As the main-stream media host were grimacing in pain last night, the rest of the free and intelligent world was breathing a sigh of relief.

Lester Holt (NBC News Anchor) was all but weeping as he was forced to announce the clear victory of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sweeping win over Barack Obama’s supported (Yes; Obama sent a team and millions to Israel to intervene in their free elections) minion ‘yes boy candidate’. Remember; it was Obama who a few weeks ago said he would not host or meet with BiBi (when Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress) because he did not want to influence the upcoming election in Israel. “The lies and hypocrisy just keep coming from this White House”.

Congressman Paul Ryan probably said it best this morning in an interview on Fox News. When asked about the Netanyahu victory, his response was filled with irony. “President Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu probably did more to help him win re-election than anything else” (paraphrase).

This victory sends a clear message to the world that the people of Israel are in full support of BiBi’s resolve to protect the ‘Holy Land’. This victory also sends the message to the world that they do not approve of Obama’s interference in their electoral process nor do they approve of Obama’s apparent alliance now with the lunatics in charge of Iran. This victory for Israel also bolsters and gives more credence to what former Vice President Dick Cheney said in an interview with Playboy magazine; “the world leaders no longer trust America and our enemy no longer fears America”. Last nights victory is clear; the Israeli people simply don’t trust America or Barack Obama to keep them safe in the face of the threats coming from Iran.  

I believe this episode with the Israeli election should also send a clear message to the American people. Liberals will do whatever is necessary to perpetuate their warped and sick agenda. This includes interfering with foreign nations elections, lying, cheating and even stealing. These sick and twisted people don’t even care if it threatens the very safety of a nation much less America. These sick ideologues believe that all we have to do is capitulate to the enemies demands and they will ‘like’ us enough to be nice.  

BiBi recognizes the threats from Iran for what they truly are and so do the people of Israel. Even in the face of threats from Obama, BiBi still stood tall at Congress and told the world what Iran really is and what their real intentions are. No other leader in the free world has their finger closer to the pulse of what these religious zealots seek to achieve than Benjamin Netanyahu. For a President of the United States to interfere the way Barack Obama has with our closest ally is beyond sick and reprehensible. 

What part of this saga is America not getting? Barack Obama has sided with a nation that finances, supports and endorses a nation that wants the destruction of both America and Israel. Is this man stupid enough to believe that Iran will actually adhere to an agreement to limit nuclear weapons development? No! He knows they won’t and he knows they will keep developing them and he wants this to happen. Why?

Barack Obama is an Islamic Jihad sympathizer is why. He loves the Islamic faith and governance system and it is he that said “the sound of call to prayer is the sweetest sound in all the world”.

Keep in mind that it is Iran who is arming and funding much of the terrorist activity that has killed Americans, is slaughtering tens of thousands of Christians and is seizing nation after nation. It is also Barack Obama who is doing nothing to stop this carnage that is transpiring.

America; the evidence is simply overwhelming. Barack Obama is a sympathizer (if not full-blown himself) Muslim who dislikes America, Europe, Israel and all that is Christian. This president has stood aside and allowed genocide to transpire with people whom he had the ability to protect and yet refuses to do so. He is allowing a country that has repeatedly stated on the floor of the United Nations and a global stage they seek nothing more than to destroy Israel and America, yet he won’t stop their development of nuclear weapons. Does this sound like someone who should be protecting or leading our nation?  

Fortunately for the world, Benjamin Netanyahu (even in the face of Obama threats) will not stand by and allow Iran to complete its nuclear development. BiBi recognizes that if they do, then Israel will face a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Take heart conservatives, this victory for Israel will surely be motivation that the icy grip which liberals have had on this nation is waning in scope and power. Liberals are losing at every turn and the “right of center” Americans and conservatives world-wide are rising up in protest to the lunacy of the left.

Hearty congratulations go out to Prime Minister Netanyahu on his resounding victory and “we told you so” goes out to the loser Barack H. Obama. We told you America was sick of your lies, your thievery, your hatred for all that is good and we told you we were ending it and we have begun keeping our promise.

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