If you want a glimpse into what has happened to the Republican Party nationally, look no further than Iowa.

The Iowa Republican Party has now officially lapsed into the category of ‘what’s wrong with America’. The GOP in the buckle state of the bread-basket has shocked and dismayed even their most ardent supporters.

When it comes to government in Iowa, the state is pretty much run just as a family farm is. You folks that live in a city would be stunned to witness just how very conservative Mid-West farmers and ranchers can be. These great Americans (who feed the world) can make a nickel cry out in pain from being squeezed so tightly.

That was the way it was in Iowa until this past week.

I am not sure if these latest ‘very liberal’ leanings’ began with the treasonous vote of Congressman David Young (Rep. 3rd District) for Speaker of the House or if they began prior to that, but the fact is, they have begun. (Side-Note) Mr. Young, we are coming for you and we will not forget that it was you who assisted in the selling out of America with your very first vote as a United States Congressman. You were warned and now you will be a one term house member. I do hope that whatever Boehner promised you was worth it, because your tenure in the House will be short-lived.

The GOP used to stand for budgetary conservatism. The GOP used to represent the ‘shrinking’ of government, the advocacy of lowering taxes and the careful monitoring of how our tax payer dollars were being spent. Apparently this policy and these beliefs have gone by the way-side just as our national Republican conservatism has gone by the way-side.

For years; we on the right accused the Democrats of being the party of ‘cheap, dirty political back-room deals’. It was those evil donkey’s who practiced the art of smarmy political dealings and ripping the American people off. Not anymore! Our beloved elephants have now entered into the arena of ‘cheap, smarmy smoke-filled back-room dealings’ and are ripping off the tax payer of Iowa.

While apparently it is Iowa Governor Terry Branstad who initially desired a ten (10) cent a gallon gasoline tax increase, it is Kraig Paulsen (Speaker of the House) who has decided to “make” it happen for Terry. One must first understand that in Iowa, Branstad is something akin to Moses. He was here when the first ear of corn was planted and is a permanent fixture in Iowa Republican politics. He also holds the distinction of being one of the longest-serving Governors in American history. His heir apparent is a very nice lady by the name of Kim Reynolds whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions and even visiting with.

Here is the issue and it almost identically mirrors what is happening in Washington. Branstad wants this dime increase on gas taxes and he is using the issue of “roads and bridges” need repaired in Iowa as his reasoning. Paulsen doesn’t have the needed votes in committee to push this increase through the committee and onto the floor of the House for a vote. What does he do? He removes two of the “NO” votes from the committee and replaces those committee members with two that he “strong-armed” in his smoke-filled office with “YES” votes and the vote wins by one (1) vote.

Here is the big problem with this. The residents of the State of Iowa know full well that we have a budget surplus of some $600 million large. We have $250 million worth of bridge and road repairs that need to be done. The Republican Governor wants this extra money for “God only” knows what with no restrictions or legal allocation placed on it. He just wants it! The residents of Iowa are screaming “NO” to the tax increase and it seems as if Paulsen and Branstad don’t give a crap about what the residents of Iowa want. In other words, the taxes on gasoline are increased with zero accountability as to where this money goes.

America was screaming about ‘amnesty’. America was screaming about ‘health-care’ and how we did not want the government taking it over. America has screamed about so many things and our elected officials in Washington don’t seem to listen or they don’t care. The same is now apparently true in Iowa.

Speaker Paulsen; your tenure as a House member in Iowa is over! I am going to make it my life’s mission to ensure that you Sir are not re-elected. Through the event known as “CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2015“, WE THE PEOPLE are galvanizing across America and unifying to defeat “RINO’S” such as yourself. We will defeat you in 2016 and all the others that voted on that committee for this tax increase. This is nothing more than “tax and spend” policies in which we as conservatives abhor. You sir do not have enough money nor the ability to defeat we the people when we unify. The same holds true for our Republicans in the House that have sided with Speaker Boehner. Yes Congressman Young, you too are being targeted. WE THE PEOPLE told you not to vote for Boehner and you did so anyway.

These are the back-room dealings, shady practices and the lack of response to the constituency that we are sick of. These are political practices that are destroying our nation and the respect that the people had for our government.

It is time for true conservatism to take root at the state levels and federal levels across this nation. Conservative Leadership Conference 2015 is the mechanism that is being used to unify the 50 plus million patriots in the nation to begin the restoration process. For all of you “RINO’S”, you had better take note, we are watching and we are unifying.

The tragedy is that in Iowa, we seem to have only one (1) hard charging conservative with the courage to stand and speak for all conservatives. Senator Brad Zaun, my hat is off to you Sir. You’re a true patriot and you Sir should sit in Mr. David Young’s seat. I think it is time to make that happen.

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