As Barack Obama’s favorite pastor ‘Jeremiah Wright’ is so famous for saying; “the chickens are coming home to roost”.  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent most of Monday and Tuesday addressing AIPAC and the United States Congress. His speeches were nothing short of a Rembrandt or a Michelangelo when it came to painting a very clear picture of the current situation with Iran. Netanyahu performed surgery on the Obama Administration and did so with no anesthetics. While being polite to the White House, BiBi stood in front of the world, addressed Congress and when doing so, threw this White House’s Iranian policy under the Amtrak, then backed the train up and ran over it again.

You knew Netanyahu had struck not just Obama’s nerve, but the nerves of most of the Democrat Party. After his now infamous speech, the Party faithful promptly threw themselves on their political swords by holding an impromptu new conference to “swear” BiBi Netanyahu was both brain-damaged and had not a clue about what he was saying.    

To listen to the Prime Ministers description of what this administration is currently negotiating with Iran is not only terrifying but proves once again the depths of insanity coming from this White House. Does anyone think for a millisecond that Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, Nixon or Bush would allow a regime (who has sworn to destroy Israel and America) to continue enriching uranium? Is Barack Obama truly so arrogant as to think if he “loves on the Iranian Ayatollah’s leg enough to convince him to be nice” he will stand down with nuclear weapons mission to destroy Israel and America?

Barack Obama has displayed disrespect toward Netanyahu time and again. His most recent display of childishness came obviously with this recent visit to Washington. Obama did everything in his power to stop BiBi from addressing the world on the floor of Congress. Obviously the most disrespectful on the list was Obama’s refusal to meet with the visiting Prime Minister. To further drive a stake in America-Israeli relations heart, Obama immediately orders the resumption of Iranian-American nuclear talks.

Correct me if I am wrong; but if a nation stands in front of the world and declares that their sole mission in life is to destroy you, it is not very bright to want to negotiate with that nation who wants to see you dead? It is beyond my comprehension level to understand Obama’s reasoning. Unless? Unless his intentions are to in fact enable Iran to obtain these weapons of mass destruction by forcing the stalling to allow them to complete the enrichment process.

If there was never a clearer display of anti-Semitism, I honestly don’t know what it would be. To allow Israel’s sworn enemy and a totally rogue Muslim State to garner nuclear weapons is honestly beyond my wildest thoughts. It is totally shocking and America say’s nothing to this president? Do the American people just not understand or are they totally desensitized to this presidents sheer lunacy?

Remember Trayvon Martin? Remember the President of the United States inserting his nose into a local police situation? Obama sent Eric Holder to Florida and Obama sent the race hustling duo’s of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who revved up the passions of the African-American community. Riots and protest ensued and property damage and injured citizens were the result. In the end, Trayvon was the guilty party in this issue and race had nothing to do with the situation according to the jury and the law. The president once again was made to look like a racist fool.

Dateline Ferguson, Missouri; Millions upon millions in property damage. Hundreds of businesses destroyed along with homes, cars and lives. Who can ever forget half of Hollywood making fools of themselves while holding their arms up screeching ‘hands up don’t shoot’? Michael Browns father stands on a podium screaming into a bull-horn “burn this b**ch down, burn this b**ch” and the Attorney General, local law enforcement and the National Guard all do nothing. The reason? The President of the United States had ordered that ‘the victims of Ferguson’ be allowed to vent their frustration toward those awful racist police.

And now; now we have the President’s own Justice Department coming out with a report stating that there was zero racism involved in the Michael Brown shooting. To throw a bit more humiliation on the President; all investigations have shown that Michael Brown never once put his hands up and never once said “please don’t shoot”. None of this happened! In fact it was Brown who charged the officer and tried to take his gun to shoot the officer. The officer acted in total self-defense.

None of the above seems to matter to this president. No apology to America, no apology to the people of Ferguson or the officer whose career and life have been destroyed by his political agenda of dividing America.

This president has become not just a laughing-stock in this nation, he has actually become dangerous with his so very obvious racism toward Whites, Jews and Christians. His repeated slaps against everything this nation holds dear is nauseating and the epitome of not just incompetence, but outright juvenile behavior for a Commander and Chief.

Lest you think or want to believe that this president is not a Muslim racist, think about this. Under Barack Obama’s tenure as president, Islamic Terrorist have seized over one dozen nations. Iran is now in control of four nations capitols through their support of these terrorist networks. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered throughout North Africa and the Middle East and “NOTHING” has been done to stop these radical groups from continuing there assaults on humanity.

Not once has Barack Obama come out and publicly called ISIS a radical Islamic organization. In fact he ordered that nobody in the White House is allowed to use that terminology. You decide; is Barack Obama a Muslim racist? I think the evidence suggest that he is.

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