America’s favorite ‘Mama Grizzly’ roared and Dr. Ben Carson impressed with his wisdom. The good Texas Senator revved everyone up with impassioned patriotism and ‘The Donald’ gave us construction lessons on “building big walls and how we are getting screwed over by the Chinese”.

In the end; two of the dashing younger leaders took home the prize. This year was slightly different in the voting. One could select their favorite with an alternate favorite. The score? Only two (2) points separated (when 1st choice and 2nd choice were combined) the Governor Scott Walker and the winner Senator Rand Paul.  

The balloons have all been popped and the conservative patriots are heading home, SO NOW WHAT?

Here is the problem we face in the Republican Party and I’m recommending that everyone listen very closely, because this is a huge problem if your conservative.

Below is polling data taken by Real Clear Politics. You will notice that there are only a few points separating the top six (6) contenders. This is a major problem because if you read this very carefully, you will notice that former Governor Jeb Bush is actually the front-runner (when you add the top 8 or 9 polls together) nationally. Here is the reason to “PANIC”. Everyone’s favorite nemesis ‘Karl Rove’ and his ‘Daddy War Bucks’ check-book is supporting Jeb Bush. Jeb already possesses well in excess of $100,000,000.00 in his war chest to get him started. Every day that goes by, Karl and company are raising him more and more money to take his “Mushy Moderate” candidate to the finish line.

Image of Poll from RCP

Presidential Polling from Real Clear Politics

According to CPAC and the final results, “YOU” the American Patriot want one of the top three (3) (Paul, Walker or Cruz) to win the nomination and be the GOP candidate to challenge the Democrat ordained ‘Hillary’ for the White House.

Here is the issue my patriot brothers and sisters. Karl Rove is the wizard behind the curtain. You (like OZ) can’t see who the wizard is, so you really don’t know how to defeat the wizard. Trust me when I tell you; Karl Rove is the all-powerful wizard of K-Street and he does have an unlimited war chest to pour into the ‘Bush Dynasty’ coffers. Senator Rand Paul, Governor Walker and Senator Cruz cannot possibly raise the sort of money you’re needing to take down Bush without “OUR SIDE UNIFYING BEHIND ONE CANDIDATE”.

You the patriots spoke loud and clear at CPAC about who you want to represent your values going into the heavy primary season.

I am now asking you to please consider “winning this thing and save our nation”!

We are inviting names like Judson Phillips, Jenny Beth Martin, Kevin Jackson, Katrina Pierson, Jan Morgan and the “who’s-who” list goes on and on and on to Des Moines, Iowa. The “Chicks on the Right” are being invited along with the “Passionate Pachyderms” and of course ‘yours truly’ will be there also. All in all about 300-350 of “YOUR LEADERSHIP” will be there acting as delegates. Yes, James Murphy (from several Wisconsin Tea Party’s) will be there, Nancy from “Tea Party Brewing” will be invited and hundreds more who will be representing you the patriot in this selection process. Alice Linahan our Texas “Anti-Common Core” warrior will be speaking and voting along with Tom O’Halloran one of our favorite right-wing radical radio guys. All these are coming (at our expense) to represent you the patriot. Why?

Because; to knock off Bush, Rove and company, it is going to take unification to win this thing. It is going to take a voting process (by your leadership being your voice) to ultimately select ONE (1) CANDIDATE for our 50,000,000 ‘true conservatives’ to get behind and push across the finish line. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING PATRIOTS! It is the only way. I wish it were not, but it is. The GOP establishment is simply too powerful for everyone to ‘vote’ their conscience in the primary season. If we do this, then Jeb wins the nomination because our votes are so split.

  I am going to ask you all to do me a favor. Please “READ” THE BATTLE PLAN! Understand the process we are utilizing in deciding who this nominee is for our conservative constituency. It is fair and it works! Through having meetings prior to this event, you will send your leadership to this conference with one or two selections. While your leadership is at the conference, they will be in touch with you the patriots back home and together you will all decide “who your nominee” will be!

Once the candidate is selected; your leadership will be asking you the PATRIOT to jump in and win this nomination for that candidate. YES, YOU WILL PARTICIPATING and ruining Karl Roves dreams of remaining the wizard. Here’s how-you will each be asked to donate $10 a month to that candidate’s campaign. This is critical to neutralize Rove and company. If we can provide “our guy” with $50-100 million per month, Bush no longer has the financial edge. The second request will be; you each donate 8 hours (1) day per month by volunteering for that campaign. You can even do this in a ‘phone from home’ campaign if you don’t have an office in your area. That’s it patriots! It is that simple!

If we do the above, we will “WIN IN 2016”. If we do the above, we can send that ‘true conservative’ (of our choosing) to the Oval Office and begin restoring our nation!



PLEASE GO TO THE WEBSITE, READ THE WEBSITE, THEN DONATE to make this happen. This is NOT an inexpensive endeavor. This is a very expensive endeavor. It is not cheap putting this thing on television. It is not cheap flying in all those delegates and it is not cheap to lease the facilities to hold this event. I need your help!

Please donate $10, 25, 50 or whatever you can handle to make this happen. I have to raise over a half-million dollars to host this event. 

When you select a nominee from this event, then we win (assuming our candidate makes no campaign ending mistakes), it is that simple. It is time to get involved patriots. It is time to band together and speak with one resounding voice. Please read the website, share this article with all your friends and relatives.

Many thanks and God Bless each of you. With you working together, we can rebuild our nation!

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