one I can assure you.

Today; our nation is morally weak, our character is gone and we have become “girly men” in many cases. Real men that know how to fight and sacrifice have been replaced with “metro” men. Pastors have stopped preaching the word of God and replaced it with “feel good-ism” sermons. Until we have a clergy that is willing to get back to basics, men who will once again represent toughness and children who can take a spanking for misbehaving, we as a nation are doomed. This is just the sad reality.


America; there is right and there is wrong. There is a right way to do things and there are wrong ways to do things. We have been on a 5o year path of laziness, decaying morality and spiritual starvation. Now you clearly see the results of what a society looks like with this type of leadership and governance. Until we as a society return to what is righteous, what is moral and good, we cannot expect to turn this sinking ship around. We will indeed crumble and we almost have. I think it might be a good time to pray and pray hard.  

I do want to stress, I am not being a “negative Nelly” here. I am being a political, social and economic realist. Until we return as a society to having a code of ethics, honor, integrity, decency as our ancestry had, we shall continue in this downward spiral. It is tragic but true. We desperately need a spiritual revival in this nation. WE need to bring God back to the classroom, God back to the courthouses, football fields and God back to the churches. Yes Mr. Clergyman, it is up to you to save America! Will you stop with the feel-good sermons and get back to basics or will you continue to remain silent in order that you don’t have to pay taxes on donations?

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