Former President Richard Nixon committed a crime by ‘obstructing justice‘ in the Watergate Commission investigation. We can all agree that Presidents are supposed to be forth-coming, turn over evidence if requested and cooperate with Congressional investigations. For that crime, President Nixon took the walk of shame (to avoid being impeached), boarded a Marine helicopter never to be seen again as a sitting president. 

Slick Willy (aka; President William Jefferson Clinton), you remember him? He was the guy that looked America in the eye and categorically stated; “I did not have sex with that woman”. On some levels, I can understand his fear with Hillary standing no more than 10′ away with a White House urn ready to launch toward his head. In the end; Willy took that line of defense to a Federal Grand Jury. The Grand Jury subsequently found out that the evidence left on the front of the Interns blue dress did in fact match that of the Commander and Chief. OOPS, Willy was found to have lied to the Grand Jury. Not smart if your job title is ‘POTUS‘ and you happen to be a member of a Bar Association. Slick Willy was impeached in the House of Representatives but was saved by a largely Democrat Senate for perjury and several others charges. 

Compare the above to what is transpiring in the White House today. Nixon didn’t want to turn over tapes versus supplying America’s enemies with cash and arms? Clinton stating; “no Sir, I did not have sex” versus, allowing a rogue nation to obtain nuclear weapons? Andrew Johnson’s crime was being a Southern Vice President (prior to the Civil War) then becoming President and angering many politicians who did not want a Southern President just after the war. This pales in comparison to President Barack Obama usurping the Constitution over and over again.

If ever America had a President of the United States that more than certainly qualified to be impeached, it is Barack Obama.

Normally, I can almost understand the fear of impeaching him. Because of the high level of tension between races (which he designed to protect himself from impeachment) in America currently, I do fully understand Speaker John Boehner’s resistance to this massively traumatizing act of carrying out impeachment hearings. However!

Mr. Speaker; there is no more time. You know, America knows and the world knows exactly what this President is doing with Iran and this weapons enrichment program. He is stalling and playing nice guy with the regime of this rogue Muslim nation in the hopes that they will soon announce they do in fact possess nuclear weapons. He is trying his best to put Muslim nations on equal footing with Israel to assuage his hatred of Israel. Again; we all know this.

Mr. Speaker; if ever there was a time in American history to impeach a sitting President, it is now! I beseech you to consider the ramifications if we do not rid America of this President. Iran will garner a nuclear warhead. They already have the platforms in place to deliver that warhead to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. It will not be long before they will have rockets that will make it across the Atlantic Ocean and on to or near American soil. If they can currently reach Israel, this means they can or should be able to reach Europe very shortly.

Mr. Speaker; I beg you to discuss the true face of Islam with people like Tom Trento, Jan Morgan, Pamela Geller and others. Learn the true goal and learn what is really happening here. These people do not seek peace with America or Israel. They ( I SAY IT AGAIN, THEY) are fighting a holy war. The jihadist are in this to the bitter end and they seek your death and my death simply because we are Christian or Jewish.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly stated the other day; Iran is one of the major backers of Islamic Terrorism. The Prime Minister laid out exactly what is happening and he told the truth.

How can America stand back and allow this President to re-start negotiations with a nation that seeks our destruction? The most influential component in our human experience on earth is our religious beliefs in God. This is without question one of the most passionate topics that we feel the strongest about. In fact, it is so passionate that humans are willing to die for their belief in God. Most of “Jesus’s” disciples died gladly for their belief in their Lord. Today; over two thousand years later, I would die before renouncing my belief in Jesus Christ. This is how profound our human religious beliefs are. Are the Islamic Jihadist any different? No; and I believe they have proven this time and again.

Iran’s Ayatollah’s have repeatedly stated their feelings about Israel and America. I think we should take them very seriously. If they obtain nuclear weapons, they will not hesitate to use them on Israel, America or any of our Allies in Europe.

Mr. Speaker; you have overwhelming evidence of the crimes against the state and the presidency that Barack Obama has committed. It is time to use them on the floor of the House of Representatives and get this man impeached. We simply do not have the luxury to be politically convenient any longer. This man is going to allow Iran to obtain these weapons of mass destruction and you know as well as I do, the Middle East will not survive this.

Mr. Speaker; we as the American people implore you to put aside your politics, put aside the criticism that you will face and think of the millions of children in the Middle East that will die the minute Iran completes its goals. Put aside the pain of the process and do what is right for Israel, America and all her interest, friends and Allies. We simply must stop Barack Obama from committing mass murder because of his ideology.

I personally am requesting that all Americans forward this to Speaker John Boehner and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Tweet it, share it on Facebook and mail it in. We must stop Barack Obama before it is too late.

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