Somebody explain to me why the Tea Party is ‘hell bent on self-destruction’?

You have heard that real-estate is all about ‘location, location and location’? This election is all about ‘unify, unify and we had better unify’!

Regrettably; I have to inform you that we conservatives are headed down the very same road that we travelled back in 2012 and 2008.   

The current trajectory that our conservative nation is headed in is this. Jeb Bush wins the nomination. This happens because the Tea Party and Conservative factions across America are so split in “who” they each want, this is what allows Bush to skate to victory.

Do you see the pattern? The END RESULT is Bush wins the nomination, goes head to head with Hillary in the general and the Tea Party sits this one out again in protest. Now we can all learn to say “Madam President”. Are you ready America?  

You say; “But Ken, Obama’s record is so bad, there is no way America will elect another Democrat”. Wrong! They re-elected Obama in the face of very high unemployment, Obama-Care, a blown foreign policy, an IRS scandal, Benghazi, questionable integrity, ethics and all the rest. America’s moderates and liberals will do it again.

I have given the Tea Party and all of Conservative America the answer. I gave you the answer as to how to win this election and begin restoring America.

Because of either lack of involvement, apathy or arrogance, it seems as though the Tea Party has lost its will to fight and get involved. I read Facebook and the thousands of angry threads, yet nobody is willing to step up and do anything. Is the Tea Party all talk? Are you (as we say out west, all hat and no cattle) a full of mud Tea Party? I’m beginning to thinks so.

If you want to win; this is what must happen!

The Conservative Leadership Conference 2015 is the ONLY WAY TO WIN!

Go to the website, “ACTUALLY READ” the Battle Plan and then DONATE to make this CLC-2015 Conference happen.

It is costing us ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ to host this event. I need your help or it doesn’t happen, it is that simple. Without this event, WE LOSE TO HILLARY because of the splitting of the votes and who our nominee will be.

Can I make it any simpler than that? Yes; I am angry! I am angry because for six (6) years I have fought, written and been by your side Tea Party. I have heard all the rhetoric; I have heard all the patriotic speeches. When it comes time to actually stand and do what our forefathers did, nobody is willing to stand with us. It seems as if everyone runs back to their keyboards and post more meme’s about how bad the Democrats are.

Now it is time America! Do you want to win or do you want to say Madam President? It is totally in your hands.

I strongly suggest that you go to this website, donate, register if you’re a leader of a conservative group and let’s save our nation. I love my nation, I served my nation in the United States Navy and my father is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. It is time to win back our country? If you have questions, feel free to call me. If you are a leader, I need you to call me anyway and get registered.



We are handing this to you on a silver platter. We are doing all the work for you; I just need your financial help!

Do you want to win or do you want Hillary? Your choice!

America; It is as simple as this. If this event is not held and if we do not unify behind “our” candidate early (to give them funding, volunteers etc.) then Jeb has to large of a head-start to overcome. We must unify early in order that our candidate has an even playing field and can compete financially to stop Karl Rove and the GOP establishment. This is truly the only way we can get a true conservative nominated for the Republican ticket. The ‘donation’ button is secure and is hyperlinked to PayPal. USE IT! 

If you would like to discuss being a corporate sponsor of this event, please email me and I will call you. If you have any questions, email and I will call you. If you would rather mail a check, email me for the address.

Conservative Leadership Conference 2015 is scheduled for July 29-August 1, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. WEBSITE HERE


Email me for phone and more info;