For Immediate Release

Des Moines, Iowa

February 14, 2015

Contact; Conservative Leadership Conference 2015

                 Ken Crow (

A group of political conservatives and Tea Party activists have formed a coalition and are holding the Conservative Leadership conference in Des Moines, Iowa just prior to the Republican Straw Poll this summer.

“The purpose of this conference is to assure that a true conservative is nominated to carry the principles of Conservative governance into the primary season” said Ken Crow (Tea Party Activist) and co-organizer of the event.

When asked, ‘how do you plan on nominating a candidate’? Crow explained that “the Conference is inviting conservative grassroots leadership from across America to the event. Once here, invited candidates will be afforded the opportunity to speak with and convince those leaders, our “delegates’ in an effort to win conservative America’s (Conservative) nomination and endorsement”.

Crow added; “The entire purpose of this event is to not only to endorse and nominate a candidate, but also to “unify” the tens of millions of conservatives from hundreds of groups across America behind one (1) candidate, then offer that candidate an instant army of dedicated boots on the ground volunteers and financial ‘funding’ support”.

When asked “why”; Crow responded,” we are going to witness Deja-Vu 2012 with the moderate GOP propping up another hand-picked candidate and the results will be conservatives sitting out in 2016 as they did in 2012. We as devoted patriots and Conservative Americans simply cannot stand back and witness another loss. America cannot withstand another term or two of unbridled liberalism destroying our nation. We’ve given the GOP time to step up; they didn’t, so we are going to. It is time the restoration process begins with a true conservative in the White House.

The conference website is; ( and is scheduled for July 29-August1, 2015

Above is the “Official” Press Release that has been posted on the website and is being sent to the media. I would welcome you to Tweet it out, share it on Facebook and let the world know. As a devoted Conservative Tea Party Activist; “I know as you do“, what Mr. Karl Rove and his minions are attempting to do. Simply put; ‘they want a moderate and they want to keep status quo’!


We want a true conservative President who will; serve this nation, roll back the thousands of business gutting laws that have permanently crippled our economy, restore our liberty with the trashing of much of the ‘Patriot Act’ and the dozens and dozens of freedom stripping laws we have had imposed on us as American citizens.

We as Conservative Patriot Americans demand that our next President; be someone who will defend America, rebuild our American dream, protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws, protect our second amendment and protect the life of the unborn. We want a President who will stand in the face of evil and annihilate that evil, stand and protect Israel and our other close Allies. We want and demand a President who will cherish what America has stood for, for over two centuries and be proud of that heritage. Lastly; we want our President to carry a copy of that precious Constitution in coat pocket and defend it at all cost.

This is who we want in a President and this is who we as Conservative Patriotic Americans will begin unifying to insure the election of.

I ask that all freedom loving Americans (whoever you are), please visit the website. Read the “Battle Plan”, share this with everyone you know and please “DONATE” to this very worthy cause of hosting this grand event. This event is not like any other event. This is the event that is actually nominating a candidate whom we will rally behind and support through the primary process and general election.

If you love your freedom and liberty and want to see Barack Obama’s agenda rolled back, then I am asking you to get onboard and support this event. This is not a rally or symposium, this is an actual “Conservative Presidential Endorsement and Nomination” event which will more than likely determine “who” the true conservative is and whom we should support for President. This event is our only chance to nominate the true conservative and ensure that Karl Rove’s puppet does not win the nomination for President.

Please support this cause with a generous donation today!

Many thanks Patriots! Now; “LET’S WIN OUR NATION BACK”!  

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