We have all witnessed the videos and we have all heard the stories and seen the photographs coming from the Middle East.

I had an interesting message sent to me a couple of days ago. The example of Orca’s (Killer Whales) was used in the point the writer was attempting to make. I had honestly never thought of this. An Orca will never attack or kill one of its own. One of the earths most proficient killing machines will not turn on its ‘brethren’ or own kind. Even a killer whale has a line it won’t cross.

When we consider ‘who’ in history were the most blood thirsty and vicious killers, names like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Vlad the Impaler (Vlad was a Medieval character whom Dracula was based on)  come to mind. While the number of the victims of Boko Haram and ISIS have not yet begun to approach the 6 million (Jews alone) that Adolph Hitler slaughtered or the 20-30 million of Stalin, they are certainly attainable for these newest groups of religious zealots.

Is there really any difference in what the psychotic Count did (by impaling his victims on a giant spear stuck in the ground) and locking someone in a cage, poring gasoline on them and striking a match? Is there any difference in herding a group of innocent victims (simply because of religious beliefs) into a cold room, flipping open the toxic gas valve and listening to them scream, cry, groan and choke to death versus herding a group of victims into a ditch and machine gunning them to their deaths?

Civilized mankind for decades have chastised the world for standing back and allowing Hitler’s rampage. General Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower made comments after the war that ‘had they known what was actually happening, they would have leveled Germany to rescue those victims much faster’ from Hitler’s henchmen.

Identical scenarios are playing out in Northern Africa and the Middle East today. Entire villages are being ransacked by these vicious blood thirsty religious fanatics. Women are being raped by the scores, then killed. Children are being stripped from their mothers arms and they are even being raped then killed. If the girls are fortunate enough to live, they are being sold into slavery for either servants or sex slaves. Men are being beheaded (along with women and children also) simply because they profess Christ as their savior. All the while America is doing nothing to stop this savagery.


Why are the American people not rising up and demanding that our government do something and do something “NOW” to stop this?

Have we become so politically correct that we fear insulting “Islam” even though these animals are committing atrocities against other humans? We would rather stand back, parse words (in order as to not insult anyone) and turn this into a 5 year discussion rather than rush in to save countless lives. Is that what we’re doing here?

Is it that these acts are so gruesome that the Americans are simply looking away, so as not having to confront them because they are so stomach churning? Is it that the American people are trusting this President to do something and they actually expect him to act? Or is it that we are tacitly approving of this hideous genocide?

I am rather hoping it is because the American people (by the masses) are simply not aware of what is actually happening. I hope against hope that if they (America) knew, they would rise up and demand that this President for-go a round of golf to approve some very serious military intervention to stop this slaughter of innocent humanity. Let’s make this very simple for the American people.


Terrorist organizations named Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban and many more are actually raping , pillaging and plundering entire nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East. These warriors for Allah and Mohammed are using their religious beliefs as the reason for the mass slaughter of tens of thousands (what must be into the hundreds of thousands or more by now) of innocent people. Basically what is happening is this.

ISIS invades your town. Once they have invaded, they are going house to house. If you are a devoted Muslim, they only steal your money and possessions and possibly rape your wife or daughter. If you are not a Muslim, they rape your wife and daughter, then take your daughter away and sell her into slavery or chop off her head. Of course you and your wife are put on the ground and either beheaded or shot. This after they have humiliated you, stolen all your worldly possessions, then they take you out into the street to die a most sickening death.

Know this America; Barack Obama knows full well what is happening. The evidence is overwhelming as ISIS has posted the videos of these acts on the Internet. They have the satellite photographs and images. They have the videos, audio and photographs. Our government knows full well what is happening here.

As the days tick off, ISIS is only growing stronger as they recruit more warriors (Jihadist), loot more gold, oil, money and riches and expand their tentacles of death.

America and Christians are supposed to stand up for what is morally and ethically righteous. We are supposed to protect the weak and those that need our help. We are supposed to be a civilized society. What has happened?

Have we become so arrogant as to think ‘this won’t happen here, so we will simply look away’? Have we become so ‘war weary’ that we are afraid of another conflict? Is it because we have become cowardly and selfish?

I don’t know the reason, but I do know this. Women, children and old men are dying because they believe in Jesus. We as Americans have not traditionally stood back and allowed mass genocide (when we knew about it) to happen simply because of convenience or the mission is too tough. If you need motivation, simply go on the Internet and look up some of these videos of they way these people are dying and tell me if you want this to happen to your brother, mother or sister.

Pick up the phone, call the White House, call your Senator, call your House Member and demand that we put a stop to this and do it now. Everyday that goes by the stories become sicker and more hideous. Send the message to Barack Obama that you do not give a rats ass about his word parsing, you demand that he stop these animals. That phone call might just save the next Anne Frank.

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